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WATCH: Raw footage of 60 Minutes interview with Michael Oren

After watching the 60 Minutes interview with Michael Oren, I felt like puking. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is. And if you only have a minute, just watch this short segment, where Oren looks Bob Simon straight in the eye with a look that could make your blood curl, and tells him “there’s a first time for everything, Bob.”

Apparently, Oren took it even further during the interview. After much persuading, I got Simon to give me the unedited segment of him grilling the Israeli ambassador in D.C.

You gotta see it to believe it.

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    1. At first Oren starts saying “my assumptions” but quickly corrects himself and says “I HAD, I believe [esc. clause], information about the nature of it”

      But then Bob Simon cuts Oren off and ‘corrects’ him “You don’t know what’s going to be put on air”.
      Oren accepts this ‘correction’ gracefully – “Ok. I don’t. True”

      ie. Oren KNEW of the footage. He just couldn’t know whether it would be AIRED or not. A technicality.

      It’s in both Simon’s and Oren’s interests to not show how cozy (incestuous?) Israeli government’s relationship is with American media. And not talk about how Oren even came by the information in the first place.

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    2. Shelly

      Wite on!!
      Looking forward to the next installment with
      Barbara WaWa.

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    3. Danny

      Bob Simon: Mr. Ambassador… I’ve been in this business a long, long time–
      Michael Oren: How long, Bob?
      Bob Simon: Well, let’s see…
      Michael Oren: Let me help you. Perhaps you’ve been in this business as long as I and my predecessors have been in the business of dictating American foreign policy vis-a-vis the Middle East through pressure tactics using AIPAC carrot-and-stick measures to secure the direct obedience of Congress and the indirect acquiescence of the White House? You know – around 60 years or so.
      Bob Simon: Well, no, not that long.
      Michael Oren: Then, with all due respect, Mr. Bob Simon – shut the f*&% up!

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    4. @mo – you belong to a select few who still remember my shmookty origins 🙂
      Shelly – comin’ wite up!

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    5. annie

      i love this! immediately i thought ..the sopranos!

      i was going to blow everyone away with my brilliant original comment. then you said it. you stole my glory.

      no fair!

      Reply to Comment
    6. sorry annie 😉

      Reply to Comment
    7. ginger

      The amazing thing to me is Oren and the Lobby have had nothing STOPPING them for so long, that you clearly see Oren can barely cognitively process being ‘stopped’ at all.
      Oren was thru-the-looking glass with Bob Simon – mystified and angry that anyone could still stand up to him, unlike Presidents, Congressmen, etc.
      He’s just so used to rolling right over them he can’t grok being held to any kind of account whatsoever – and just goes immediately into his ‘angerland-mode’
      It’s like his carte blanche check bounced
      Usually anything stopping him just requires him pulling out his priceless Holocaust-credit card, swiping it (as he did with Simon), and destroying that person’s career by their anti-semitic smear
      He couldn’t believe that Simon didn’t just evaporate in front of him as usually happens
      It is the nearly perfect crime – able to commit any crime and get of jail for free, really not even having to see jail with their special ‘diplomatic immunity’-type impunity, and able to counter anyone trying to Mafia-like destroy anyone trying to STOP you
      Apartheid and Israelis who created it, support it, and prop it up within the US thru the Israeli Lobby must simply be STOPPED – jarring as that may be to hear

      That the most notorious figure in history STOPPED the Jews – by commiting the atrocity of genocide against them – does not mean that Israelis, even when committing crimes ‘similar’ to what befell them (ethnic cleansing), should never be stopped again.

      Precisely that – Israelis must be stopped – just like the Mafia needed to be stopped. That is not anti-semetic – that is simply what needs to happen

      It’s time for Oren and the Lobby to realize that the sky is no longer the limit for them – that they will live as members of the international community or accept the consquences – not of ‘holocaust’ – but simply of sanctions, delegitimization, de-Apartheidization, and getting STOPPED

      If they view that as holocaust – well, they can take that up with a mental health professionals on their own dime

      Every racist word by every Israeli and every islamophobic word by every Israeli Lobbyist, every lie told by Netanyahu, should be challenged in exactly this matter.

      Israelis like this need to be stopped – not by Holocaust but by mature, fearless, calm men of integrity (like Simon) who see right thru them and and have the guts to stand up to the cowards these bullies truly are

      Thanks for such a bright and clear example for all the cowards in the American MSM, Mr Simon

      Thanks for STOPPING these Israelis

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    8. Dennis Y. Loh, MD

      This is very good!! Thank you. I posted it on my Facebook for my 2800+ friends to see.

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    9. AbeBird

      Comment deleted

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