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WATCH: Soldiers protect settlers attacking West Bank village

Following the horrific terror attack in Jerusalem, IDF soldiers escort masked settlers as they pelt the village of Urif with stones.

A group of about 50 — mostly masked — settlers from Yitzhar attacked Palestinians in the West Bank village Urif on Tuesday night under the protection and escort of IDF soldiers, Israeli human rights NGO Yesh Din reported.

Video footage of the incident, which took place just hours after the horrific terror attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, clearly shows IDF soldiers not only doing nothing to stop the assault on Palestinians, but in fact guarding the settlers as they throw stones.

Some of the soldiers appear to fire crowd-dispersal weapons at young Palestinians who gathered on the edge of the village. A 13-year-old student from the village school was lightly wounded by a stone thrown at his head, according to Yesh Din.

In the video below, at minute 00:54, a masked Israeli settler can be seen hurling a stone in the direction of Palestinians, standing safely behind the soldiers, who look on.

Yesh Din, which has been monitoring the recently established Nationalistic Crimes Unit, an Israeli police unit meant to deal specifically with settler violence against Palestinians, found that in the two years since the unit’s establishment, the number of investigations that led to indictments has actually gone down. Since 2005, a mere 7.4 percent of investigation files led to indictments of Israeli civilians suspected of attacking Palestinians and their property.

According to the organization, Tuesday’s attack is just the latest example of the IDF’s failure to meet its obligation to protect Palestinian residents of the West Bank, which it is expected to do under international law as an occupying force.

“Once again we discover IDF soldiers failing to meet their obligation to protect Palestinians subjected to vicious attacks by settlers in their own backyards,” said attorney Emily Schaeffer Omer-Man, legal advisor to Yesh Din’s criminal accountability of Israeli security forces project.

“The disturbing video footage demands vigorous investigation and the immediate prosecution of the soldiers involved. An examination must also be carried out of whether the soldiers’ commanders bear liability for the conduct of their subordinates,” she added.

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    1. Felix Reichert

      In B4 the Hasbarists:

      It’s the Palestinians’ fault.
      They’re all terrorists, so it’s not okay for them to hurl stones at anyone.
      But if Jews do it, since Jews aren’t terrorists, it’s okay. So okay in fact, that they should be accompanied by trained soldiers of the IDF, the most moral army of the world ™.
      Those Palestinian terrorist in the video yelling “Allahu Akbar” should be thankful for not being shot in the head by the soldiers.
      But if a soldier would do so, it would of course also be the Palestinians’ fault.

      Probably it would be some Palestinian staging it all for Pallywood.

      Reply to Comment
      • Felix Reichert

        I forgot to mention Hamas…

        Reply to Comment
      • Brian

        Stormtrooper Tomer begs to differ. That’s not hasbara. That’s “true Jewish consciousness.”

        Reply to Comment
    2. Please follow this story. I hope there will be an investigation but am also aware that historically nothing happens to the settlers and the soldiers may receive 30 days with no schnitzel or Bamba.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Danny

      Nothing new here. The IDF has been the settlers’ army for decades. I would be shocked if a soldier ever attempted to stop a settler from attacking Palestinians.

      Reply to Comment
    4. mona

      Reminder palestinian children get shot for this

      Reply to Comment
    5. Uncle Eddie

      IDF defending the settlers! What a news flash. The IDF would be half it’s
      current size if weren’t for the settlers. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Aren’t stone throwers suppose to go to jail for up to 20 years? Oh, those laws are just for Palestinian stone throwers. Jews and settlers are exempt. And Israel whines when it’s accused of being an apartheid country.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Bryan

      So Hamas terrorists hide behind civilian shields; Zionist settler terrorists hide behind military shields; perhaps that is worse but it is also a hell of a lot safer, and no doubt explains why the casualty figures are so disproportionate.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Bryan

      An elementary definition of a democracy is a society subject to the rule of law and where that law is applied equally to all, irrespective of race, gender, religion or social status. QED ISRAEL IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. Let’s have no more of this silly nonsense – Israel is a failed state, with no right to exist (and assuredly in a just world its days are numbered)

      Reply to Comment
      • Avdim

        I must ask, out of curiosity, is there any other state that you consider to be a “failed state, with no right to exist?”

        I’m very curious, could you please just answer the question without referring to Israel? Bring several examples if you can.

        Reply to Comment
        • Bryan

          Willingly. Rights apply to human beings, not to abstract entities like states. No state has a right to exist and history is full of instances of states or regimes which have failed or have evolved into an entirely different configuration. Take the British Empire which miraculously expanded to include almost a quarter of the globe and on which the sun never set, and was based on the direct exploitation of third world peoples and resources, until a wind of change blew after 1945 and Britain retreated from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, then Palestine and Egypt, then Nigeria, the Gold Coast and East Africa, and later Hong Kong. Britain no longer subjugates colonial peoples though it has small island outposts in places like the Falklands and Gibraltar, where the populations have chosen to remain under British suzerainty.

          The classic example of course is the Soviet Union which expanded in the aftermath of two world wars before suddenly crumbling and disappearing. Same applies to apartheid South Africa, Maoist China, the junta regimes of South America. There remain numerous failing states especially in southern Asia and Africa, struggling against corruption, nepotistic rule by small often military elites, disease, poverty, over-population and the ravages caused by the exploitation of their resources by foreign economies (primarily the military-industrial corporations of the Western World, but now augmented by China, Japan and Korea), and racked by debt.

          Israel of course is not to be compared with these states which suffer the legacy of colonial / imperial control, but Israel is unique in being an outpost of western “civilization” which can only maintain its system by constant warfare and the demonization of its minority population. Israel is unique among western states in maintaining colonial control over conquered territories, and in occupying adjacent territories without granting their populations civil rights including democracy.

          Yes there are certainly worse places to live than Israel, but surely no state could so easily resolve the issues that threaten it – Israel could so easily become normal by adopting pluralism and ending the occupation, but studiously fails to do so, and thus can straight-forwardly be described as failing.

          Reply to Comment
          • Avdim

            I also heard that Attila the Hun was not was not great at human rights, why didn’t you mention him?

            How hard was it to just write Syria? Or Iran? Do you think Germany has a right to exist after starting two world wars? How about China?

            All I asked was – what other countries you think have no right to exist?

            Your last paragraph is even worse. Not only is it completely false, it also removes all responsibility from our neighbors. As if Hamas is just waiting for us to decide to end the conflict, so they can finally lay down their arms and build schools and gardens.

            Reply to Comment
          • Bryan

            You don’t get it do you. The key point is that no state has a right to exist – they come and go like Autumn leaves. Once there were Jewish states in Judea and Sumeria but they were destroyed by the Babylonians and Assyrians. Once there was a Maccabean state but that was destroyed by the Romans.

            I said there were many failed states in South Asia and Africa – too many to list, but obviously Syria must be at the top of the list – though Iran is certainly lower in the list.

            As for your nonsense about Hamas bearing responsibility for the conflict: the occupation existed long before Hamas – it is a response not a cause. An occupation, which the western world permits to continue because it is viewed as temporary, is now approaching its 50th anniversary and is not only brutalizing the Palestinians but is also undermining Israeli society and Israeli democracy, and encouraging currents of racism and fascism deeply dangerous to your country. It is quite simply: end the occupation before it destroys Israel.

            Reply to Comment
    8. GilGamesh

      I’m not in favor of IDF troops defending settlers while they attack a village, but that is not what the video shows at all. This is typical of the hyperbole that is used in an attempt to inflame tensions even further. Four rocks being thrown from a field that appears no where near a village is hardly an attack on a village. I would like to see an investigation into this incident. Why do we only see one side? How did it start? Keep ratcheting up tension guys, and you will most likely get the full blown battle you are looking for.

      Reply to Comment
      • The Trespasser

        But pleeeze. You don’t expect any degree of decency from leftists, do you?

        Reply to Comment
      • Brian

        Hilarious in a grossly perverted “how sick is that?!” sort of way that a follower of Feiglin, Hotovely, Shaked, Regev, Elkin, and Eldad, et.al. would actually have the nerve to say: “Keep ratcheting up tension guys, and you will most likely get the full blown battle you are looking for.” But as a high ranking official of the US government recently remarked publicly: “It’s impossible to embarass an Israeli.”

        Reply to Comment
        • GilGamesh

          What’s hilarious is that I spoke about the hyperbole and right on cue come false and ignorant accusations, and of course hyperbole.
          Sorry to disappoint you Brian but I’m not an Israeli and am not a follower of any of those you mentioned. Actually as foreign a concept as it may be to you I keep my own council and don’t “follow” anyone.

          Reply to Comment
          • Brian

            Oh you’re a follower all right. And your complacency and feigned visual incomprehension speaks volumes.

            Reply to Comment
          • GilGamesh

            wow last post you reveled your delusions concerning my place of residence and now you are admitting to auditory hallucinations as well. You should get that checked out Brian. If you live in the NYC area I can make a referral. Let me know.

            Reply to Comment
          • Brian

            Delusions are beliefs with justification. Hallucinations are perceptions without stimuli. If you’re a mental health professional New York State might want to review its accreditation standards.

            Reply to Comment
    9. phil


      Sadly there are many failed states in the world – however, none of them really lay claim to be a democracy in the western tradition, or are treated by western democracies as such

      Reply to Comment
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