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Xmas weeper: Tied to 'Stand With Us', Perry, pro-Israel Christians

Yesterday, Ami posted here a video of a young American woman having an intense overreaction to reading the words “Israel” and “apartheid” in the same sentence, in a book by Ron Paul. It seems her brother slipped her the book by way of a joke and recorded her reaction; the reaction is throwing something like a tantrum and soggily refusing to open any more presents.

It now appears (thanks to a tip from a reader), that the weeping woman is none other than  Emily K. Schrader, an assistant development director at Stand With Us. SWU is a rather tiresome organisation mostly concerned with aggressive pro-Israel propaganda and with smearing Israel’s critics.  According to her Linked In profile, (since removed, but available on Google Cache), she’s also the California State Chair at Students for Rick Perry. And, as Ami pretty much guessed, Emily has previously held a position with Christians United for Israel – the organisation of murky philo/anti-Semitic pastor John Hagee. Hagee and CUFI served as one of the inaugural sponsors of the ultra-right movement Im Tirtzu, which is providing the astro-turf for much of the anti-democratic legislation happening in Israel.

How do I feel, as an Israeli, seeing this person act out like that? I feel embarrassed, frankly. Israel is a real state that sits in a real country; both have merits and faults, with the state recently particularly exceeding in the latter. It’s downright bewildering to see an adult person of sufficient intelligence to attend higher education and pursue an ambitious (if profoundly misguided) political career behave like a My Little Pony fan who got slipped a horsemeat sandwich.

Israelis and Palestinians are supremely lucky to have so much international attention focused upon our conflict. But you can’t help yourself wishing some of our weirder overseas groupies would get a grip. Emily’s brother, who had put the video online, removed it, but it went viral nevertheless. I suppose it’s a useful testimony to the level of maturity of some of those self-proclaimed “friends of Israel.”

Update: A Ron Paul supporter has done a damn thorough job of digging up everything there could be dug up about Schrader, significantly increasing the likelihood she and the woman in the video are the same person.  Meanwhile, Ron Kampeas at JTA provides us with the offending paragraph:

…within Israeli politics, there is a great deal of debate and diversity of opinion. The Liberal party in Israel [sic] often raises questions about the apartheid conditions that Palestinians are subjected to. Even newspapers in Israel are willing to discuss this issue openly, but it is essentially never permitted in the United States. Former President Jimmy Carter is now persona non grata for raising the question in his most recent book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.

There’s a Liberal party in Israel?


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    1. aristeides

      Kampeas is behind the times: Carter has published several more books since P:PNA, it’s hardly his “latest.”

      Reply to Comment
    2. Scott

      like a My Little Pony fan who got slipped a horsemeat sandwich.


      Reply to Comment
    3. David Samuels

      I wrote one of the first comments in the first piece how everything seemed fake and staged. She yelled when the TV went on about ‘Israel’, the crying was extremely easy to see through and it was just a poor hatchetjob.

      I also guessed on a CUFI member, and that’s kind of true.

      Make no mistake: I am far from brilliant. And if I can guess it right instantly, then that’s all the commentary you need on the level of sophistication on Israeli Hasbara in a flash.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Erin

      I dunno David, I actually found her FB page and this girl is waaaaay in it. Freaks me out, really — this is obsessive, perhaps even a little bit cultlike behavior. At least her brother has a sense of humor! 😛

      Reply to Comment
    5. Dave

      This is what is called Journalism… Well done.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Jessica

      This is without a doubt an overreaction. But honestly, “obsessive” and “cultlike?” (Which, by the way, is not a word. That’s directed at you, Erin)

      Dimi Reider: First of all, let me just say that you’re a good writer. This is a good exposé. It’s one-sided and makes you sound like a pretentious, arrogant ass, but it’s well done. You stated you’re Israeli yourself. I understand the embarrassment. What I don’t understand is how YOUR homeland being defended by an American woman offends you. If the roles were reversed and this was me writing an article about an Israeli woman crying over some book she received that argued against her strong pro-America beliefs, I might giggle, yes, but I’d respectfully acknowledge and appreciate how passionate she is for ME and where I come from. I don’t believe “respect” is in your vocabulary, because if it were I think there’d be a sign of it in some of your writing. Hence the “pretentious, arrogant ass.”

      I am not completely on Emily’s side, but do I feel sympathy? Without a doubt. Her brother, apparently, is who posted this in the first place, and who took it down after realizing what he’d done could severely hurt Emily’s professional life (which it definitely did do). It’s a home video showing a little more of this woman than she wanted shown. The overreaction is funny, but it also shows that this woman has found something she is (extremely) passionate about and, while she can’t take much of a joke, will defend it to the death.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Jessica

      I’ve watched the video and it seems 100% genuine. I assume her brother has a brain, offered her Paul’s book as a Christmas gift and filmed her reaction since he knew she disliked Paul’s ideas. The main issue here is how dumb this young lady is when it comes to Middle-Eastern affairs and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She needs to study international relations in some reputable university, rather than in Christian housewives clubs.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Carl

      Jessica: ‘I don’t believe “respect” is in your vocabulary, because if it were I think there’d be a sign of it in some of your writing. Hence the “pretentious, arrogant ass.”’ Comedy gold. Can I borrow your dictionary? … .. .

      And whilst we’re on the English language pedantry, it’s not conventional to capitalise actual words mid-sentence. Though as you have no doubt found throughout your travels around the world of ‘have your say’, when used judiciously, it ALWAYS wins an argument.

      Reply to Comment
    9. Elisabeth

      “What I don’t understand is how YOUR homeland being defended by an American woman offends you.”

      Not even when the defense is so dumb as to make anyone cringe, and not even if you think some of the criticism of ‘YOUR homeland’ might be justified?

      Why on earth should Dimi “respectfully acknowledge and appreciate how passionate she is for ME and where I come from”, when this idiotic young woman does NOT represent Dimi and “where he comes from” ideologically in any way.

      And I do not see a passionate woman, I see a spoiled brat.

      Reply to Comment
    10. Passionate? That is what I call throwing a meltdown like a three year old. As for respect, what is there to respect? Emily is a member of Stand with Us. Stand with Us just recently accused Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada of being an extremist and concerned about his “old-age” bigotry. (Right-wing attack group caught fabricating quotes in effort to smear critics of Israel) I give respect when respect is deserved and screaming like a banshee at an accurate description of Israeli policy doesn’t qualify. How respectful do you think dear little Emily is when she is out harassing pro-Palestinian activists? Emily lists Ann Coulter, along with Pamela Geller’s “Atlas Shrugged” as must read websites. That speaks volumes in itself.

      Reply to Comment
    11. Susan

      Ron Paul is a complete isolationist. He thinks that America never should have gotten involved in World War II. The Nazis would have lasted long enough to completely destroy all European Jewry even if the Nazi regime eventually collapsed from within.

      Reply to Comment
    12. JDE

      Unsurprising. If she works for Perry and belonged to CUFI, she’s almost certainly an evangelical – and they’re operating at the cognitive and emotional level of young children. I’m sure she was brought up in a cloistered environment, and reactions like this are common when their delusions are threatened.

      Reply to Comment