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Y-NET reporter slurs non-violent movement

There’s lies, damn lies, and then there’s the following kind of journalism. As Joseph reports, Jawaher Abu Rahma, who lost her brother Bassam Abu Rahmah to tear gas just 18 months ago, died this morning from tear gas poisoning. The single most important thing about movement both siblings belonged to, and paid with their lives to sustain, is that it is a non-violent movement, of exactly the kind prayed for by liberals wishing for a Palestinian Ghandi or Mandela.

YNET’s Yair Altman reported the response of Mohammed Khatib, a member of the Bil’in Popular Committee, and it seems to fall well within the principles of non-violence:

“We are shocked and furious for Israel’s brutality, which once again cost the life of a peaceful demonstrator. Israel’s lethal and inhumane response to our struggle will not pass quietly. In the dawn of a new decade, it is time for the world to ask Israel for accountability and to bring about an end to the occupation.”

Yet despite reporting the full quote in the piece itself, this is how Altman chose to lead the story on the main page of Israel’s most important news site:


and lest you blame the duty editor, this is how the report begins:

The protesters against the fence promise vengeance as the army keeps investigating…

Here’s the screenshot:

Although making a pig’s breakfast out of a story is no news for Altman, who previously filed a laughably one-sided report on Palestinians burning brush on their land and presenting them as  “arsonists“, I wonder if he will pause and think how reading this feels to Jawaher’s family and friends. Such a gross, indecent misrepresentation of everything the woman stood for is the journalistic equivalent of spitting on her corpse, and I hope he and his editors know it.

UPDATE: Ynet just changed their headline. You’ll laugh, but the report is still clutching to some straws. This is getting pathetic: “The protesters against the fence hint they will take vengeance, as the army keeps investigating…”


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    1. Tania Guimaraes

      To all my Israeli friends and Jewish people all over the world:

      Some kind of evil has kidnapped your faith. You, meaning, not personally but as a collective identity have fallen victim and your religion manipulated for mass murder. It does not much matter how things are spanned. The world does see it. The palestiniam Mandela are the little children. We know that you have used chemicals. We know that you are starving them, denying medicine and water.
      Worse of all your God knows. Your consciousness Know.
      Your God will not so easily forgive your bloody hands.
      Restore your religion and live its values for there is still time. God sees the attempts to shut everybody up. Don’t you see? The whole world can’t be wrong.
      You, of all the people, along with the Africans know what it is to fall victims to endless cruelty from man. Your prolonged torture and torment of the Palestinians will corrupt your soul so strongly that your God will deny you mercy. This is already leaving cold and unfeeling. This is not a characteristic of the Jewish people.
      If you join together please stop your government in Israel from this carnage.You can always decide on borders and other issues. For now stop the violence.
      You are not that other guy.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Neari

      Yes, this evil is called 40 years of palestinian terror and the terrorist groups’, which are far less moral than the israeli army, effort to kill as many civilians as they can by suicide bombers and by rockets. This, indeed, messed up our individual and collective minds. Hope we will sign a peace agreement soon and all the fences will come down.

      Reply to Comment
    3. NEARI Darling,

      Israel has murdered many more civilians.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Sharon

      Your “moral” IDF has killed far more civilians than all the suicide bombers and rockets ever launched by Palestinian groups. The evil is 40 years of Israeli state sponsored murder.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Rachamim Dwek

      The claim that protests with Molotovs and large stones flying everywhere at speeds averaging 120kph is what is “laughable.” Comparing the Bi’ilin Riots to the techniques of Ghandi is absurd though the author definitely got it right with Mandela, a man who admitted in court to 156 acts of violent terrorism and who died as unrepentant as he was on the first day he murdered his first victim.

      The Bili’in Riots are choreographed by the Western Anarchist collective ISM, a group that not only has openly supported “Suicide Bombing,” but has itself been connected to a bombing by two associates and whose Ramallah office suite has served as a way station for terrorists on the lam. Indeed, the Free Gaza Flotillas come from this group as well- including the one where 9 terrorists aboard the Mavi Marmara were killed after violently attacking Israelis boarding the vessel as it tried to interfere with the Israeli Blockade of Gaza.

      Finally, as anyone living in the region saw on tv, January 1st, 2011, during Ms. Abu Rahmah’s funeral, literally hundreds in the funeral procession vowed to kill Israelis in retaliation for what was ultimately proved to have been an unfortunate accidental death.

      Reply to Comment