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WATCH: US admits Israelis more important than Americans

This video has to be the epitome of embarrassment. I was squirming in my chair when I watched the AP reporter grill this poor woman, sent out into the cold by her boss Hillary Clinton, in an attempt to defend the impossible: withholding U.S. funds to UNESCO.

I mean, come on, let’s face it. When it came to crunch time, when the U.S. had to decide whose interests are more important – it chose Israel over itself.

For example, as M.J. Rosenberg points out, Californians might want to make sure they live on higher ground:

As Wirth explains, UNESCO “leads global efforts to bring clean water to the poor, promotes educational and curriculum building in the developing world, and manages a tsunami early warning system in the Pacific, among other important tasks. This critical work would be jeopardized if UNESCO’s top funder stops paying its bills.”
So, when the waves start crashing on Santa Cruz, and you guys didn’t know about it – remember those bastards at UNESCO who dared to give Palestine a seat. It was worth it glug glug glug gluggggg!”

Oh, and let’s not forget the other juicy stuff:

According to Politico‘s Jonathan Allen, the funding cut would have a damaging effect on “American tech companies — such as Apple, Google and Microsoft — and movie studios that use UNESCO to open markets in the developing world and rely upon an associated entity, the World Intellectual Property Organization, to police international disputes over music, movies and software.”

Potentially, the damage can be much, much worse if Palestine seeks and gains recognition from such other critical U.N. entities as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The IAEA is the agency that the U.S. government has relied on to restrain nuclear weapon development (and proliferation) by Iran, North Korea, and others. The WHO works with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta to protect us from potential pandemics like the avian flu.

Heck, if I were in the States now, I’d be fine with this. I don’t care if it means we won’t be able to monitor Iran’s nukes closer, or maybe make my family in the U.S. more susceptible to disease. Screw that.

You gotta keep your eye on the prize. And the prize is keeping American integrity.

The Law says we have to cut the funds. We cut the funds. Nothing else matters.


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    1. Mikesailor

      It is amazing that the American so-called ‘free’ mass media is conspicuously silent about the ramifications of the US actions ‘punishing’ UNESCO and the UN for having the temerity to exercise their discretion democratically. 107 to 14 with the 14 being Israel, Germany the US and whoever else was either blackmailed or paid off. Kudos to UNESCO for having the intestinal foritude to tell the US they will no longer submit to institutional blackmail. And a loud raspberry to the US for being too gutless to tell the truth to their own citizenry.

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    2. Henry Weinstein

      And the Israeli government thanks the US government by announcing the construction of another 2000 new homes in settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem… Very constructive move, unlike the ” regrettable, premature” vote by 107 countries, which “undermines” so much the possibility of “direct negociations”.
      Public relations, the Israeli Way.
      Next: the Wall as World Heritage Site?
      Must be the best Halloween of the decade: the US veto, Israel saying F… you to the US and 107 countries… and it’s not over.

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    3. aristeides

      Mikesailor – to mention these things brings down accusations of antisemitism and “Jew-baiting.” The media are cowards.

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    4. RichardNYC

      Good call. What MIKESAILOR said is also Jew-baiting, since the implication is that Jews don’t get their way without blackmailing, bribing, or otherwise being evil and corrupt. However, it is not quite as bad as alleging that the US government is “Israel-controlled.” Being anti-semitic does bring those accusations its true. Interestingly, Ami has written a whole piece about this that touches all the relevant points without implying nasty things about Jews. Hence, you are wrong.
      It is actually possible for Jews to get what they want without engaging in evil deeds. Shocking right?

      Reply to Comment
    5. Dayag

      Palestine is not yet an independent country and should not have been admitted to UNESCO at this time.

      The countries that voted in favor of their membership in UNESCO knew that U.S. law would force a loss of 22% of their budget. They are totally responsible for any problems that are caused by this.

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    6. AT

      This whole debate just shows how self-centered both Israelis & Palestinians are. This bill was passed years ago at the behest of the Israeli lobby not because”Jews control congress” but because it was an easy vote by Congress people on both sides of the aisle. It helped bring in Israel lobby funding and please most US citizens the vast majority of which hate the UN passionately. The negative effects are too complex for tehaverage US citizen to notice or care about. This vote was pure win-win in political terms while being a deep expression of the narcissism of the Israel lobby,

      On the flip side, there is no way in the world that Obama will expend any political capital trying to convince Congress to repeal this law. There are far more important things he is fighting (and losing on) and besides UN hatred is just as strong these days if not stronger. The Palestinians pressed for this knowing it’s going to have a negative impact on UNESCO funding that no one is going to make up (will those 107 countries that voted yes step up now — hmmm, don’t think so). The practical benefit to the Palestinians is zilch. Hence they are equally narcissistic.

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    7. Henry Weinstein

      So 107 countries voted for Palestine membership at UNESCO, 14 against.
      Then US (followed by Canada) cuts its UNESCO funding saying Palestine membership at UNESCO isn’t a constructive move for “direct negociations” with Israel.
      Why? Is UNESCO a terror organization?
      And what Israel do to thank his supporters?
      A constructive move: build another 2000 new homes in settlements in the Left Bank and annexed East-Jerusalem.
      F… you World, F… you USA.
      Next week USA, we’ll announce we froze temporarily settlements building, be happy.
      So it seems Israel is the leading superpower on earth with the little help of his American satellite.
      And the world, even American citizens AT, will take notice of that, because all good people on earth know UNESCO is doing an effective job, unlike UN.
      And yes, it will ignite antisemitism.

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    8. This is silly, people. US law forces this action. The Republican Congress, with Tea Party believers, will not change law on this point. There is no Presidential policy revealed here. If Obama makes this an internal issue he will just lose votes. And fail to change the law in any case. The House is looking inward–much as is Israel.
      “It is actually possible for Jews to get what they want without engaging in evil deeds. Shocking right?”
      –You don’t own all Jews. Nor does Israel. No one does. An American who has to defend everything the US does isn’t worth attention. It’s puerile.
      Do you actually think the endorphins you all release through petty attacks make a difference to any but yourselves?

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    9. Philos

      It’s quite clear that the only solution is to do what the Roman’s did. Expand US citizenship and allow members of Congress from the American provinces of Europe, North America and Australia. Then the average American would get a more sane and efficient Congress. The average American citizen can no longer be relied upon to elect responsible adults to govern the global hegemony upon which the peace and prosperity of all its provinces depend.

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    10. Borg

      I for one, applaud the decision to cut funds to UNESCO, and wouldnt mind if the US defunds its share of other UN associations. Under WHO, polio has spread in a belt from Nigeria to Yemen, based upon lectures from imams that the polio vaccine is designed to cause infertility. Under El Baradei, Iran has made major strides in preparing nuclear weapons. Let the Iranians make up for the lack of US funding, being the humanitarians that they are. Perhaps it will mean less funding for Hezbollah

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    11. aristeides

      The fact that a lobby representing a foreign power can legislate at will in the US Congress is the real problem for Americans. It’s more than simply an expression of the narcissism of the lobby, it’s proof of the subservience of Congress to the lobby.

      And this press conference is proof that the subservience also extends to the executive branch of the government.

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    12. Edithann

      @ RichardNYC
      ‘It is actually possible for Jews to get what they want without engaging in evil deeds’. Shocking right?

      No it’s not possible, Israel itself proves that point and it continues to prove it every day.
      Shocking right?!!

      On the money old man. The US is as occupied as Palestine.


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    13. Ex Israeli

      And why isn’t her boss is in jail right now?
      Because judges are in the pocket as well.
      Not much more is needed to see the situation for what it is … this is getting more pathetic by the day.
      She has many more speaches like that ready.
      (For example the one about Iran). Criminals!

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