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WATCH: The new, fresh and inspiring politics of Merav Michaeli

I was never a big fan of Merav Michaeli during her showbiz career. But I have to admit: over the past two years, since her writing in Haaretz and political career began – I’ve been hooked.

Now, as a newly elected Labor MK, she has the chance to live up to the high expectations many have of her. Yair Lapid, who promised his voters “new politics” but instead gave them cooperation with Naftali Bennett’s right-wing Jewish Home party, could learn a bit about the real change that is needed in this place from Michaeli’s inaugural speech in the Knesset last week.

As opposed to 2009, and with a somewhat reality show kind of feel, the post-election inaugural speeches by the new MKs have been all over social media – as if we’re being presented with the new contestants of this season.

For me, out of all these speeches, Michaeli’s stood out clearly. She addresses in 10 minutes some of the major ills of Israeli society (the “victim” syndrome, the security budget, exclusion of women and more), and also manages to mock the “sharing the burden” farce that Lapid has put at the top of his political agenda.

I’m not a Labor supporter, but if Michaeli proves to be as good a lawmaker as she is a speaker and writer, and if she happens to change her sick, old and irrelevant party from within – I’ll be one happy camper.

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    1. Shelly

      That was an exceptional speech and translation. Feminism, but not harsh feminism. Criticism of those on both sides of the conflict. A plea to finally end forever branding ourselves as victims and yet not forget the past. Like you, I am hoping we see and hear more and more of Merav Michaeli.

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    2. Zephon

      I do believe I am listening to the voices of my ancestors through this woman. I have never been so inspired in my life. She literally is the evolved ultimate primate in a zoo full of retrogressive backwards imbecilic chimpanzees.

      There is no monkey logic here whatsoever only pure HUMAN LOGIC! Oh please let her be genuine I will name my first born after her if she is!

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    3. Eugene

      Great, but unfortunately, as the pictures of Tzipi Livni remind us, far from all women share Merav’s attitude so strongly.. I’d love to hear practical ideas from her.

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    4. Noevil9

      Maybe there is hope after all, as long as we still find some voices of common sense and logic in the israeli society. As rear as they might be, but there surfacing to the Knesset seats is a good sign. Her mentioning of the Victimhood syndrome,is one of the most important issues that Jewish mentality needs to deal with. I am not just speaking about Israel but in the Diaspora too. The isolationist attitude, that the Jews have adopted,for good reason or not, is a dead end road to disaster, that have to be addressed, and she touched on it in her speech. The us against them method will only lead as it has shown till now to more isolation and ultimately discrimination and anti semitism. We can’t keep persecuting others to remember our persecuted past. This type of a vicious circle is doomed.

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