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[WATCH] The Druze in Israel: Resisting conscription (part 4)

According to the mainstream Israeli narrative the Druze population in Israel is loyal to and maintains an alliance with the state, the most famous element of which includes mandatory military service. But is that really the whole story? The fourth part of this series looks at a new movement of young Druze women and men who challenging both the state and their predecessors by refusing to join the army.

Watch parts one (‘A history lesson‘), two (‘Land expropriation‘) and three (‘Appropriating identity‘) of this series.

Druze conscientious objector Omar Sa’ad released from military service
Activists show solidarity with latest Druze conscientious objector

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    1. Whiplash

      Social TV and 972 keep trying to ride a dead horse. The Druze are loyal to Israel except for a few confused younglings who think they are Palestinian. If psycho-analysis will not work for these young people who think they are Palestinians, a bus ticket to Gaza and a burka should do the trick.

      Reply to Comment
      • Baladi Akka 1948

        Not as confused as Ashkenazi Jews who think they’re indigenous to the Middle East, though …

        Reply to Comment
        • Sluggo

          So, are you OK with Israel being the national home of Mizrahi Jews?

          Reply to Comment
          • The Trespasser

            I hope you do not actually expect a honest answer from anyone who associates him- or herself with an invented people…

            Reply to Comment
    2. Sluggo

      Silly. This population has a higher enlistment rate than Israeli Jews. What sort of,standard is the author holding the Druze community too? They can have dissenters and still be considered a community that is loyal to Israel.

      Reply to Comment