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[WATCH] Street Talk: Is Jerusalem divided or united?

Forty-eight years since Israel conquered East Jerusalem and declared the city unified, Social TV took to the streets of Tel Aviv to ask regular folks what they think. You might be surprised by what they had to say.

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    1. Pedro X

      You think they would have asked people from Jerusalem this question.

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    2. Ben

      U.S. court invalidates law that let Jerusalem-born citizens list Israel on passports
      Ruling considered a victory for the Obama administration who says Congress encroached on president’s power in passing law; Palestinians say ruling ‘a clear message that Israel occupies East Jerusalem.’

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      • Gustav

        In not much more than 12 months, Obama will be part of history. And most Americans won’t remember him fondly. Look what a mess he has made of the Middle East. When he came to power, Iraq was nearly peaceful. Now we have radical Islam in Iraq, Syria, Lybia and we almost ended up with it even in Egypt. Your Obama buddy is as bad as Your Carter buddy who let the Ayatolahs of Iran take over. And your Obama buddy is now in the process of letting them arm themselves with nuclear weapons.

        Nice going, Obama. Not!!!

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