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WATCH: Spotlight on torture in Israel

In honor of International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Israel Social TV prepared a special edition in cooperation with the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel. Watch to learn about methods of physical and psychological torture that are common in Israel and the impunity enjoyed by perpetrators.


High Court upholds flawed procedure on torture investigations
Knesset extends legislation that facilitates torture

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    1. The US is Federal, so there is an independent policing system for violations of police behavior in the FBI or Justice Department under the Civil Rights Act. I live in Phoenix, AZ; the county sheriff is presently under civil suit in Federal court over his treatment of inmates, including, over the years, a few deaths and physical maimings. But it has taken well over a decade for the Federal government to sue in the courts; trial is pending. The State of Arizona did nothing, save for a couple of personal law suits brought in the state court.
      As far as I have seen, Israel has no truly autonomous entity which acts as a watchdog on police/military, and the High Court seems unwilling to intervene directly, saying “all routes must be exhausted.” But the suspect agency can simply create a “route” and claim is worked, releasing the Court from any obligation to act on its own.
      I do not think the history of civil rights in the US would have gone so well without a distinct, autonomous Federal government which could intervene, under constitutional law, against actions in various states. Nor do I think, even with this structure, would civil rights gone as well if all states exhibited the same high degree of abuses as in some Southern states.
      Israel does not have a natural structure for oversight, and I do not see how the courts, if willing, could create one. The problem is, partly, structural. Which solves nothing.

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