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WATCH: Israeli activists detained for filming illegal settlement construction

In the video below (filmed by an Israeli Ta’ayush activist on Monday April 1 and subtitled quickly by yours truly) a policeman approaches Israeli activists who regularly go to the South Hebron Hills (he knows all their names already) and informs them they are being detained.

For what? For filming illegal construction at an illegal outpost in the area called Avigayil on a different day. That’s right. This was not an April Fool’s joke, but the way the law is actually being enforced by Israeli authorities in the West Bank.

They ended up being held for over 5 hours and questioned about the claim against them that they were “disturbing public order.”

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    1. BK

      The shoter was doing his job; Ta’ayush was doing theirs it seems. I think this is a non-issue. You bore me sometimes, Mairav, looking for excitement, looking to receive attention. There are issues and there are non-issues. In this case, you are wasting our time.

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    2. Bianca

      I would love to understand what they are talking about….please, can anyone translate it from the hebrew to a wider language?

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    3. Contra BK, above, the object of arrest is to prevent filming generally. Calling filming incitement against public order is identically to denying press coverage for the same reason. In fact,these activists have become a kind of press film core through outlets like +972; by publishing their footage, they become informal press.

      What State would not like to deny reportage by those opposed to State policy?

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    4. Phillip

      Did anyone ever consider that all this video footage could be used to plan attacks? Maybe that’s why they don’t take kindly to it. I wouldn’t anyway.

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      • directrob

        Your point is beyond good faith, but seems to be enough for a frivolous arrest. The point of the video is the close support officially illegal settlers get from the state even too the point where it limits press freedom.

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    5. Harris

      It is clear he was only following orders! Is that a problem during the Holocaust Remembrance period?

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