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[WATCH] The Druze in Israel: Appropriating identity (part 3)

According to the mainstream Israeli narrative the Druze population in Israel is loyal to and maintains an alliance with the state, the most famous element of which includes mandatory military service. But is that really the whole story? The third part of this series looks at Druze identity and its variations: from Palestinian to Israeli.

Watch parts one (‘A history lesson‘) and two (‘Land expropriation‘) of this series.

Druze conscientious objector Omar Sa’ad released from military service
Activists show solidarity with latest Druze conscientious objector

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    1. Pedro X

      More or less the same propaganda put forth by this NGO which is principally funded by foreign foundations and not by Israelis. It would be trite to say that Social TV is a fringe group with fringe views. Not long ago Social TV ran a piece against the food giant McDonalds accusing it of perpetrating a holocaust against 6 million animals every twenty minutes “transported by death trains to their slaughter.” One interviewee says that the killing of animals is the same as the killing in the Holocaust. Of course these are fringe views of few Israelis to whom Social TV gives a voice.

      Primarily Social TV gives a voice to fringe views in the Druze community pretending that they represent the majority. The fact is that a majority of the Druze view themselves as Druze who are part of the Israeli state. They have a higher enlistment rate into the Israeli army (85%) than that of the Jewish population of Israel. They do not see themselves as Palestinians.

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      • un2here

        And who in Israel is not funded by foreigners?

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      • victor Friedlander

        To the best of my experience the Druze have been and are to this day an independent ethnic and religious community in the Levant. The mother tongue of the Druze is Arabic and the great majority are members of a religious denomination, a branch of Ismaili Islam. Historically, they are hardly Palestinian, their ethnical and to no small degree,their social and political allegiances are with the Druze communities in Syria and Lebanon. A law that limits the rights of Israel’s citizens to self-definition to Jews alone is certain to alienate those non-Jewish ethnic groups that have a strong sense of their own identity, and that, of course, is particularly the case with the Druze of Israel. Your comment regarding the makers and financiers of the video is irrelevant here; a denial of what is developing into a critical issue proceeding from the efforts of the current govt. of Israel to remake Israel as a “purely” Jewish state.

        Reply to Comment
      • Sluggo

        The finders of social tv wish to cause Israel harm. Is that distinction sufficient enough for you?

        Reply to Comment
    2. The fact is you’re only point is obfuscation. Ka-ching again! You don’t speak for Druzim.

      Reply to Comment
      • Sluggo

        And you cut and paste from propaganda sites. Blinded by fear and hate. Your pretend Israeli daughter is ashamed

        Reply to Comment
    3. Whiplash

      Druze in their own voices:

      Druze spiritual leader Sheikh Moafaq Tarif said that many Druze serve in the Israeli security forces and work on a daily basis to eliminate terror risks for Israel. “We are proud of our sons who fearlessly fight against terror attacks,” he said

      “Your destiny is our destiny, and the hope for a quick release brings you and us together. I cannot imagine where your thoughts have gone since this terrible experience began last week, but rest assured that with your strength, and tremendous faith, you will soon hug your children,” the sheikh wrote.

      “As the leader of the Druze community, I want to give you strength in the face of this violent criminal act of terrorism, as there is no other way to define this,” he added.

      “I know that the best combat soldiers and commanders of the Druze community have made every effort to locate the children and capture the kidnappers. This is our opportunity as a Druze minority in Israel to express solidarity with you and with security forces and the country.

      “The entire Druze community prays for the release of the children and stands by you for any request or need.”

      “It is a black day for Israeli society and the state of Israel when citizens are murdered for being Jewish,” said Tarif. “The Druze people condemn this disgusting act of terror in which Palestinian terrorists slaughtered and massacred innocent citizens. We cannot allow the citizens of this country to be murdered on a daily basis.”

      Dr. Fawaz Kamal, the director of the Arabic department at Israel’s Government Press Office:

      “We have been serving in the Israeli military since the establishment of the Israeli state,” … “That’s why Israeli Arabs look at us as traitors.”

      Sheikh Muwafak Tarif :

      “we welcome in the name of the entire people this brave step and the minister’s decision to expand the Nabi Shuayb site and transfer responsibility for it to the Druze people,” he said. “This is another bridge that will strengthen the alliance between the Jewish people and the Druze people.”

      Ayub Kara, a Druze leader who served as a deputy minister in the Israeli Knesset:

      “The Muslim Arabs killed my uncle in 1939 in a raid on Acre because he was cooperating with the Jews, and in 1947, I lost another uncle,” said Kara, noting that more than 85% of young Druze men serve in the Israeli military”

      “Druze know the past of what happened here,” said Kara. “The Muslims killed millions of Druze throughout the Middle East. We’re afraid. So because of that we need a state that gives us respect, security and democracy.”

      “Since the establishment of the Israeli state, we’ve become more independent and established as a religious sect,” “We have our own religious courts, our children learn our traditions at schools, and our men serve successful careers in the Israeli military.”

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      • Joel

        “The Muslims killed millions of Druze throughout the Middle East”

        That’s a new one on me.

        Reply to Comment
      • Saba

        Well its just politcal PR spinning, they (the Druze ‘Sheikh’) would brown nose whatever government was ruling over the land in an attempt to get their community recognised and protected to a certain extent – as would ANY minority community leader.

        Lets not forget here for a second that if the Israeli knesset had its way it would absolutely rid the entire land of any non-Jewish identity and Judaise the whole place. That is the fundamental belief of those in Israeli society and Knesset and Zionism; that Jews are the ‘chosen people’ and therefore have a right to the land above anyone else.

        Israel is only bound by secular laws which ‘protect’ minorities in principle because it is so heavily funded by Western allies. Of course in reality all sort of discrimination takes place, because the bottom line is that Jews, particularly those of European background, have more privileges than anyone else in Israel.

        Reply to Comment
      • Marie

        There are a lot of minorities and even Palestinians citizens of Israel who are very well ‘integrated’ in ‘Israeli life’ also. This doesn’t mean they love their oppressors though, or that they enjoy being seen/treated as second class citizens by their colonisers… they just have to get on with their education and careers despite the circumstances theyre in.

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