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Who is behind the Eilat terror attack?

The horrific terror attacks in Oslo some weeks ago provided a valuable lesson for journalists. Almost as soon as the attacks took place, journalists throughout the world rushed to place blame on Al Qaeda. Jennifer Rubin, a conservative blogger at the Washington Post known for her extreme views on Israeli politics, wrote that the attacks were committed by Al-Qaeda terrorists and used them to attack President Barak Obama’s foreign policy objectives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her piece was left unchanged on the Washington Post website for a full 24 hours despite evidence that the perpetrator of the attack was, in fact, a right wing Christian fanatic not connected to Al-Qaeda.

Yesterday morning, Israel was rocked by a triple terror attack which left eight people dead and moved the country to a state of high alert. Within hours of the attack, Israel began a series of aggressive airstrikes on targets in the Gaza Strip, claiming that they were reprisal attacks against the Palestinian leadership who gave the order for the Eilat operations. However, Israeli officials and their spokespeople in the media failed to provide factual evidence clearly proving responsibility. The airstrikes killed a number of senior operatives in the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), a terror group with weak links to Hamas, as well as civilians including at least one child. The speed at which Israel began airstrikes in Gaza without providing factual evidence of PRC’s involvement raises questions concerning the existence of a premeditated Israeli plan to launch a summer offensive against the population of Gaza. For the record, Hamas has publicly stated numerous times in the past 24 hours that it had nothing to do with the terror attacks in Eilat.

Screenshot of Barak Ravid's twitter feed

Twitter feed belonging to Barak Ravid, diplomatic correspondent for Haaretz

Despite uncertainty over those responsible for the attacks yesterday, Israeli journalists were quick to pass on government hearsay as fact. Barak Ravid, diplomatic correspondent for Haaretz, rushed to place responsibility on the PRC for the terror attacks on his Twitter feed. When I asked him to provide factual proof for his claim other than citing anonymous sources, he responded, “This is what I know from my sources. You can choose to believe or not to, like every article I publish in Haaretz.”

Shouldn’t one evaluate Ravid’s reports and claims based on the factual material which he presents? Since when does “belief” play a central role in a reporter’s credibility on specific military issues? Without knowing Ravid’s sources, it is difficult to ‘believe’ and judge them on their credibility. Ravid was not alone in placing blame on PRC as most of the international media outlets adopted the Israeli government line.

Screenshot of Barak Ravid's twitter feed

Screenshot of Barak Ravid's twitter feed

In recent months, Ravid has relied on unsubstantiated Israeli government sources for pieces which amount to glorified hearsay without basis in reality. Earlier this summer Ravid wrote a piece propagating Israeli government rumors that activists on board this year’s flotilla “may be bringing chemical substances on the ships to use against Israeli soldiers to prevent them from boarding the ships.”

Oslo should be a warning that rushing to place blame on a group for a horrific terror act without factual proof reflects poor journalistic ethics. In the Israeli context, placing blame on the PRC effectively legitimatizes Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. At the time of this writing there has been no claim of responsibility and the only proof that PRC is behind these terror attacks comes from Israeli government officials who do not cite any specific or verifiable source.  The PRC very well might be behind these attacks but the “shoot first, ask questions later” principle, accepted as mantra in Israel, often results in the loss of innocent life and should not be a fixture of Israeli journalistic ethics.

UPDATE 18:16–

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the PRC has praised the Eilat terror attack but denied responsibility in carrying it out. Speaking with the AFP, a PRC spokesman in Gaza said, “”The occupation wants to pin this operation on us in order to escape its own internal problems.” Israel maintains that the PRC is responsible for the attacks but has yet to release any verifiable proof connecting the Gaza based group to the attack which has so far claimed eight lives.

Read more about the Eilat terror attacks:

Dimi Reider – News coverage of the shooting and bombing

Yossi Gurvitz – Why Israel shouldn’t attack Gaza

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    1. Ben Israel

      This reminds me of the games that were played in the 1980’s when Peres and the Labor Party people decided to attempt to get an agreement with Arafat. They had to make an effort to convince a gullible Israeli public that “Arafat had changed and how he opposes terror”. Everytime there was a terror attack, different Palestinian groups would take credit, and the Israeli Left would try to say “no, it wasn’t Arafat’s group, it was an anti-Arafat group”. Then some Arafat-affiliated FATAH person would say, “yes, we did it”, then another would say “no, we didn’t”, and then Arafat would make one my very favorite typical comments of his “that attack was directed against ME”! Once Arafat was brought to Israel as a result of the Oslo fiasco, we finally all got to see exactly where Arafat stood on the terror question.
      So, today, we are playing the same games. Joseph, please get back to us once you have sorted this all out and you have figured out who is really responsible. Then give your information to the IDF and they will know who to strike at.

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    2. Are you being serious Ben Israel or sarcastic? You understand that the Israeli military is bombing Gaza right now? Perhaps someone should ask the PRC leader if he is responsible. Wait, he has already been killed for the attack.

      I think it is reasonable to be shown proof of PRC involvement in the attacks if Israel is already attacking PRC targets in Gaza. It is also natural to demand that a journalist with Barak Ravid’s status demonstrate proof for his claims. Don’t you agree?

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    3. Thanks for this, Joseph.

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    4. miri

      Kill first; ask questions later (Gazans, Palestinians in the WB, Egyptian soldiers. Hmm, shouldn’t the last be considered an act of war?).

      Reply to Comment
    5. Ben Israel

      The arguments being heard here are the same ones used during the “havlagah” period which was the period of the Arab attacks in the 1936-1939 period. The official position of the “responsible organs” of the yishuv said that only those directly involved in attacks could be targetted. This worked out nicely for the leaders of the yishuv because they could sit on their hands that way and not do anything. All they had to say is “the world loves victims and so we are letting the Arabs create some for us to display”. Sharon’s comment that “restraint is strength” when the big suicide bombings took place was in the same vein. Finally, two things happened back in the 1930’s, the ETZEL began to take retaliatory action and Orde Wingate convinced the leaders of the Haganah that offensive action taken against the centers of terrorist activity was the only solution.
      Regarding the current situation, I don’t have the answers. I realize that the far Left will generally not cut any slack for IDF claims. Most people don’t have the ability to figure these things out for themselves so they rely on the government. Even if the PRC was not “directly” involved in these recent attacks, it is possible that intelligence sources know for a fact that they are up to no good and the government is using this as an oppoortunity to interdict them. I really don’t know. But I do know we are in a real war with these terrorist organizations and if we don’t do anything, we will suffer more casualties.
      By the way, I feel I can speak for at least part of the political Right in saying that I totally oppose any military action to conquer the Gaza Strip. I absolutely reject endangering our soldiers lives in just order to hand the whole thing back to Abbas and the FATAH gangs. The only way we would support such an operation would be if the government were to rebuild Gush Katif but we are realistic enough to know that is not the in cards now, so we oppose a large-scale military response.

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    6. Bodhi

      “if we don’t do anything, we will suffer more casualties.” An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind. Demand reason before demanding vengeance.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Mitchell Cohen

      Well, here is an article from Haaretz (not exactly known as being a mouthpiece for the Israel right, or even center, to say the least):


      “The terror attack along the Israeli-Egyptian border on Thursday was planned in the Gaza Strip by the Popular Resistance Committees and perpetrated by terrorists who crossed from Gaza into Sinai via smuggling tunnels. They then traveled some 200 kilometers to reach an area of the border protected only by a tattered wire fence, about 15 kilometers north of Eilat.” [End of Haaretz quote]

      Joseph, you might want to get in touch with Haartez and tell them they are wrong, but hurry up because Shabbat is around the corner.

      Shabbat Shalom….:-)

      Reply to Comment
    8. Mitchell,

      I am not saying that they are wrong. I am noting that there was little evidence to support the Israeli claim that the PRC was responsible. The organization has not claimed responsible and Israel, so far, has not released any factual or verifiable sources to show the connection. I think that this should be noted by any and all media organizations covering the story.

      Haaretz is not allow in pushing the PRC line though. Most news agencies are writing the same thing.

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    9. Dan B.

      Joseph, I understand the point you are trying to make here, but don’t you think that if security services were to present all of the intel they have linking an attack to a specific group they would risk exposing their sources, informants, and intelligence network? Do you think this could be a consideration? Also, the IDF and the Shin Bet have a “bank of targets” set up in the Gaza Strip (and southern Lebanon) at all times, so they can be ready for a quick attack if Israel is struck. Finally, I don’t think you have to write “aggressive” before air strike. Most people would agree an air strike is typically an aggressive action. Unless you’re trying to make it sound more hardcore? Or are you trying to say its an act of aggression? Why not put “aggressive” before “triple terror attack”? Do you believe they’re defensive? I’m just asking, the words writers use have meaning.

      Reply to Comment
    10. aristeides

      It’s typical of people like Ben Israel to assume that the basic matter of wanting evidence before killing people in retribution is a trait of the “Left.”

      Reply to Comment
    11. joke

      Come on man,
      the Israeli government should not and would not show you the evidence it has, as I’m guessing it came from super classified sources.

      and btw: writing “at least one child”… what does it mean? you have evidence of one child? of two? one is 15 so it can be considered a child? at least… a joke. you want facts, be factual. at least one child can be a whole kindergarden.

      Reply to Comment
    12. Rika Chaval

      I second Dan, chances are that they do have intelligence which they don’t want to share with the perpetrators and their friends. It might even originate from either egyptian or jordanian sources. You might have read that Jordan had warned Israel about a cell that was infiltrating and due to commit some act; also Egypt probably has reasons not to be happy about the terror attacks, as their soldiers were exposed to a suicide bomb. You might have read too that Egypt was actually in the corse of trying to get back the upper hand in the Sinai, military operations were under way. So, many possible sources are at hand, none that would want to read their names in the papers. Get real’

      Reply to Comment
    13. Dan B,

      Thanks for the comment. The reason that I feel this specific story is interesting is two fold. One, the PRC (actually no one at this point) has not taken responsibility for the attack. This is usually as terrorists usually rush to take responsibility for their crimes since it is a part and parcel of the act of terror.
      Secondly, claiming that PRC is behind the attacks provides rationale for Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. The PRC commander which was killed was an example of an extrajudicial assassination. Without debating the merits of that tactic, I think it is important to confirm that this person was in fact responsible. What if PRC has nothing to do with these terror acts? Would that not raise questions as to why Israel is pounding Gaza right now?
      For these reasons, the media must demand factual and verifiable sources and information before pushing the Israeli line. This is the subject and reason behind this post.

      Given the fact that Israeli airstrikes are seemingly without verifiable reason at this point, I think that the word “aggressive” might even be light. Had Israel proven PRC connection with the terror attacks, I would have choose to use the work retaliatory or reprisal airstrikes, which I do use. As it stands now, I fail to see how we should not use the word aggressive to describe Israeli behavior in Gaza.

      Reply to Comment
    14. Palestinian

      Why dont you refer to the IDF , IAF or the settlers as terrorists ? dont they terrorize people ? Is it that hard to find another Norman Finklestein ?!

      Reply to Comment
    15. Joseph,
      Who do you speculate might be behind the attacks? Who do you rule out objectively?

      There was a fourth application of terror that occurred, which was the resumption of shelling of Israeli towns and cities.

      It doesn’t matter if its stated as “retaliation” or “response”. If it is directed, even randomly, at civilian centers, it is terror.

      I don’t know if Hamas or other organizations took credit for those actions, do you?

      There is still a conspicuous absence or subduing of condemnation (that word) of the terror by the left.

      I read a post by Phil Weiss, in which he condemned Israeli attacks against Gaza, but only opposed violence in general.

      It leaves us that are liberal, really lacking any basis of confidence that those that are ideologically motivated will know when to stop, when to treat Israelis, Americans, liberals, as human beings and not as a “type”.

      Reply to Comment
    16. Richard,

      First off, congrats on the shocking 13.7 comments which you average on Phil’s site Mondoweiss which has earned you 10,000 comments. It is an effort which demonstrates the commitment of a mad man. Hats off!
      I do not know how is behind these attacks. I do know that Hamas has stated publicly that they are not involved but they could be lying.
      The point is that no one seems to know who is responsible expect the Israeli governmental which does not want to prove it.

      However, they are bombing Gaza right now. If you do not care to see proof of responsibility, that is your busy. I care and I believe that journalists should confirm things before they pass them on as fact.

      Reply to Comment
    17. aristeides

      The evidence, as most evidence that Israel acts on with lethal force, was probably obtained illegally, through torture and intimidation of informers. This is the least dependable sort of evidence.

      The tu quoque chorus that constantly holds up US war crimes as justification for Israel’s should recall that its regular failures to hit the intended targets are the result of relying on exactly that kind of unreliable evidence.

      But the fact is that Israel doesn’t care about evidence or facts. Its only concern is to display its superiority of force, to produce some dead Arabs every time Israelis are harmed. If these dead Arabs happen to be innocent, well, the only good Arab is a dead one.

      Reply to Comment
    18. Danny

      JD, do you think Israel had anything to do with this attack? I mean, after all, in a heartbeat it solved all of Bibi’s problems with the tent dwellers and brought him and Barak back into the spotlight where they are both in their element. Like Lenin said – look for those who would most benefit.

      Reply to Comment
    19. Danny, I think that you are pushing a conspiracy theory and I prefer to remain firmly in the realm of factual observations, however difficult it might be in Israel.

      Reply to Comment
    20. Danny

      JD, I used to think that way too (that conspiracy theories are in the realm of fiction). But after 2.5 years of the most despicable government in Israel’s history (that has proven itself capable of the most blatant lies and deceit), I am starting to entertain even such crazy notions. While Israel was probably not directly involved in directing the terrorists’ actions, it is undeniable that both Bibi and Barak have latched on to this event like a pitbull on a bone and are both trying to milk it for every last drop. The event that led up to Cast Lead comes to mind (where 6 Hamas men were killed in an unprovoked Israeli incursion into Gaza). Israel uses random (yet expected) events to start all sorts of actions. That is an undeniable fact.

      Reply to Comment
    21. It was utterly unnecessary to describe my commenting on a prominent blog on topic that I care about, as the effort of a “mad man”.

      The movement for peace (even if not stated in the same language as you prefer) needs those that dedicate significant amount of time to reading, dialoging, thinking, publicly presenting on the issue.

      “If you do not care to see proof of responsibility, that is your busy.”

      That is also a baseless comment. Was that directed at anything that I’ve said anywhere, or just your projection of what I might have thought?

      I have stated in every post in which the question has come up, that I was not aware of who was responsible, and that anyone in public that stated that they did, was gambling.

      Reply to Comment
    22. Ziad

      Joseph: I appreciate your drawing on Oslo regarding the rushing to politically expedient conclusions about the identity of the attackers. I also appreciate highlighting the recent attacks as an indicator of a premeditated plan to attack Gaza. However, I think there is a point you do not make: even if the identity of the attackers is confirmed, launching air strikes against them is a completely illegal and unethical means of responding to the attacks. I say this because, the way you construct your argument, intentionally or not, reads as if the only problem with the recent attacks on Gaza is that there is no conclusive evidence that the PRC is responsible. But even if they were, there is no justification for that type of attack. We need to always stress that extra-judicial assassinations, to say nothing of the “collateral damage,” are unacceptable.

      Reply to Comment
    23. Koshiro

      So far, the only thing the retaliatory strikes have achieved is to provoke a counter-retaliation from Gaza wounding several Israelis.

      Reply to Comment
    24. Devin

      I feel sorry for ordinary people who wnats just normal life and they get killed. Who can stop this killing? who can tell to this people you are not hurting Netanyahu or Abbas. yesterday I sat and cried for these people and this action will help Netanyahu to stay in power.

      Reply to Comment
    25. Frank Roels

      If Israeli security, or IDF, have secret proof who are behind the attacks – as is suggested by several commentators – and I myself would be surprised if they don’t, they have the BEST spies in the world – THEN is the qustion: why didn’t they prevent the attacks?

      Reply to Comment
    26. Jon

      I commend you, Joseph, for seeking the facts about who is responsible for this terror.

      Stand firm!

      Reply to Comment
    27. Koshiro

      @ Frank Roels
      “If Israeli security, or IDF, have secret proof who are behind the attacks – as is suggested by several commentators – and I myself would be surprised if they don’t, they have the BEST spies in the world – THEN is the qustion: why didn’t they prevent the attacks?”

      It’s frankly unbelievable that they did not see the attack coming, but then immediately afterwards knew exactly who planned it and where the attackers came from.
      I have seen no reports of Israeli forces capturing any attackers alive, but even if they did, interrogation results – likely obtained by force – after a few hours are not at all reliable.

      Reply to Comment
    28. Deïr Yassin

      Mr Witty:
      “The movement to peace needs those that dedicate significant amount of time to reading, dialoging, thinking, publicly presenting on the issus”
      Holy Mary, Mr Witty, do you think you fullfill any of these criteria ?
      Reading ? You only read the headlines, you’ve said so yourself.
      Dialoging ? You’re monologing, or maybe dialoging with your own navel.
      Thinking ? Well, I won’t even go there….
      Publicly presenting on the issus ? Well, that’s the only think true about your auto portrait, though we mostly need James North for translation, and the “significant amount of time”.
      In the middle of the catastrophy in the Middle East, at least some tragi-comic figure has emerged.

      Reply to Comment
    29. aristeides

      wrt the evidence – the Israelis have openly clained that they had evidence that something might be about to happen, but they just didn’t expect what did happen.

      Or perhaps someone in authority looked at this evidence and saw an opportunity.

      It’s wellknown that Israel views the deaths of a few of its own as a price worth paying if it will justify the continuing war on Palestinians. Sderot is stuck out there as a target just so Israelis can take visiting US congressmen on tours to witness the evil of Hamas, taking the roof off another chicken coop.

      There are three classic categories of evidence in a murder trial: motive, method and opportunity. The motive points directly at Netanyahu.

      Reply to Comment
    30. Jo

      Ziad exposes the blind, barbaric beast. The “territorial imperative” has turned humanity into an insidious network of “civilized” exploitation–a monstrous criminal organization of institutionalized predation. Most are so self-righteously entrenched in the denial of this unconscionable reality that evidence, “reason”, responsibility is actively disregarded, avoided in a feeding frenzy of power, control, self-aggrandizement. And they have NO SHAME! The wordsmiths justify the goldsmiths who justify the swordsmiths as if nothing is sacred and no one ever learned the wisdom expressed by THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

      Reply to Comment
    31. Jo, Nothing IS sacred, if we could accept that simple fact, much bloodshed could be prevented. The book that states “Thou shalt not kill” is at the same time “one of the most genocidal books in history” (Chomsky) It’s that self-serving sacredness that is at the root of all evil. “The red line crossed” at the killing of children (Netanyahu!). The 72 virgins promised (actually grapes) at suicide bombers. Building the Museum of Tolerance on a cemetery, precisely because it’s considered sacred, and that’s were it hurts.
      As long as we are unable to leave the realm of religion, superstition, nationalism and the like, there is little chance of improvement.

      Reply to Comment
    32. Bosko

      I can imagine what would happen if the American and NATO forces in Afghanistan would be told to only retaliate against Taliban units against whom irrefutable proof exists of being responsible for terrorist attacks.
      I guess it could work if they would be willing to set up a whole infrastructure to investigate each incident with forensic experts and what not …
      But the question does not even arise there because they know that there is a war going on and that in a war, all factions of an enemy are legitimate targets.
      It seems that such a nonsensical issue is only relevant when we talk about Israel. In any other arena, the mere mention of such an issue would be derided and laughed at. They would respond by saying that the enemy is the enemy. Period

      Reply to Comment
    33. You have a fine understanding of the situation, Bosko. Aghanistan is a good analogy: you invade a country, by some magic the rightful inhabitants become “the enemy”, and presto “all factions of an enemy are legitimate targets”. You have colonialism in your blood, my friend.

      Reply to Comment
    34. Bosko

      I understand that war is war. In war there is no room to conduct forensic investigations about who exactly launched what attack when. You either fight the war as best as you can or just give up.
      Israel’s situation is that it’s enemies divided themselves into a myriad of factions, all professing one aim … To destroy “colonialist Israel”. We either agree with them that we are “colonialist” and let them destroy us or we fight them. If we fight them then we can’t afford to waste our time working out who launches what attack against Israel and when. They all do that at some time or another so they are all legitimate targets. End of story.

      Reply to Comment
    35. The myth of war is apparantly just as sticky as the myth of Jewish identity. There is no war going on, right now Israel is slaughtering civilians using drones without eyes, mind or feeling, just as those who hide behind a fake history, just as those who want to be able to sleep and not be tormented by the war crimes they are responsible for. Anyone who does not at least speak out against what is going on is a collaborator.

      Reply to Comment
    36. Rick

      Ben Israel you are just another brain washed israeli who is lacking a grasp on reality.

      probably paid to post here.

      Reply to Comment
    37. Bosko


      “DIYARBAKIR, Turkey (Reuters) – Turkish warplanes and artillery pounded Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq for a second night, hours after the rebels mounted attacks on security forces in southeastern Turkey”
      Yes, that’s a fake war too yet nobody questions Turkey’s right to defend it’s citizens from Terrorist attacks. Nor do they question them about their choice of enemy targets.
      And even if they do question Turkey. They ignore the questioners. End of story. Israel should act likewise.

      Reply to Comment
    38. Yes I understand your sympathy for the PKK, they are trained by the Mossad after all. But more interestingly: what you are saying is that if public opinion would condemn Turkey, you would accept the condemnation of Israel’s policy towards the Palestinians.

      Reply to Comment
    39. Deïr Yassin

      “They are all legitimate targets. End of story”
      Yeah, particularly that two-years old Malek Shaath.
      That’s what Ziocaïne does to the brain…

      Reply to Comment
    40. Bosko

      Actually Engelbert, I have just had an Epiphany. I am going to gather my family, the wife and the kids, and I’ll inform them that from now on we should consider ourselves fair game. Maybe even report to one of the Palestinian Arab factions and place ourselves in their care because we are colonialists and whatever they do to us would be OK because we deserve it.
      See? You are very persuasive Engelbert. But somehow I don’t think that my wife and kids will be convinced …

      Reply to Comment
    41. Bosko

      “As families of victims of both sides mourned their dead, funerals were held for most of the eight victims – six civilians and two soldiers – of Thursday’s militant onslaught near Israel’s popular Red Sea resort of Eilat”
      Who do we blame for the deaths? The perpetrators? Or those who respond. Personally, I want to see the death of innocent children, on either side, as much as you do or don’t. Is that good enough for you Deir Yassin? I am neither better or worse than you …

      Reply to Comment
    42. weinstein henry

      Be fair (I know, it’s very demanding), the question is not “Who is behind the Eilat terror attack?”, but “Which side decided to attack the other and break the truce”?

      Reply to Comment
    43. Bosko, it’s the kids who will be the real victims, as so often. Your vision of security is very short-term. Maybe another generation can live in Israel in relative peace with the protection of more and more weapons. But the real change is not Palestinian statehood, nor Arab Spring, it’s the changing economic powers in the world, and the advance of lethal technology.
      Treat your neighbours as human beings, that might save the future of your children. Treat criminals as criminals, stone-throwing boys as stone-throwing boys, but don’t punish innocent people for the only reason that they happen to be in the same prison.

      Reply to Comment
    44. Deïr Yassin

      Lia Tarachansky has an interview with Avital Leibowitz. Apparently Bibi and the army do not agree on who was behind the attack. Acoording to Bibi it’s the Popular Resistance Committee, they were the primary targets of the first bombing, but according to the IDF spokewomen, all Israel knows is that “they came from Gaza”.
      That is also questioned by the Real News.
      One thing is sure: three children have been killed “in retaliation”: the ‘price tag’ that Ehud Barak mentioned, I guess.
      I wonder how the IDF – not knowing who was behind the attack – could bomb the house of a PRC member, killing his two years old son. Does that mean the army recognize they bomb randomly ? That’s the definition of “terrorism”, I think.
      Yossi Gurvitz is interviewed at the end.

      Reply to Comment
    45. The ongoing politics of the latest atrocity serves the warrior idiocy on all sides. Meantime, the invisible hand of the global military/industrial/financial juggernaut trundles us all towards nuclear evaporation, as someone stated, in the name of the ‘territorial imperative’.
      Territory being inclusive of global resources, common human heritage, being corporatised into cartels of atavistic mental-midgits, with the ethical characteristics of miserly squirrels.Shalom.
      Get human, get species-identified.

      Reply to Comment
    46. James the Israeli

      Joseph (or Dana? ), do you really believe that Arabs officials were say : “we did it”? If yes – you are stupid, if not – who are you? This Friday arabs in uniform of Egypt police killed a family of my friend on the way to a summer vacation. And you wish we will suffer it?
      Gava rulers officially denied the Oslo agreements that, de jure, means “casus belli”. So, a la guerre comme a la guerre.
      Poor Gaza? Oh boy! Look this pictures: http://www.tomgrossmedia.com/mideastdispatches/archives/001127.html. They con the world to get money of taxpayers from around the world.
      If you truly care about human life explain to people what it means ” Tseva adom”. Children in Sderot have only 15 sec to run for cover(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceb28sWxUx8&feature=related).
      Who those who does not know but wants to know: 20,000 civilians in Sderot got up to 100 missles a day. It’s like 37,500 missles a day for London or 50,000 for New Your. Every day!!! Who of you believe the US or UK government would suffer it? So answer truly, why do you think that the people of Israel must suffer it?
      BTW, during last day the airforces of Turkey made 20 attacks against targets in Iraq, US continue to kill people in Afganistan and NATO in Lybia. Why we don’t hear your voice against this?

      Reply to Comment
    47. Bosko

      @Engelbert – “Bosko, it’s the kids who will be the real victims …”
      I don’t disagree. But what do you want us to do? Leave ourselves to the tender mercies of Hamas? Or whichever faction which has similar aims as Hamas?
      You know what? That won’t work for us. I agree that hitting back does not solve the problems either. It just mitigates the problem for us till they come to their senses and accept our existence on a very tiny patch of the land and settle for the very very large patch of land that they have in the Middle East as well as North Africa.
      Actually, do you want me to tell you a secret that I know in my heart? This conflict is not really about land as far as the Arab nation is concerned how could it be? They have so much of it already). It is about their pride. So my suggestion to you, my friend, is that if you really are serious about saving children, then you should at the least try to use whatever persuasive powers you have to prevail on the Arab people to see reason and end this hopeless war before it is too late because we have nowhere else to go and we intend to stay. I will stop here although I have plenty more to say …

      Reply to Comment
    48. opus diablos

      ‘..see reason…because we have nowhere else to go and we intend to stay.’
      While you are seeing reason, Bosko, might I ask you to consider that the Palestinian people your Israel has displaced can make the identical claim of nowhere else to go, unless you wish them to repeat your crimes and displace some other innocent population. Your compound identity of all Arabs as a unit is delusionary.It is equivelant of telling any American, after you, occupy his home, that he has plenty of goyim neighbours to move in with.
      It also, be reasonable, licences any homeless Israeli to displace YOU from ypour dwelling.Shalom.

      Reply to Comment
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