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WATCH: Targeted by Israeli snipers, journalists in Gaza demand protection

Since the Great Return March began in Gaza, Israeli army snipers have shot over a dozen Palestinian journalists — killing one, Yaser Murtaja. Journalists in Gaza talk about being shot, targeted, losing one of their own, and the solidarity they expect from journalists around the world. Since the filming of this video, a second Palestinian journalist shot by the Israeli army has died of his wounds.

By Mohammed Zaanoun

Mohammed Zaanoun is a photojournalist based in Gaza.

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    1. Bessa Whitmore

      the mainstream press in Canada continues to ignore what is happening in Gaza. Perhaps a brief mention when people are killed, that’s all.

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    2. Bruce Gould

      @Richard Gelber: The civil rights movement in the U.S. was dangerous for black folks –


      “In 1955, Reverend George Lee, vice president of the Regional Council of Negro Leadership and NAACP worker, was shot in the face and killed for urging blacks in the Mississippi Delta to vote.”

      So is the message: don’t demand your rights and your freedom because you could get hurt?

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