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Which American billionaire advocated transferring 'every last Palestinian?'

A friend of Netanyahu presents his own solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Nahum Barnea, one of Israel’s leading political and diplomatic correspondents, had an interesting item at the end of his weekly feature in Yedioth Ahronoth. The Hebrew version is at the end of this post; this is my translation:

A few years back, a known American billionaire, Sarah [Netanyahu’s] friend […], gathered a group of Israelis and gave them the following speech: “I hear that one Avigdor Lieberman is proposing land swaps with the Palestinians. What is this lefty thinking? We shouldn’t propose anything to them. Deport, that’s what is needed. Every last Palestinian.”

The prime minister has a tough, almost impossible mission: to satisfy [Secretary of State John] Kerry without upsetting his billionaire friend too much. Or the other way around: satisfy the billionaire without upsetting Kerry too much. Two Americans and one land of Israel.

This billionaire has a group of Israelis who [eat] out of the palm of his hand. When they suddenly and savagely attack Kerry, Netanyahu gets the message: today it’s Kerry; tomorrow it’s me.

Israel Hayom, Israel’s most widely read paper, is published at a considerable loss and distributed for free by Sheldon Adelson. The paper, which is known for its right-wing line and support of Netanyahu, featured a personal attack on Kerry as its top headline on Thursday. It cited anonymous cabinet sources who questioned the secretary of state’s understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian issue (“superficial”), called him “obsessive” and referred to his plan for the Jordan Valley as “ridiculous.”

An item by Nahum Barnea in Yedioth Ahronoth, Jan 10 2014

Sheldon Adelson’s pro-Netanyahu tabloid now the most widely read paper in Israel
Liberman: Citizenship annulment is a condition for peace

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    1. Danny

      Sheldon Adelson is perhaps the single most revolting specimen of the Jewish people, at least in the modern era. A man who made billions by exploiting vices and moral weaknesses, and then uses these ill-gotten billions to fund some of the most damaging, destructive elements in both the U.S. and Israel. A wonderful human being!

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    2. Rehmat

      I’m affraid, Nahum Barnea is trying to be nice to Avigdor Lieberman, a Zionist hawk. He has his own plan to get rid of the remaining Palestinians from Israel. He recently told John Kerry that he would not bless the two-state solution unless Palestinians recognize Israel a “Jewish State”. Once it’s done, it would be very easy for the future Israeli leaders to expel the Israeli Arabs by saying,”get the hell out of Jewish Israel, as you have your own Arab Palestine now”.

      There are several American “billionaires and millionaires” who blindly support Zionist narrative of Palestine including fat-cats sitting in the US Congress. Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Seth Klarman, etc. to name a few.

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    3. Khaled Khalid

      Sheldon Adelson is nothing more than a member of the Jewish Mafia, the Kosher Nostra.
      Middle Classed Jews would be well advised to keep their distance from Casino Pit Bosses like him.

      What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas – It reaches Israel.

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    4. tomer

      Sheldon Adelson is a wise Jew and powerful source of strength at this time in history. That’s why most Moslems and Self-hating Leftist Jews hate his guts.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Adam Dayton

      What’s wrong with deporting the Palestinians? The overwhelming majority of Palestinians are Muslim, and in Islam, banishing people is an acceptable practice. The Prophet Mohammad routinely deported entire Jewish communities. Muslims believe that the Prophet Mohammad’s example is unalterable. It makes no difference how many years has passed. If Allah wishes to set a different example, he will send another prophet. But he won’t, because Mohammad is the final prophet. The Quran and the Hadith trump the universal declaration of human rights (etc) for a true Muslim.

      Reply to Comment
      • Philos

        By routine, you mean twice? It’s nice to know you accept fictional characters and legends from other mythologies than your own but you need to work on your empathy, Gringo.

        Reply to Comment
        • Adam Dayton

          Fictional? All serious historical scholars accept that Mohammad existed.

          You seem to know very little of Islamic history, if you wish to say that only twice Jewish communities were expelled.

          Yes, I am a Gringo. I am white, you know, that race that invented literally everything on this planet including the computer you are using. What is your race?

          Reply to Comment
          • Danny

            “that race that invented literally everything on this planet”

            Except for algebra. You didn’t invent that. I wonder… who did invent algebra?

            You are a living, breathing proof that white people can be just as dumb and ignorant as the rest of them.

            Reply to Comment
          • Philos

            LOL! You can’t be serious. You’re just baiting now. However, I must point out that your limited intelligence and self-regard are shining through. After all, an intelligent fellow like yourself knows that there is no scholarly agreement on things that happened 50-years ago in history let alone ancient history. All serious historians would say that “in the balance of probabilities” Muhammad existed based on their interpretation of the available evidence, which is scant, but nothing definitive. Just like a few other fictional characters from the Old Testament and Jesus.

            I must also point out some glaring logical fallacies and cognitive dissonances. I thought you are part of the Jewish nation, people and race. Surely that diminishes your whiteness? Or, are Jews just the Khazar Ashkenasim and not the Mizrachim? The non-white Mizrachim being the majority ethnic group of Jewish Israelis in the country, which you love so much. You know, if a Jew from the time of the Second Temple were to sit next to you on an aeroplane you’d probably be calling for security because of his dark skin, hair and eyes.

            Anyway, Gringo, I am not going to tell you my “race.” By Gringo, I don’t mean “white”, I mean “white man”, “colonizer,” and “invader.” But, it might be confusing for you so I’ll revert to the local version. Go home Amerikakai, we have our homegrown racists to deal with and don’t need imports 🙂

            Reply to Comment
          • Adam Dayton

            Philos – I’d like to go back to a previous point you failed to address. You claimed that i exhibited cognitive dissonance in saying that the Palestinians in Israel had a right to self-determination but at the same time could not force their will upon another people to maintain union with them.

            Could you please provide me with a reputable citation demonstrating that self-determination, as the term has historically been used, privileges a people with unilaterally declare union with another people?

            No point in going onto other points until this previous point is resolved.

            I will say, regarding another point however, that my views correspond to the views of a majority of Israelis. You’re welcome to look at the polls for yourself. A majority of Israelis welcome my similar views and therefore welcome me to their country. Of course, because grand Ayotallah Philos wishes me to leave, I must leave. Of course, the infiltrators undesired by a majority of Israelis can stay. All hail supreme leader Philos.

            Reply to Comment
          • Philos

            Lol, that’s a pretty lame dodge. I dare you to go to Hadera and go stand on a soapbox spouting your ideas about the “white race.” Let’s see how much your views correspond with Israelis, lol.

            I’m not going to feed the deluded racist hasbara troll anymore. But please do continue to defend the Zionist enterprise, you’re doing a good job. Just don’t delude yourself into thinking you’re Israeli. You’re about as Israeli as Baruch Goldstein or Jack Teitel

            Reply to Comment
          • adam dayton

            Philo’s – dodge? Youre the one who refused to back up a point you made.

            In terms of my views, maybe my views on race don’t correspond completely to Israelis but my views on Arabs do for sure.

            Reply to Comment
          • JG

            “I am white, you know, that race that invented literally everything on this planet”

            Oh yeah, these “race” invented the stupid concept of “races” for humans in first place. Next invention was the Untermensch.
            I se you’re a great fan of sucjh Nazi-ideology conceots

            Reply to Comment
      • Rehmat

        Moshe, it looks you never read European history. Jewish communities were expelled from Europe for 108 times – longest from England – for 350 years.

        The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never expelled Muslim communities. They’re were deported to other Arabian places by the Rabbanical Courts for treason, which, unfortunately is not applied against the AIPAC in the US.

        Could I recommend you a book by your Jewish sister and historian, historian Tamam Kahn to understand prophet Muhammad?


        Reply to Comment
      • John Mackey

        Adam, Do you really want the rest of the world to loathe Israel? Instead, you could regain your status as a moral democracy created in 1948, Thanks to the United Nations & Harry S. Truman.

        Reply to Comment
      • What’s wrong with deporting Israeli Arab citizens? It was done to your people: never again.

        They are citizens, no different in law that any other citizen. They can abjure their citizenship, in many States even have it removed upon conviction of treason (not in the US), but to corporately strip a village of its citizenship, forcing them out of the country (even if their villages is simply attached to another State), without their consent, makes the citizen a tool for the State, not the State a tool of its citizens. Because the stripping is entertained for Arabs, primary entities are then racial and exist for the good of the race.

        And you know this, Adam.

        Reply to Comment
        • adam dayton

          Greg – if the Arabs can abjure themselves of citizenship then so can the Jews. They can “declare independence ” from Israel. Taking with them all the territory under their control as part of their “new” state.

          The Arabs will of course remain citizens of Israel 1; the Jews will now simply live in Israel 2.

          Reply to Comment
          • Cute, but no. Abjuring citizenship is an individual, not corporate act. If a Jew abjured his Israeli citizenship, he would as well abjure all resources of the State and all protections save those granted foreigners resident in the State. So Jews having abjured their citizenship would have nothing to take with them to form another State. The outcome you describe has no path. You’re left with expelling the unwanted, not forming a new club.

            Your are actually detailing civil war or expulsion. It happened in the US. After the 14th Amendment, it becomes impossible to split off from the US as defined in present law. This question reduces to whether the Knesset can corporately strip citizenship. As I have argued too many times already, you cannot protect rights if citizenship can be stripped. Since your Declaration of Independence guarantees equality of social and political rights, this implies, by the Declaration, citizenship is inviolable. Which I think is a pretty impressive thing. I don’t think Israel is getting the constitutional credit it deserves.

            So go off and form your new club. But, in law, your play toys stay where they are.

            Reply to Comment