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WATCH: What do Israelis think being a Zionist means?

In the run-up to general elections, the Labor party and Tzipi Livni’s ‘Hatnuah’ united to run on a joint list called ‘The Zionist Camp.’ But what does being a Zionist mean in today’s Israel? Social TV took to the streets to ask regular Israelis just what it means to them.

Election analysis: A shared Netanyahu-Herzog government?
Who says Palestinians don’t have a vote in Israeli elections?

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    1. Mikesailor

      Juden, Juden uber alles? Even the one Israeli basically says the same.

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    2. Gustav

      You are a hater, a Nazi and a fuckwit, Mikey.

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    3. Mikesailor

      Where am I wrong, Gussie? An ethnocracy by any other name would reek as much, wouldn’t it? Transpose “Jew” for “Aryan”; “settlements” for “Liebensraum”; and “Palestinian” for “Untermenschen”; and guess what? You have the unabridged Zionist dictionary (2nd edition).

      Reply to Comment
    4. Gustav

      You are wrong on every count you racist Nazi pig, yes you Mikey.

      You are talking about a Jewish ethnocracy because we want a Jewish majority state? You are saying that such a state automatically deems non Jews as second class citizens? Are you listening to yourself?

      If you apply that logic to us then by that logic, all Arab majority states are ethnocracies and all non Arabs are second class citizens.

      Moreover, in all places where Jews are minorities, we are second class citizens.

      Last but not least, it is obscene how you try to make us feel guilty for wanting to be a majority in one country on this earth. Do you know why that is Mikey? Well, I’ll tell you anyways: because of racist pigs like you. For 2000 years people like you vilified, hated us, persecuted and oppressed us because we were a vulnerable minority and you could. And look what it led to. It led to 6 million of us having been murdered by Nazis like you. That is what you miss and that is what you want to turn the clock back to. But you won’t succeed!

      Now, just one last prediction, you scumbag. You will now deny that the holocaust took place. You already did in the past and I have no doubt that you are about to do it again you cheap little Nazi, aren’t you?!

      Reply to Comment
    5. Mikesailor

      No Gussie, I’m saying you do that already. And the distraction of trying to compare yourself to other countries is laughable albeit pathetic. Why did Shin Bet announce a few years ago that anyone using legal means to change the nature of a “Jewish” state would be considered an “enemy”? Why are you son concerned with having the Palestinians acknowledge Israel as a “Jewish” state when no other country has been asked, or will, make such a designation? As to your vaunted “history” of persecution, that is truly the last refuge of a scoundrel. That makes it all right to steal, brutalize, humiliate, maim, kill and incarcerate using a double standard where all Jews are deemed innocent and all Palestinians non-persons and therefore … what? Infiltrators? Terrorists? You can stick it in your ear, Gussie. Nothing excuses present and past actions in history. And especially your persistent whining that somehow everyone owes you a special dispensation. Did the Palestinians persecute their Jewish neighbors prior to the invasion of European interlopers? Not at all. So, why should they pay for even the a-historical sins supposedly committed by others? Or are Palestinian non-Jews the same as European non-Jews and therefore whatever happens to them is somehow deserved? You can call me whatever you want, Gussie. I consider the source and wear it proudly.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Gustav

      Why am I so concerned that Palestinians must recognize us as a Jewish state?

      Easy peasy, Japanese, Mikey. Because they need to specifically show that they are now willing to reverse their old policy of rejecting the Jewish state. Only then can we believe them that they at long last will agree to live in peace along side us.

      No one else recognized us as the Jewish state you say Mikey? You are lying again, through your teeth as usual. The UN specifically referred to the Jewish state in it’s UN resolution 181 in 1948. Go read the text, my ignorant Nazi friend.

      You say that the Palestinian Arabs did not persecute Jews? Only Europeans did? Another lie of yours. Go read what none other than Karl Marx wrote in an article in the New York Herald Tribune in 1854. He described the Jews of Jerusalem (who were the majority of Jerusalem’s population, by the way but you would not be interested in that, would you?), he described the Jews a oppressed by the Muslims. So much for your historical revisionism Mikey.

      As for special dispensation? No, we don’t need it. But we DO insist that we should not be treated worse than anyone else. That is the bit that racists like you resent. Because you don’t want to see our status changed to that of normal human beings. You want to keep us as the old scape goats for all the world’s troubles so that you can kick us everytime you are frustrated about your petty little life. Old habits die hard, ey, mikey?

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