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WATCH: What is Israel really doing for LGBTQ rights?

Much fanfare accompanies the Knesset’s annual LGBTQ rights day. But this year, as last year, the event coincided with a raft of LGBTQ rights legislation being shot down.

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    1. carmen

      If we all join together under one umbrella, that being human rights and equality for all – palestinians, arab israelis, mizrahim, ethiopians, women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans, does that diminish the specific issues of each group, or would strength in numbers ultimately achieve the goal of equality and freedom? Unity = strength.

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      • Lewis from Afula

        Yes, everyone needs to join together.
        Leftists dedicated to LGTBQ Rights, feminism and minorities TOGETHER with Islam dedicated to the same thing.

        How’s that strategy working in Europe?
        Why is the French Army now patrolling the streets of Paris?
        Why is Sweden now starting to draft its young men for Army service?

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        • carmen

          the distraction mobile has arrived with lewis from afula today’s designated driver.

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          • Lewis from Afula

            Yes, Carmen everything is going fine and dandy in Europe now.
            No month-long riots in the Streets of Paris.
            No bombings and multiple gang rapes in Germany
            No nightly arson, knifing attacks and stolen police cars in Sweden.

            We won’t mention the religion of 99% of the criminals and plug our ears and sing to ourselves LALALA…LALALA… and stick our SJW paradigm.

            The French army is on the Paris Streets for the 1st time since WW2. Sweden is facing multiple rapes,

            Reply to Comment
          • carmen

            Sorry Lewis, I meant you’re today’s conductor of the fake news train.

            Reply to Comment
          • Lewis from Afula

            Trouble in Europe is FAKE NEWS????
            Its you listening to fake news with all your crazy, feminist, “everyone is fine” propaganda. You need to stop listening to all your usual news sources and OPEN YOUR EYES.

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