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WATCH: What life looks like in an unrecognized Bedouin village

Approximately 90,000 Bedouin live in “unrecognized villages” spread across Israel’s Negev Desert. Because the Israeli government refuses to recognize them, they receive no municipal services, such as connection to the electrical grid, water mains or trash pickup, and are constantly at risk of demolition. Maryam Tarabin, the head of Umm al-Hiran‘s Women’s Committee, speaks about the discrimination facing Israel’s Bedouin population on a daily basis.

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    1. Jan

      If they were Jewish instead of being Bedouin they would not be treated like this. The Israelis want the Bedouin out of their traditional areas so that they can build Jewish only villages where Bedouin will not be welcomed even though they are Israeli citizens.

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    2. s davis

      What about the discrimination against her as a woman in her own group? The picture says it all.

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