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WATCH: Soldiers on patrol dance at Palestinian wedding, get suspended by IDF

One of the more bizarre incidents of the year: two soldiers in Hebron entered a Palestinian wedding while on patrol – apparently they heard the sound of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” from outside – and started dancing with the crowd, which seemed to enjoy the spectacle. After the inevitable Youtube clip surfaced, the entire patrol got suspended. An openly horrified report on Channel 2 stated that the wedding’s guests were “from a known Hamas family,” no less.

Here’s the video. What do you think?

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    1. Joanna

      Not allowed to be just human.

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      • Eric

        Pretty sure if you were on the clock, at any job, and you left to go dance at a wedding while still on the clock you’d get in trouble from the boss. While the clip/event is awesome, it’s pretty easy to see why they got in trouble. I hope they’d say it was worth it though

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        • Danny

          Clock? On the job?

          Most of these 18-year-olds cannot wait to be done with their 3-year prison sentence so they can be far, far away from this “job”.

          Let’s put it this way: Had these soldiers participated in a Hebron settler wedding, how many newscasters would have feigned shock on prime time? Answer: Zero.

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          • Achi

            Yet the soilders would still be punished for leaving their patrol.

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        • Rachael

          Actually, if I managed to break down long held tensions between Israel and Palestine while on the clock at work I think my bosses would be pretty impressed. I don’t know who you work for, but they sound like assholes who need to get their priorities straight.

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        • Willis White

          I am a retired U.S. Navy Commander and if I had men under me who were supposed to be paroling in uniform and they joined a wedding party, pulled off their uniforms, and danced, I would certainly discipline them. I think it would be great if they did that off duty, but not when they are on duty and supposed to be on patrol.

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          • Richard

            They did not pull off their uniforms and they did more for Peace keeping than any other crew before them.
            But wait, we can not have fraternisation with the enemy, remember, they hate us.

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    2. Israeli policy makers still think that every encounter between Arabs & Jews MUST be hostile. Hatreds are real BUT NOT EVERYONE HATES! As & Js must be pretty damned tired of all this 24/7 hating. U can’t kill one another, U can’t drive one another from the land. U tried war – how about some PEACE.

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    3. JG

      If they only would have shoot the husband, nobody would have been suspended.
      Welcome to a world where dancing is more dangerous than killing.

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      • Achi

        Provocation, speculations and spreading of hatred.

        Israeli soilders are being punished for hurting civilians in purpose.

        Read about Tomer Avraham.
        Also a “Netzah Yehuda” batalion soilder who was jailed for posing with bound Palestinian.
        As well, Udai Darwish, who was sentenced to 8 years for killing a Palestinian illegal alien.

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    4. Danny

      Question: Had these soldiers participated in a Hebron settler wedding, how many newscasters would have feigned shock and horror on prime time?

      I think we all know the answer.

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    5. Doron Horowitz

      Israeli soldiers should not dance with wolves.

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    6. Judaism nationalism Style

      Israeli soldiers can kill Palestininas for free but are punished for dancing.

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    7. esti

      i love it

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    8. Aaron Gross

      I love it! Like the Christmas truce of 1914, when British and German soldiers exchanged gifts and played soccer in “no man’s land.”

      I’m still waiting for this to be denounced from the left as “normalization.”

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      • I really doubt that this would be. If it were a dance competition formally organised between soldiers and an occupied people, then yes. (That would hardly be the same as the 1914 incident, where there was at least some symmetry between the troops, by virtue of the fact that they were all leading the exact same horrific life in the trenches.) But two guys just hearing some music and spontaneously joining in with the dance? There’s obviously no effort to promote false symmetry there. They were just acting as nineteen-year-olds often do act. It doesn’t normalise occupation. If anything it undermines it by highlighting just how ludicrous the whole situation is, even if that wasn’t the soldiers’ intention. Even grimly anti-normalising BDS-supporting radical leftist types such as myself sometimes talk to them when we pass by, and we don’t think they’re from another species. I think my favourite occasion was when an elderly woman from my neighbourhood hissed that she couldn’t stand one soldier’s arrogant way of swaggering about (“He thinks he owns the place”), noted that he was too thin (“Why are they letting them out looking like toothpicks? Aren’t they feeding him?”), observed that he was coughing (“Now they are infecting us with TB!”), and finally thrust some throat lozenges and a water bottle at me. “Go and give these to him, and that ka’ak as well, you won’t finish it all.” And before I knew it I had been compelled to hand over my breakfast to a checkpoint soldier by a Palestinian grandmother who will vociferously tell anyone and everyone about her support for armed resistance.

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    9. Joel

      Interesting comments from the haters.

      Cute video.
      Toss the soldiers in the brig.

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    10. zafarov

      @Doron Horowitz Israel should stop crying Wolf

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    11. Emily

      I’m sure they’ll use this footage later on for hasbara, despite the IDF’s suspension of these soldiers now.

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      • Matt

        Hasbara is needed because people like you love to view us as monsters without knowing us. So as long as Palestinian propaganda machine is kicking, Israel must keep explaining our side of the story.
        People like you are not for peace, people like you just want the annihilation of Israel by choosing one side and turning blind eye to the other. Hell, even my Arab friends believe in co-exist and peace…Israel will not vanish. You just going to have to live with it.

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    12. Vadim

      This is incredibly stupid. The guys left their patrol to dance at a wedding!!! Who gives a damn about it being a wedding of Arabs, Jews or Reptilians?!

      When on guard or patrol duty, you guard and patrol. If you don’t – you get punished. You’re not supposed to go to sleep, to do other stuff, and definitely not go to a wedding.

      Do you guys seriously think that had they gone to a Jewish wedding the IDF would have looked over it?

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    13. Bobby

      Europeans/Israelis always get excited when they see Arab/Palestinian weddings, food, culture..

      Reply to Comment
      • ariel

        Israelis are not Europeans. – Some of the ISraeli Weddings are very similar to Palestinian Weddings – the Atmosphere and the Celebration and the music. There are also Israelis that are children and Grandchildren of Jews From Arab Countries – the same culture.

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    14. Catherine

      In one dance, these soldiers have done more to promote peace, understanding and coexistence than Netanyahu in three years.

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      • Engelbert Luitsz


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    15. Aliocha

      In Israel, you are allowed to freely talk about killing arabs, but you kiss your partner in a public place and everyone is outraged. No wonder why these soldiers couldn’t share a dance with Palestinians

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      • JF

        What? I have never heard an Israeli openly talk about killing an Arab, or anyone for that matter. Much less do I expect it to pass with impunity.

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        • Ed

          Naftali Bennett in recent cabinet meeting: “I’ve killed lots of Arabs in my life – and there’s no problem with that.”

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      • Achi

        Out of all the countries in the Middle East you decided that in Israel everyone is outraged when you kiss your partner in a public place?

        Please see excecutions in Iran, search for death threats to gay people in Gaza, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon by the regime, see the new legislations in Russia againt gay people, compare it the situation of gay people in Israel and after that you can critisize Israel for that.

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    16. Oriol2

      In 2012 I assisted to this open-air reggae concert in Jerusalem with Alpha-Blondy, Barrington Levy e. a., where Alpha-Blondy shouted “peace in Palestine” and showed images of the Dome of the Rock on the backdrop, and suddenly I noticed that some of the soldiers that were there guarding those outrageous Jewish leftists were also dancing at the music. I suppose the IDF is not just the most moral army in the world, but also the most prone to dancing.

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    17. “When the Airforce combat pilots revolt against their commander, who has said that he “feels nothing but a slight bump” when he releases a bomb that kills women and children, respect is due to them. When five 19-year old youngsters choose to go to prison rather than enjoy the freedom of the occupiers, Kant himself would have saluted them. The protest against an immoral regime is a categorical imperative.”
      Uri Avnery

      And this protest could be the prelude to another wedding nobody expected.

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    18. Potz Melamed

      They should be suspended just for just dancing to that shit song anyway.

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    19. naomi woodspring

      God forbid they should share a moment of humanity with Palestinians. I thought my cynicism knew no bonds but the Israeli government and elite never cease to surprise me.

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    20. Sadek Pharaon

      This is a spontaneous human reaction. It is the one brilliant side of Man. The other one is evil and ferocious. It is a good lesson that people of different ethnicities and religions can co-live in peace if and when they get rid of human arrogance and narrowmindedness. Greetings to both factions in their happiness.

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    21. Isaac Cohen

      I just love it. Arab Palestinians should come to Israeli weddings too !

      Reply to Comment
      • Joel

        They do. As waiters.

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        • Vadim

          And suicide bombers.

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    22. dianab

      But don’t you get it? Israeli “policy” depends upon AND PROMOTES racism, hatred and fear of The Other.

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    23. Finally a sign of hope – IDF soldiers and Palestinians recognising their common humanity and sharing in the joy of a wedding together! Of course the authorities had to put a stop to it!

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    24. Abraham J Sayegh

      God bless them I think that was beautiful we are all gods children if only there where more brave men like those soldiers there will be no conflict it takes courage and love to do what they did the IDF are stupid to suspend them they should encourage more of this behavior

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    25. Akhook

      Why do Zionists always crash the party?

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    26. Philos

      I suspect all the people here judging that these soldiers should not have left their patrol have zero idea of what such a patrol consists of in the West Bank. They are boring. Usually the sadirnikim entertain themselves by meting out sadistic humiliation on a random Palestinian. This is much better. Dancing with the Palestinians rather than making them with a gun pointed at them, singing the Magav song and slapping their own faces.

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    27. Khaled Khalid

      German soldiers would be in trouble for showing humane face to Jews.

      Why would you expect less from Israeli High Command? This is Alabama and you don’t fraternize with Palestinian “Niggers.”

      Reply to Comment
      • Shmuel

        This is really rich!!!!

        100 years of hatred by Arabs of Jews. Refusal to sit down in the same table and negotiate. Massacres of Jews instigated by the Mufti of Jerusalem. Threats to drive the Jews into the sea. Terrorism, suicide bombing campaigns.

        And some people have the nerve to try and depicts the Jews as the haters. There is no lomit to human cynicism and depravity.

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    28. Shmuel

      “Why would you expect less from Israeli High Command? This is Alabama and you don’t fraternize with Palestinian “Niggers.”

      Nice try, Khalid. You want racism from the top? Here it is:

      In 1982, Mahmoud Abbas, later to become President of the Palestinian Authority, wrote his doctoral thesis which later became a book, The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism. In the book, Abbas raised doubts that gas chambers were used for extermination of Jews

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    29. Shawn

      It’s easy to make judgements from the sidelines, as an observer, as a member of a larger ideological group… For those who criticize, I challenge you to have a similar experience and then see how you feel. From what I see on this video, these are people who–if only momentarily–shook off their group identity and rules (IDF, Hamas, Jew, Arab, etc) and simply did the most natural thing possible: they interacted as humans! Imagine if we could all be humans…

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    30. Shmuel

      “Imagine if we could all be humans…”

      Your sentiments are good but the operative word in your sentence is the word ‘ALL’.

      I say that because all it takes is one unreasonable person who chooses to hate and kill and your whole imagining breaks down. Israel and Israelis cannot do it alone. Nor can Palestinians/Arabs do it on THEIR own. That’s what makes your vision so hard to realise.

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    31. Esther

      Marvelous human impulse to share, they were welcome by the other dancers, they had fun together. This should happen all the time! It is better than fear and isolation… If it happened once, it can happen again and again. Let´s dance together! It is possible!

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    32. It’s great. If the pure joy of dance brings these people together.

      So, Be It!!!!!!!!!!

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    33. Ma22704

      Well it’s better they are dancing with each other than shooting at each other, isn’t it? There hope for us all.

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