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WATCH: The Palestinian village of Susya – a glance from within

Repeated demolition attempts by the army and right-wing groups are threatening to destroy the Palestinian village of Susya. “Thus shall it be done to the people whom the state does not delighteth to honor,” (but is delighted to get a hold on their land). This is Susya’s story.

Israel Social TV is an independent media NGO working to promote social change, human rights, social justice and equality, and to mobilize its viewers towards activism.

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    1. Expulsion for archeological research is just another form of ethnic purity. People have been replaced with symbols. What will happen when there is no one left to expell? You turn on yourselves.

      I am not one to decry all things Zionist. I adhere to Israel’s Declaration of Independence, which insures the free ingess of Jews into Israel proper. But it does not insure the callous disregard of other lived life. I see God reforming as nationalist enterprise, and I will have no part of that.

      If, when violence flares anew, remember that stories like this backlog in memory. Perhaps memory has been enslaved to retribution everywhere.

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