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Yair Lapid vs. Bill Clinton: Clash of the musical politicians

Do a politician’s musical talents – or lack thereof – say anything about his political capabilities?

I remember the first time I heard Bill Clinton play sax. I mean, I don’t remember exactly where I was, I just remember I was astonished. Pretty much like everybody else, I thought it was pretty cool the Prez was playing sax on Arsenio – with dark Ray Bans. I mean, you watch that video from Arsenio and you know back then there’s no way the Oval Office is going to steer clear of any funny business. No way.


Last night I found out that Yair Lapid plays guitar.

Notice how I didn’t say: “Last night I found out Yair Lapid plays ‘some mean’ guitar.”

There’s a reason for that.

This is it (from 01:15):

I don’t know. There’s something about Lapid’s guitar playing that seems reflective of himself. He’s just kind of parve for me. No real flavor. Like desserts at a kosher wedding. Or those rice crackers people eat on diets.

On the other hand, Yaakov Peri, who you might know (if you’ve seen The Gatekeepers – I hope you did) as a former head of Shin Bet, does play a mean trumpet. This is a fact I’ve known for years, and it’s surprising how most people don’t know this about him – even here in Israel.

Notice how I said “mean trumpet,” as in: an alternative to waterboarding, an interrogation kind of “mean.” Can you imagine that trumpet down in a Shin Bet dungeon?

Bottom line? Clintons they ain’t.

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    1. Y-Man

      Another great post, Ami. You bring Israeli politics to non-Hebrew-speakers like me with a sharp wit. Kudos!

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