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What would happen if Palestinian refugees could return?

One of the biggest remaining gaps between the Israeli and Palestinian positions has always been the fate of Palestinian refugees, millions of whom live in refugee camps across the region. So what happens when regular Palestinians and Israelis get together to talk about the fate of the refugees — in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square?

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    1. GSP

      “Palestinian refugee” is a simple misnomer. Under international law, there are “refugees” (unqualified), which would include only Palestinians who were alive in 1948. Then there are “Palestine refugees” (NOT “Palestinian”) which the UN defines as all descendants of those who left in 1948. The latter category, which aberrates from the general definition of “refugee” under international law, privileges Palestinians over all other refugees, and only exists because of the influence of Arab petrodollars. Sounds pretty woke huh?

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      • Bruce Gould

        @GSP: This is an example of what’s called “linguistic detoxification” – just by playing with words and definitions it’s possible to divert attention from reality.

        If the mini-Nakba of 1967 is counted, over a million human beings – call them Palestinians, call them Martians, it doesn’t matter – were kicked out of their homes and deported elsewhere.

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        • GSP

          @GSP – Straw man #465 from Bruce Gould. I am explaining what INTERNATIONAL LAW says about the phrase “Palestininan refugee” – i.e., that the term has no meaning under INTERNATIONAL LAW as applied to anyone born after 1948. +972 and BDS rely so heavily on INTERNATIONAL LAW in their arguments, and yet they use INTERNATIONAL LAW with 100% cynicism and pay absolutely no respect to what INTERNATIONAL LAW actually says. If what “matters” to you is something other than INTERNATIONAL LAW, then you should have no reason to respond to me in the first place. Because the subject of my post was INTERNATIONAL LAW. Good day.

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    2. Mark

      My congratulations to the makers of this film. It is very good for those of us practicing our Hebrew (or Arabic). The interviewees and narrators all spoke clear as a bell.

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    3. Lewis from Afula

      The so-called refugees will soon all be dead. The others have no rights, no history, no language, no capital, no borders nor any national memory. The best solution is for Israel to wait another few years and then expel the Jordanian population. Expelling Arab populations will soon become very popular in Europe in anycase.

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