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What if Israel is hit by an earthquake?

Considering Israel lies near the Syrian-African fault line, and has not suffered from an earthquake in a while, we should all be concerned about ill-preparedness. Israel’s recent experience with a natural disaster (tragic, although milder than what happened in Japan) showed the terrible consequences of erosion in public services. And even the most obvious lessons have not been learned (Hebrew). Whether in preparation for disaster or for war, civilian lives remain unprotected in Israel.

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    1. Righteous Gangsters

      Wait. I don’t get it.

      Are you hoping to PREVENT the destruction of Israel??!!??

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    2. directrob

      Given the quality of Palestinian housing in the West Bank and given the magnitude of historic earthquakes it probably would be a second nakba (archeology in the Jordan valley shows it happened before). If the Israeli nuclear installations are less solid than expected it would also require Israeli to find a new homeland.

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    3. Y.

      Perhaps this map[1] might be useful. It shows the PGA factor for the country. The Jordan valley and Golan seem to be most vulnerable, but the West Bank isn’t much better. The only good news is that most of the coastal strip is better off.


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