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Why I demand the dismissal of Israel’s ambassador to Ireland

It’s one thing to have to deal with the racism and hatred prevalent here in Israel/Palestine. But it’s another when an imbecile I support with my tax money, who claims to represent me, spreads his venom overseas (and not for the first time – the deputy at the embassy said in the past that “Pro-Palestinian activists have sexual identity problems”).

The idiot that wrote the following status on the official Facebook page of the Israeli Embassy in Ireland should be removed from his post.

A thought for Christmas…If Jesus and mother Mary were alive today, they would, as Jews without security, probably end up being lynched in Bethlehem by hostile Palestinians.
Just a thought…….

The same goes for the man, Boaz Modai, who heads that mission.

UPDATE: The post has been removed from the Facebook page. I’m sure no apology will be issued, no heads will roll. Just another act of cowardice, I suppose.

UPDATE II: The Embassy has issued an “apology”:

To whom it may concern: An image of Jesus and Mary with a derogatory comment about Palestinians was posted without the consent of the administrator of the Facebook page.
We have removed the post in question immediately.
Apologies to anyone who may have been offended.
Merry Christmas!

“May have offended”? Give me a break. Can’t you even apologize with dignity??


Let the memes begin

(Amir Schiby)

Mary: We’re lucky we’re not Jews who live in Bethlehem, eh?
Jesus: It could have been worse.
Mary: How?
Jesus: We could be Palestinians in Hebron! (Itamar Shaltiel)

“To Bethlehem!” (Itamar Shaltiel)

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    1. Dan

      As a Jew who travelled without security myself, I must say that the hummus in Bethlehem is very good.

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    2. Philos

      It’s funny because Palestinians in Bethlehem are probably more closely related to the Jews of Jesus’ day than the Ashknasi that Tweeted that….

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      • Alistair Knox

        I’ve thought the same for quite some time.Their main crime I think,is that most are Muslim,although many forget that quite a few are Christian!

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    3. well, that last Hebrew item offended me. there were no “Palestinians” at the time of Jesus. and he was born in Beth-Lehem Judea, not the “West Bank”.

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    4. Weinstein Henry

      Maybe someone in Ireland or in Palestine could explain to the Israeli embassy in Ireland – a virgin, a Palestinian nun for instance – that “Mother Mary” didn’t gave birth to a 33 year-old baby Jesus…
      Guess they have psychological reasons to do this, Ami Kaufman: you know, “disappointment with their parents, or problems with their sexual identity”…
      Time to call a Catholic Freudian exorcist for the Israeli embassy in Dublin.

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    5. Ted Lawrence

      You have got to be kidding. The first comment was on the border, but certainly could be justified as legitimate. Still to avoid offending anyone, they took it down and apologized. What more do you want? A friend posted this article, so I don’t know your politics, but anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the Middle East knows that the so called Palestinians are almost entirely people who moved into the area after jewish donors flooded the region with money in advance of a promised Jewish homeland. Since then the Israeli’s have gone out of their way to make peace with these people, even recently giving them Gaza for self rule in return for a promise to combat terrorism which they still haven’t done. What are you thinking of?

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      • Gavan Duffy

        Your knowledge of the Middle East is far from cursory. This ignorant racist garbage has been disproved years ago and only embarrasses you

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    6. I’m sure everybody says this, but some of the boys (below “let the memes begin”) surrounding the (insert) picture of J&M look so, sooo much like baboons, don’t they? Sorry! Insult! I means like great big scary Goons! (Give credit where due.)

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      • The first image has nothing to do with Christianity. Santa Claus in his red-and-white Coca-Cola incarnation is a far cry from St Nicholas, and hardly on a par with Jesus and Mary. The cartoon is on the mark: Israel does regulate entry into Bethlehem. People such as myself routinely have to lie through our teeth at the border in order to get there, and this Israeli control makes the embassy’s message all the more ironic – Israeli Jews are far more likely to be arrested by the army rather than lynched by Palestinians, as their presence in Bethlehem is illegal under Israeli law. But those who visit anyway certainly seem to be alive and breathing. So are all the international Jewish volunteers who come here with various organisations.

        The second image is used by Palestinian Christians themselves. Using the life of Christ to find meaning in your own pain is just part of Christian theology, and there are many crucifixion scenes reflecting that – I recently saw one that depicted Christ in a sweatshop. I’m wary of this particular picture, because I think it could be read as nationalistic, but I’ve always seen it being used solely for comfort and it certainly has no vicious caption implying that a whole community is composed of hateful murderers. To add a vicious caption like that to an image of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts (which in our tradition are supposed to represent total love and mercy) is offensive in a way that Santa confronting the separation wall really is not.

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        • Sam

          They don’t check the bus that takes the tunnel road, do they?

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          • The bus has to pass through that vehicle checkpoint near the servees junction. Usually they don’t bother to stop it on the way in, but sometimes they do. Anyone planning to reach Bethlehem on this bus shouldn’t bank on the fact that there will be no check there. Coming out there is always a check. Everyone gets off the bus and lines up, so if you’ve been in Bethlehem as an Israeli and you try to leave by that route they’re likely to know about it. Unless you have a second passport and they just look at the photo page without searching for the visa.

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          • Sam

            But then can’t you just say you’re going to/coming from Beit Jala. That’s Area B, and “kosher,” right?

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    7. steven

      truly pathetic, the enlightenment of Judaism comes down to being envious of innocent people, the stone once cast can not be returned

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    8. yeah

      It was done intentionally to insult the useless Irish. Too bad the embassy didn’t go after the child molesting priests.

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    9. david

      The holocaust and 1400 yrs of murder rape exile and worse do not really bother me. But describe our wives as Virgins. That is insulting.

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    10. Events like this reveal the background ideology of (at least) some of the staff. There is no excuse for it; an embassy, above all else, should know the statements placed under its name. I am certain that the environment nutured by your ex Foreign Minister allows such blips to appear; right thinking people are hired.

      This blip is a small indicator of the ideology of racial warfare which clearly underpins the government.

      To answer the Yoni’s, as above: this isn’t a race into relative depravity. When something is wrong, it’s wrong, regardless of who else is doing it.

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    11. Helga Marie Mali

      Wasn’t Jesus killed by the same kind of people and for the same conscience sake than Palestinian families today?
      Tell me, I’m just simpleminded

      Reply to Comment
      • The Trespasser


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      • Alan

        No, you’re not simpleminded– just anti-Semitic. Helga. Sounds like the name of a concentration camp guard.

        Reply to Comment
        • Oriol2

          Your post is also racist. Helga is a German name without further connotations. I understand that an 80 years old Jew cannot help but hating all Germans -I doubt it is your case-, but, let’s say, a 20 years old German girl called Helga who could be more open-minded and less racist than you doesn’t have to pay for the sins of some inhuman beasts with whom people like Yitzhak Shamir wanted to negotiate for political advantage.

          Reply to Comment
        • Helga Marie Mali

          You can’t hurt me with your false accusation. And in my opinion: to be Jewish doesn’t include the right to slap in the face of others. It’s a matter of education.
          And read here about a girl named “Helga”:
          Thanks to all for fairness!

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    12. Mikesailor

      The supreme irony is that Jesus was threatened with lynching by the Jewish establishment of his time along with the mobs they whipped into a frenzy. Actually, his death at the hands of the Roman ‘occupation’ was countenanced and encouraged by these same Jewish forces. Yet, somehow, an Israeli ‘ambassador says that “..if Jesus were alive he would probably be lynched…by Palestinians..” means exactly what? That the Palestinians are the new ‘Jews’ living under a hostile ‘Israeli’ occupation and therefore would perform acts much as the ancient Jews? Strange how most writers seem to ignore the implications of their own writings and statements. Is it willful ignorance or intellectual dishonesty?

      Reply to Comment
    13. Lorre

      well, idiots are everywhere unfortunatly, but i was in a muslim country this year for a while and what is worst than islam for women?

      Reply to Comment
    14. The Trespasser

      >The supreme irony is that Jesus was threatened with lynching by the Jewish establishment of his time along with the mobs they whipped into a frenzy.

      Did you ever read the New Testament?
      Jesus was at all times accompanied by AT LEAST 12 men, armed and rather dangerous. When Roman soldiers came to arrest him on the Olive mountain they behaved extremely restrained and only arrested Jesus after he backed off his men, fixed the ear and surrendered himself.

      It is rather stupid to think that Jewish establishment could even dream of lynching someone of that importance.

      >Actually, his death at the hands of the Roman ‘occupation’ was countenanced and encouraged by these same Jewish forces.

      Actually. You make it sound like you’ve just came to this conclusion by yourself.

      You see, actually, the death of Jesus was planned, encouraged and carried out by himself – Jesus.

      That is of course if you take the 4 canonical gospels as a precise historic description of events. There is a small problem with cross-reference evidence but let it not stop us.

      1 – Jesus never claimed that he actually plans to became the king of Israel – literally. At the time Romans ruled the entire region who certainly were not interested in new kings in any of their provinces.

      2 – He knew that by arriving to Jerusalem on Passover he would directly confront the Pharisee.

      3 – He knew that Pharisee have no choice but to kill him. Why? Because of possible unrest and consequences – what happened precisely when rabbi Akiva mistakenly claimed that Bar Kohba is a Messiah and King of Israel.

      Jesus knew exactly what and why he was doing.

      Reply to Comment
      • David

        >Jesus was at all times accompanied by AT LEAST 12 men, armed and rather dangerous.

        Nonsense and lies. As everytime when you open your mouth.
        You have absolutely no clue what’s in the New Testament.

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    15. Paul J

      A faux-outrage here (972).

      This made a big article in Irish Times. The same day, 20 Palestinians were killed in Syria. Did not make Irish Times


      A spokeswoman for the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign described it as “outrageous and extremely cynical, but not surprising” No, not the 20 dead Palestinians in Syria but instead the facebook tasteless joke.

      There are times to be outraged by Israeli actions. This is not one of them. There was little outage in mainstream media in Ireland, just bemused curiosity.

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