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Will Jewish terrorism suspects get a 'fair trial?'

Had a Palestinian committed the exact same crime in the exact same location, he would find himself in an entirely different justice system. Maybe ‘fair’ is relative.

Attorney and far-right activist Itamar Ben-Gvir speaks to the press after an Israeli court charged a Jewish extremist with murder in the Duma attack, Petah Tikva, January 3, 2015. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

Attorney and far-right activist Itamar Ben-Gvir speaks to the press after an Israeli court charged a Jewish extremist with murder in the Duma attack, Lod, January 3, 2015. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

Israel’s justice minister on Sunday said she “hopes” that the alleged Jewish terrorists indicted for murdering three members of the Dawabshe family will receive a fair and just trial. Hopes.

According to Haaretz’s Chaim Levinson and Barak Ravid, Justice Minister Shaked declined to clarify whether her hope amounts to trust in the court system or whether believes the suspects will receive a fair trial. (The Justice Ministry was quick to release a tersely-worded statement, according to which the Shaked is “certain” the accused Jewish terrorists will receive a fair trial.)

If you didn’t know any better, one might conclude from Shaked’s remarks that there are suspects in Israeli courts who do not receive fair trials — or at least who don’t have equal access to the same justice system. And there are, of course. But those suspects are Palestinians.

The occupied territories, where the Dawabsha family was murdered, have two parallel, segregated legal systems: one for Jewish settlers and one for Palestinians.

Israeli settlers who commit violent acts against Palestinians — even acts as egregious as murdering a Palestinian family — are tried in civilian courts. On the other hand, Palestinians who take part in violence against Israelis — from stone throwing to shootings — are tried in military courts, where detainees have minimal rights, and the prosecution and the judges wear the same military uniform.

From every angle, a Palestinian who find him or herself in military court, has all the cards stacked against them. (For detailed explanations of why, I suggest reading this and this.)

The Ofer military prison in the snow, December 15, 2013. (Photo by Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

Ofer military prison, December 15, 2013. (Photo by Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

According to Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, of 835 Palestinian minors who were arrested and tried in military courts between 2005 and 2010 on charges of throwing stones, only one was acquitted.

Most Palestinian detainees brought to Ofer military prison spend only a few minutes in front of a judge, where the hearings are held entirely in Hebrew, with translations to and from Arabic by Israeli soldiers. The pressure to take a plea deal is often insurmountable.

The legal procedures in Israeli military courts are, on the face of it, meant to ensure the rights of the accused. Palestinians can appeal rulings to a military appellate court, and the civilian Supreme Court supervises the entire system. But how possible is it to keep the scales of justice balanced when the judge himself is conducting a trial against an enemy of the state?

Jewish citizens suspected of terrorism, on the other hand, are arrested and tried in civilian courts presided over by civilian judges — even if the crimes they are accused of committing took place deep inside the West Bank. A Palestinian suspected of the same crime committed in the exact same location, however, is put on trial in a military court system and sent to military prison.

And then there is the “us and them” factor. Last week The Forward reported that Justice Minister Shaked personally met with the mother of one of the Jewish terrorism suspects in the Dawabshe murder. Shaked was allegedly assuaging fears that the woman’s son was being tortured by the Shin Bet.

Supporters of Amiram Ben-Uliel, who is suspected of carrying out the Duma murders, pray outside the courthouse in Petah Tikva, Israel, January 3, 2015. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

Supporters of Amiram Ben-Uliel, who is suspected of carrying out the Duma murders, pray outside the courthouse in Lod, Israel, January 3, 2015. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

In other words, the Jewish terrorist was one of us. His family has access to the halls of power. When was the last time a Palestinian prisoner’s family was able to express their concerns about his or her treatment in custody with the minister of justice?

That is not to say that the Jewish suspects in the Dawabshe murder will not receive a fair trial — aside from the fact that coerced confessions are notoriously unreliable. This is just a good opportunity to remember that there is an entire population, who lives in the same land under a different set of laws, is denied access to a fair trial simply because of their ethnicity or religion. Though perhaps “fair” is a relative term.

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    1. Carmen

      Will Jewish terrorism suspects get a “fair trial”? That’s silly, he has no worries. Maybe he’ll get prison time but will never finish the sentence. Will his family home be destroyed? Did he have a prayer book on his person when he was arrested? When was he radicalized? What religious organizations did he belong to? Has he a history of radical, terrorist affiliation? Is he part of some group with nationalistic/extremist views? Is his lawyer going for an insanity plea or will the claim be he was ridding the land of infidels because his rabbi said it was the right thing to do? One thing that’s probably certain, he’ll never pay the full price for his crime because of his privileged status as a Jew and that isn’t “fair” at all.

      Reply to Comment
      • Leffe

        What ‘full price’ would you like them to pay?

        Reply to Comment
      • Gustav

        Yea, now let’s talk about the Palestinian Arab justice system…

        They demand the release of terrorists who murdered Israeli civilians in cold blood, some of whom were children.

        I won’t even talk about what Hamas does. But let’s talk about what the so called peace partners, the PLO, does. They demand the release of child murdering terrorists in exchange for agreeing to negotiate peace. But is it really peace negotiations they want? Nah! They want to dictate terms of surrender plus they want to free convicted child murderers. Is that how they treat child murderers when the children are Arabs? Do they want to free them? Nah, of course not!

        Reply to Comment
        • Ben

          For a small dose of historical perspective on this emotional whataboutery, consider this: If the 18 men in the wanted poster at the top of this article (link below) had been locked up in a British or Palestinian prison for two decades, do you not think Israelis occupied by the British would be demanding their release in exchange for negotiating? Look at the list of terrorist events in 1947 at the bottom of the page. There are plenty of streets in Israel named after Begin and other men on that poster.


          This is not to excuse terrorism one iota. It’s to provide an antidote to strident self righteousness about who gets released when and why. Would not a rough comparison be that Irgun and Lehi “terrorists” and even “child murdering terrorists” would be locked away in a British prison for two decades and Israelis then demanded their release as part of negotiating? Would you then be railing about the Israeli Jewish justice system? Or would you be quieter about it? And why?

          Reply to Comment
          • Qur'an

            Ben alias “Israel”,

            When you post as Ben, you try to sound a little normal. When you post as “Israel” we see the true person you are: a retarded anti-Semitic mad dog. Stop fooling yourself. Get professional help.

            Reply to Comment
          • Israel

            Ginger LIES alias “Qur’an”,

            When you post as “Ginger LIES”, you sound like a deranged American Zionist loon. When you post as “Qur’an” we see the true person you are: a deranged American Zionist loon. Stop fooling yourself that you’re fooling anyone, Ginger LIES, and piss off back to your true homeland: Stormfront!

            Ok, Ginger LIES, now march out “Merkava”, your butch man-hating Russian-American Jew-fascist lesbian personality, and show us what a deranged American Zionist loon sounds like, and how obsessed with “BEN” you are.

            Entertain us, Ginger LIES!

            Reply to Comment
          • Oriol

            Do you have something against Lesbians?

            Reply to Comment
          • Israel

            “Do you have something against Lesbians?”

            Are you kidding me? I love the lesbians! 😉

            Reply to Comment
          • Qur'an

            that’s the Muslim jihadi Ben alias “Bruce Gould alias” “Israel” alias “leffe” alias “Oriol”, alias etc. who uses Jewish names to smear Israelis, attack the Jewish State and act like a mad dog again on this site.

            Keep barking, Ben, and show the world how sexually obsessed you are with a female poster who treats you like you do not exist. You do us favor by showing the world the kind of anti-Semitic lunatics that gather here.

            Reply to Comment
          • Israel

            That’s the American Zionist Jewhadi loon, Ginger LIES alias “Merkava’ alias “Qur’an” alias “Merav” alias “Hercules” alias etc., who like all indoctrinated militant Zionist anti-Semites, reduces Jews to a hideous homogenized anti-Semitic Zionist Jewface parody version of Jews, and defiles Judaism by defending crimes against humanity committed by the “jewish state” and acts like a psychotic little Zionist Chihuahua dog on this site.

            Keep barking, Ginger LIES, and show the world how sexually obsessed you are with a male who treats you like you do not exist. You do us all a favor by showing the world the kind of anti-Semitic Zionist lunatics that gather here.

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            Utter nonsense Benny here are just a few terrorists who were released as a result of Hamas’s blackmail in exchange for Shalit’s release, who served only a small portion of their sentences.

            ‘Asi, Mahdi Shukri Khalil
            Date of Arrest: December 13, 2002.
            His sentence was for 20 years

            Abayad Ayad Musa Salem
            Date of Arrest: November 2, 2003
            His original sentence was 21 years

            Abu al-Rabb, Ashraf Khalil Husain
            Date of Arrest: March 26, 2002
            His original sentence was 35 years.

            There were others too but I can’t be bothered looking them all up. (Hamas demanded the release of 1000 terrorists in exchange for one Israeli and they got their wish).

            Oh and Benny is quick to say that a decade or two in prison is enough for child murdering terrorists but one has to wonder whether he would adopt the same standard for Jonathan Pollard. How long was the prison sentence that he served? Tell us Benny-leh, nu?

            Last but not least. I ask my previous question again…

            Do the Palestinian Arabs release ANY prisoners who murder ARAB CHILDREN? I’ll answer my own question, since Benny prefers to ignore difficult questions…

            NO, THEY DON’T!!! They only want the release of murderers who murder ISRAELI JEWISH CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            But Benny is not scandalised about that

            Reply to Comment
          • Israel

            Yeah, Gastuv, and if you love your ISRAELI JEWISH CHILDREN so goddamned much: STOP ISRAEL USING THEM TO COMMIT WAR CRIMES IN PALESTINE!!!


            But Gastuv the psychotic Zionist robot is not scandalized about ANY of this, oh no, because the only three things he truly loves in this world are ZIONISM, ISRAEL and DEMONIZING PALESTINIANS.

            Reply to Comment
      • Merkava

        “One thing that’s probably certain, he’ll never pay the full price for his crime because of his privileged status as a Jew and that isn’t “fair” at all”.

        And what would that “full price” be in your opinion? Perhaps the full price would be to declare him a shahid, name some streets in Israel after him, pay monthly salaries to his parents for every month he spends in prison and when he is released, give him some 70 – 100.000 USD as your Muslim Arab brothers in the West Bank do to terrorists who come to Israel and murdered innocent civilians?

        Reply to Comment
    2. Carmen

      What would be the outcome if the accused were Palestinian? If that outcome is “fair”, then apply it to the Jewish accused. If it isn’t “fair” for one, then its unfair for all.

      Reply to Comment
      • Merkava

        When it comes to legal expertise, judicial independence, fairness and impartiality, Israeli courts are among the best in the western world. Be rest assured that Palestinians and Israelis receive fair trials in Israeli courts.

        You can also rest assured that the Jewish suspect, if he indeed committed the heinous crime he is accused of, will not be treated as a hero and a martyr and paid tens of thousands of dollars for his “heroic” act as your Muslim Arab brothers do.

        You can also rest assured that Palestinians are treated far better in Israeli courts than minorities are treated in the courts of the country you come from. Which country is that again?

        Reply to Comment
        • Gustav

          …and here is some more perspective (since Benny wants perspective)…

          Benny and his ilk complain about Israel which hunted down the thugs who committed a terrorist act against a people who have been making war on us for 100 years and who committed thousands of equally bad or worse terrorist acts against us.

          Benny and his ilk previously complained that we were not making an effort to catch those Israeli thugs but now that we DID catch them, they already seem to know in advance that we will be lenient on them.

          Now let me ask those complaining little cretins (Benny and his ilk) what do Palestinian Arabs do with child murdering terrorists who massacre entire Israeli families like the Fogel family?

          …again, I’ll answer since cretins like Carmen won’t. They hide those terrorists because they want them to get off scot free for murdering Jewish Israeli children. AND they idolize those terrorists.

          Compare and contrast. We catch the bastards and we punish them. The Arabs make every effort to hide them so that they won’t be punished for murdering Israeli children!

          But Benny/Carmen have the gall to try to preach to us?

          Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            All of this misses the main point I made. And Israel’s record of pursuing routine Jewish price tagging, mosque burning, church burning, Arab assaulting, olive tree assaulting terrorists is dismal.

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            No Benny we don’t miss your point. Your point is always the same…

            “Israel is ALWAYS Baaaaaaad” add water, mix and repeat endlessly.

            “Arabs are either gooooood which according to you is most of the time or there is an excuse for their bad behavior, when you can’t deny their undeniable bad behavior”.

            Heck that’s exactly what you did on this very thread, Benny!

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Actually, my point above balances very carefully Israeli and Palestinian perspectives with respect to their own versus the other side’s “terrorists” and their release. In the interest of an exercise in mutual empathy. It is the opposite of what you say. So I would turn it around and say that your point is always the same: “Benny is ALWAYS Baaaaaaad” add water, mix and repeat endlessly. Israelis are either gooooood which according to you is most of the time or there is an excuse for their bad behavior, when you can’t deny their undeniable bad behavior. (And note that I ignore entirely your ceaseless trolling that I am ‘Israel’ etc.) And note that you constantly conflate Palestinians and Arabs in a quite racist generalizing fashion yet if someone here constantly conflated Israelis and Jews you’d be the first to call that person an anti-Semite and you’d do it with relish. In fact, if anything describes the ceaseless antisemitism card pulling around here it’s “add water, mix and repeat endlessly.”

            Reply to Comment
          • Merkava

            BEN says:

            “And Israel’s record of pursuing routine Jewish price tagging, mosque burning, church burning, Arab assaulting, olive tree assaulting terrorists is dismal.”

            Can BEN present EVIDENCE that a Jew has committed offenses such as “price tagging, mosque burning, church burning, Arab assaulting” and that Israel “dismissed” the case? Would BEN be kind enough to cite the names and places of those involved in the cases he has in mind and when those cases were dismissed?

            If BEN cannot answer the question, does BEN then have the moral courage to admit that his claim is false?

            We are waiting …….

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Merkava blathering about “moral courage.” Thanks for the comic relief, we’re still laughing about that, and the jokes are still flying, over here at Ben’s house. If you only knew how we make fun of you. If only you knew.

            Reply to Comment
          • Merkava

            BEN admits that he has NO evidence to back up his false claims and malicious lies!

            That’s a good enough admission, no matter how snarlingly given.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Stop it you’re killing us! Merkava redeploys “snarling”! Against us! It’s too much! Our sides are aching!

            Reply to Comment
          • Merkava

            Oh there is no question that BEN is schizophrenic and that there are legions of little BENs existing in BEN’s schizophrenic mind. Keep hallucinating and making a fool of yourself, psycho.

            You lost the debate, yet again.

            Deal with it!

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav


            On this site you (Benny) accused Israel of not treating Israeli thugs as harshly as Arab thugs. What does that translate to? It translates to you claiming that Israel is baaad!

            I then countered that Palestinians….

            1. Demand the release of child murderers in exchange for negotiations. You, Benny, made the excuse that they already served enough jail time. Get it, Benny? You excused Arab blackmail.

            2. I pointed out that Palestinian Arabs don’t release child murderers when the victim is an Arab child. You ignored that..

            3. I also asked you that given your leniency for Arab murderers of Jewish children do you hold similar leneint views with regards to the release of Pollard, who has been in jail over three decades. Again you didn’t respond…

            See Benny? It all boils down to one thing with you. When you perceive Israel behaving badly, you take a harsh stance against Israel. When it is pointed out to you that Arabs behave badly, you come up with excuses or you just plain ignore those wrongs. I could sorta understand that kind of bias if you would be an Arab. After all, it is natural for people to be defensive about their own kind. But you pretend to be an outsider, an American. Are you lying about that? Outsiders normally are willing to see both sides and blame both sides when they behave badly.

            There is of course a possibility that you are an outsider (not an Arab) who is a hater. That would also explain you undoubted pro Arab bias and extreme hatred of Israel.

            So which one of those are you Benny? Are you a liar (coz you are not really American)? Or are you a hater?

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            The intellectual and moral impoverishment of the Israeli far right could hardly be better illustrated than by these ludicrous, eerily empty, manipulative non-responses by Gustav to both me and Bruce Gould, unless it’s the incoherent jabberings of his sidekick Merkava.

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            LOL. All I can say about Benny’s accusation about my so called ‘non response’ is to invite people to read my previous post and compare it to Benny’s above post.

            Compare and contrast and decide who is the non responder.

            Benny’s mentality illustrates what Israel is up against in the war against us by Palestinian Arabs and those who hate us for being alive.

            Reply to Comment
          • Israel

            LOL. All I can say about this demented Zionist tool’s ridiculous “responses” is: What a ridiculous little Zionist oxygen thief.

            I invite people to read this deranged Zionist fellow’s ridiculous “responses” and to judge for themselves just how ridiculous he is.

            Moreover, this possessed Zionist Gastuv fellow’s mentality illustrates what the Palestinians are up against in “the 100 year war” being waged against them by the indoctrinated foreign Zionist colonial-settler invaders – who first invaded and began colonizing the indigenous Palestinian Peoples’ Homeland over 100 years ago – and their Zionist proxies, all of whom hate the indigenous Palestinian people passionately, for being alive and standing their ground and daring to resist the violent invasion, occupation and colonization of their Palestinian Homeland by deranged foreign Zionist invaders and criminals, just like any people would.

            Reply to Comment
          • Guy L

            Gustav, most of the time I would vehemently disagree with Ben, as I do think he’s a bit overdoing it- but in this case I’m afraid I’ll have to agree with him.

            I can give you an easy enough example:
            Person A wakes up one morning, on a hilltop somewhere in the west bank. He looks at the settlement next to him, screams out “Death to the illegal invaders!”, carries a little prayer to his God, and goes out to murder the Fogel family as they sleep.

            Person B wakes up one morning, on a hilltop somewhere in the west bank. He looks at the settlement next to him, screams out “Death to the illegal invaders!”, carries a little prayer to his God, and goes out to murder the Dawabshe family as they sleep.

            This is of course a dramatization, I’m not 100% sure what each person cried out- but the rest of the story is hauntingly similar. Person A and Person B both murdered sleeping families for a religious\political cause.
            The way both were treated is unbelievably different. Granted, person B did set up a precedent for being pulled into administrative detention, and being subjected to the same treatment as Palestinians do (And rightly so, in my opinion), but this is where the similarities end.

            Person B is tried in a civil court, has the backing of Honenu behind him, his parents got to meet an Israeli minister, and he will probably never have his house demolished, his settlement put under curfew, and will likely never experience night raids to search for inciting propaganda.

            Person A’s parents will likely never meet with an Israeli minister, demolishing their house was\is a viable option, and they will be tried under a military court with slim legal representation.

            Honestly, I don’t give a pair of fetid dingo’s kidneys about how Palestinians handle their prisoners for the simple fact that I am not a Palestinian, and if I ever commit a crime I will not be subjected to Palestinian Justice. As an Israeli, I will be tried under Israeli court.
            And as an Israeli citizen, I do honestly expect my country to treat Jewish and Palestinian terrorists in the same way, to use the same methods against both and to crack down against both in the same harsh (some would say too harsh, but I would strongly disagree), manner. The Palestinians can execute their criminals by chopping their heads off, or they can give them a slap on the wrist- I honestly don’t care. It’s not my country and I don’t live there.
            What I do care about is how my country handles people who murder sleeping families, and they should both be treated exactly the same. The sad fact is, that Jewish terrorists are not treated the same as Arab ones.

            Two people murdered a family in their sleep, yet they will not be treated the same. Which is not quite right, in my opinion. I do think that we should treat Jewish terrorists exactly the same way as we do Arab ones- but sadly this will not happen.

            The main suspect who burned an Arab teenager is pleading insanity, and will likely be unfit to stand trial- which in my opinion is a travesty. A few years ago the “hilltop youth” set fire to a military outpost, they used to constantly damage military vehicles and attack officers who weren’t complacent enough in their opinion, and the government did nothing.
            The sad fact is that we’re not cracking down hard enough on Jewish terrorists. It looks like we’re starting to do now what we should have done years ago, and treat Jewish extremists the same way we treat Arabs.
            And even then- you get people wailing about how the shabak tortures suspects. I never heard them cry about it when the suspects were Palestinians. On the contrary, they were criticizing the government for being too lenient and not doing enough.

            Take my opinion any way you’d like, I really couldn’t care less. But I would appreciate it if you could try and have a civilized discussion without jumping to conclusions and resorting to personal attacks.

            Reply to Comment
          • Israel

            “Guy L”, you’re rambling. What “settlement next to him”? Neither The Dawabshehs nor The Fogels were living in a “settlement” when they died: One family died in an illegal tzahal protected Israeli armed colony, in belligerently occupied Palestine; one family died in their home, in belligerently occupied Palestine. Israel was, and still remains the belligerent occupying power in belligerently occupied Palestine.

            And pleeeease don’t get me started on all that ridiculous “terrorists” nonsense.

            Reply to Comment
          • Guy L.

            Last time I checked the word “settlement” referred to a small community of people living in the same place, much like a small town or village. I just looked at a dictionary again to make sure- and it does indeed mean just that. You can also take a look if you don’t believe me.

            If it works better for you, you can replace the word “settlement” with “peaceful village of indigenous peoples “, or with “illegal state sponsored apartheid nest of fascist thugs”.

            And as much as I disapprove what we do in the WB and Gaza, I can’t think of any other definition for people who murder sleeping families for a political cause. They are both terrorists, but sadly Israel serves one justice for Jewish terrorists and another justice for Palestinian terrorists.

            Reply to Comment
          • Israel

            “Guy L”, you’re rambling. What “settlement next to him”? Neither The Dawabshehs nor The Fogels were living in a “settlement” when they died: One family died in an illegal tzahal protected Israeli armed colony, in belligerently occupied Palestine; one family died in their home, in belligerently occupied Palestine. Israel was, and still remains the belligerent occupying power in belligerently occupied Palestine.

            And pleeeeease don’t get me started on all that ridiculous “terrorists” nonsense.

            Reply to Comment
    3. Carmen

      There’s no pleasure seeing what’s going on here. There’s no cause to celebrate the murders of our fellow human beings. The downward spiraling of humanity into darkness and depravity, once seen, can’t be ignored, justified, what about wherever’d or conflated with religion/patriotism.

      I’m not intersted in the boisterous, bellicose blathering of 972 pseudo-jurists. Time will tell if there will be justice for Palestinians. Until that time I have to agree with the research and reporting done by Mr. Edo Konrad and thank him for another excellent article.

      Reply to Comment
      • Merkava

        “There’s no pleasure seeing what’s going on here. There’s no cause to celebrate the murders of our fellow human beings”.

        Another jealous rambling mumbo jumbo. You are making-up stuff again and seeing things that do not exist and hallucinating. There is no one here celebrating the murders of our fellow human beings. You are the one who justifies the murder of innocent Israelis if they are Jews and shed hypocritical tears if they are Arabs. There is no pleasure seeing a hypocritical foreigners like you around here making-up stuff and trying too hard to smear Israelis.

        Do you condemn the fact that your Muslim Arab brothers celebrate terrorist murderers as heroes and martyrs, name Arab streets after them to honor them, pay thousands of dollars monthly salaries to their families?

        I am sure you will not answer the question and that says a lot about who you are.

        Reply to Comment
        • Israel

          Yeah, of course Ginger LIES from AMERICA, because everyone is just soooo incredibly jealous of your apparent ability to spew endless Zionist mumbo jumbo about Palestinians, under multiple aliases, in order to support the obscene CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY that Israel has been COMMITTING IN PALESTINE every day, for decades: IN THE NAME OF ALL JEWS – INCLUDING YOU!

          You are an ZIONIST PSYCHOPATH, Ginger LIES, and an ABOMINATION!

          Reply to Comment
    4. Bruce Gould

      Interested readers may want to view “The Law In These Parts”, a film about the Israeli justice system (made by an Israeli Jew):


      Reply to Comment
      • Merkava

        1. As usual, you swallow every single STAGED anti-Israel / anti-Jewish propaganda out there line, hook and sinker without questions – for obvious reasons. Here is a far worse situation of racial abuse and destruction of a racial group with the criminal justice system in the country you claim you come from:


        Do you really care about human rights? Well then: BEGIN in YOUR OWN Country FIRST. “Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.”

        • Mother Theresa!

        2. The Law In These Parts
        Director/Time: Ra’anan Alexandrowicz, 101 min.
        Headline: Is making Israeli occupation legal the same as making it justifiable?
        Indie type: Thoughtful advocacy doc
        Report: “Order and justice don’t always go hand in hand.” Those are the words of an Israeli judge in the documentary The Law In These Parts, a cleverly staged and structured film which attempts to explain and understand how Israel seizing Palestinian-occupied territory became accepted practice. Mixing archival footage and new interviews with lawyers and judges who’ve been involved with Israeli law since the ‘60s, director Ra’anan Alexandrowicz documents the slippery slope of “security measures,” as laws originally drafted to protect the Israeli population from Palestinian violence gradually turn boldly oppressive, denying people of their human rights as recognized under international law. Alexandrowicz grills his subjects, asking them to justify their actions without resorting to slippery legalisms. In essence, he’s putting them on trial, in what he recognizes is a weak kind of justice given what the Palestinians have been through. There’s a meta element to The Law In These Parts that seems unnecessary, as Alexandrowicz acknowledges the artificiality of cinema, and that facts are as selectively chosen in movies as they are in court. But while the facts cherry-picked by Alexandrowicz won’t surprise anyone who’s paid even the slightest attention to what’s been going on in the Middle East for the last four decades, the direct inquiries into who should be classified as a “soldier” and who a “terrorist” is still bracing (and relevant to more than just the Israelis).”

        • Noel Murray

        Reply to Comment
        • Bruce Gould

          There are worse human rights abuses in North Korea…..but this is a website about Israel.

          The Murray review you quote sounds like he feels the film is interesting and worthwhile.

          Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            Stock standard stupid response from Bruce…

            There are worse human rights abuses in… and in…. And in…. etc etc but this site is dedicated to Israel bashing and I choose to spend all my free time here, so…

            Reply to Comment
          • Merkava

            1. The film you posted is might be “interesting and worthwhile”, but that is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the film is (a) ‘staged’ and (b) ‘extremely selective’. Do you know what that means and what its implications are? As entertainment the film is “interesting and worthwhile”, but as a scientific documentary on “Israeli justice system (made by an Israeli Jew)”, which was YOUR whole point, the film is worthless.

            2. There is injustice everywhere, not only in “North Korea”, Iran (where young men are hanged every month for homosexuality), the US (where a racial group is being destroyed using the justice system), etc., but also in our own homes and families. First you heal your own home and family (the US) before you are able to heal the home of your neighbor (Israel) who is even in better shape than you in terms of human rights in the criminal justice system – unless you hate Israel more than you love the US? Do you understand that? Is that not what honest and reasonable people do, as opposed to treacherous hypocrites and liars?

            Yeah, this is a site about Israel, but that is not only irrelevant to what is at issue here, but goes to cement the notion that you are fixated on- and obsessed with Israel and Israel alone. That raises other even more serious questions of bias, anti-Semitism, etc. and exposes your pretentions of “seeking peace and justice” as a hoax. Do you understand that?

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          • Israel

            Stock standard brain dead mumbo jumbo from two of +972mag’s resident Zionist bottom-feeders…

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    5. BOOZ

      How come I cannot post here ?

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