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WATCH: The feminist struggle for peace in Israel-Palestine

No woman is free until all women are free. That is the essence of the feminist concept, ‘the personal is political.’ But can feminist discourse lodge itself into the political discourse, and not only on International Women’s Day? A special SocialTV feature on the practices of solidarity, non-violent struggle, striving for peace and ending the occupation.

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    1. Pedro X

      So where were the Palestinian feminist marches for peace in Rafah, Beit Hanoun, Jericho, Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, TulKarem and Qalqilya? Why are they not demanding that the PA disarm Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist organizations in Palestinian society? The answer is simple, either there are no Palestinian feminists in those cities or if there are, they support violence and terrorism. PSR polls by Palestinians about Palestinians continually tell us that Palestinians, both men and women, chose violence as their number one choice to achieve their goals in the conflict with Israel.

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      • Y-Man

        Israel killed 500 children in Gaza last summer. Both sides choose violence– one side is A LOT better at it.

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    2. Way to go ! The future is yours !

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