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WATCH: Separation wall engulfs village of Al-Walaja

Between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Israel is building the separation wall on land confiscated from residents and village of Al Walaja. The village’s farmers are not willing to give up on the little land they have left but the state is planning to build a national park on the site. Social TV joins a group of activists who went to work the land in solidarity with Al Walaja’s residents.

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    1. bob wisby

      Why are they complaining? Are they trying to provoke us again? Why can’t we all just get along in Peace?

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    2. Anne O'Nimmus

      I suppose this is the Israeli version of ‘fencing’ stolen goods.

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      • Ginger Eis

        No, Anne. That’s Israel’s way of preserving the population of the virgins in paradise. You know, each shahid means 72 virgins. At one point the demand got dangerously higher than the supply and Israel had to do something to preserve the population of the virgins, i.e. raise the prize of the virgins and by so doing reduce the demand for them. No one wants to see shahids blowing themselves up in paradise because there are no virgins to meet and have sex with them upon arrival, do you?

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