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What do Palestinians think of the Green Line?

In the last episode, Rami Younis explored how the Green Line has been effectively erased from the Israeli education system and what that means for the next generation of Israelis. Now he sets out to hear what the Green Lines means for Palestinians.

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    1. the arabs should be satisified with where they are living now and have piece
      its not like we the (jews) want to conquer syria, jordan and lebanon
      we can do it if we want, but we don’t have big eyes like our neighbors in gaza.

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    2. Lewis from Afula

      The psuedo-Jordanians who currently call themselves “fakestinians” do not believe in the Green Line. They want to convert Israel to a Sharia State run by Hamas.
      That is the truth.
      Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

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      • Ben

        Even if the silliness you spout were true, why would it matter? If the Palestinians actually had a state via a truly fair and decent two state solution, arrived at in good faith, that development would suck ALL the air out of the extremists. Israel actually knows this. Israel secretly loves and nurtures the Hamas, which Israel created as a divide and conquer mechanism, like a pet pit bull on a leash, for the excuse it provides it to continue it’s colonial project. The last thing Bibi’s Israel actually wants to do is cut off the oxygen supply to the extremists on the other side. Israel never does anything honest when it comes to the occupation. This is obvious.

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        • JeffB


          Funny you never apply this in reverse and talk about how if the Palestinians put forward an offer that Israelis were likely to accept for peace and made serious concessions it would suck the oxygen out of the collapse of the Israeli left. You believe the Israelis are unconditionally cruel while Palestinians are merely reacting. What about considering both sides to have agency in their own actions and have those actions be a result of strategy?

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          • Ben

            False assumptions lurk here. They have nothing left to give and cannot put forward an offer that Israelis would accept. They have made all the serious “concessions” possible. With every one they make Israel shifts the goal posts.

            ‘Peres’ answer was surprisingly candid: “Nobody is compelling us or forcing us to take part in these negotiations. The Palestinians have nothing to give us. They don’t have land and they don’t have any authority and they don’t have an army. The way I see it, it’s a negotiation that Israel is having with itself.”’

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