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WATCH: Palestinians and Israelis fight land West Bank land grab

Several weeks ago, Israeli activists tried to reach the Palestinian village of Izbat Tabib to take part in protests against land confiscations. The Israeli army had decided to uproot hundreds of Palestinian olive trees in order to build a settler road. Soldiers would not let the activists’ bus pass through the checkpoint, declaring the area a closed military zone.

But the activists eventually found a way to reach the village, helping the Palestinians place signs on trees marked for uprooting. That same evening the army raided Izbat Tabib. The next day, dozens of trees were pulled out of the ground.

PHOTOS: Israeli authorities uproot olive trees to build settler-only road
WATCH: Soldiers prevent Palestinians, Israelis from protesting together

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    1. carmen

      The constant humiliation of palestinians is disgusting. Building a road to bypass palestinian villages, using palestinian land to do it, is theft atop more theft. Holocaust Remembrance Day just passed and it will be yom h’shoah soon. Along with the sorrow remembering what happened in EUROPE, not Palestine, EUROPE; remember what has been done here for 70 years and continues unabated. It seems eadh generation of israeli is becoming more and more indifferent to the suffering and cruelty inflicted on the palestinians, just because they aren’t jews and have been here for centuries upon centuries. Remember yom h’shoah and remember the nakba. Never again, right?

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      • R5

        More disgusting Holocaust revisionism on +972. Shocking. I guess Carmen and Trump see eye-to-eye.

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        • Ben

          More fake news from the right wing. No, R5, it is not Carmen it is Bibi and Trump who see eye to eye. And the appalling Jared Kushner and Trump.

          Shame on You, Jared Kushner. 
          Once upon a time, the Kushner family could not gain entry to the U.S. due to carefully crafted policies designed to keep the desperate masses of Jews out, often citing security concerns.
          Allison Kaplan Sommer Jan 29, 2017 5:36 PM
          read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.768246

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          • AJew

            “And the appalling Jared Kushner and Trump.”

            Where were guys like you Ben, when Jews were being sent back to German extermination camps by the Brits who got intimidated into doing it by rioting Palestinian Arabs who protested Jewish immigration to Palestine in the 1930s?

            Yes, I know, I am making this up too. Besides, I should stop whining about old grievances, right, Benny?

            The thing is, your constant whining and one eyed accusations just bring out the worst in me. I just can’t help myself.

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        • Ben

          “Trump has flanked himself with an Orthodox Jew (Kushner) on one side and a purveyor of white supremacist rhetoric (chief strategist and senior counselor Steve Bannon), on the other. In this arrangement, Kushner plays the classic historical role of the figurehead Jewish adviser. As author Jonathan Levi wrote for the Forward last July, Kushner’s relationship to Trump eerily parallels the story of Charlemagne, the 8th century King of the Franks. According to Levi, “Charlemagne was keen to marry his daughter to a Jew who would…cement the support of the Jewish people.” 
          There are other examples of such Jewish advisers throughout world history, and many of these individuals share common characteristics: their power is precarious, and their interests are frequently aligned with their patrons rather than with their community. Most ominously, the failures of the rulers they serve are often laid at the feet of the Jewish scapegoat and his brethren by the rulers’ anti-Semitic followers. All of these traits perfectly describe the role Kushner has played in an attempt to soften, rationalize, and put a friendly Jewish face on the vile hatred of his father-in-law. These characteristics foreshadow the cyclical choreography of anti-Semitism.”

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          • AJew

            What, Benny? No comment on the role of Palestinian Arabs in sending back thousands of Jewish refugees in the 1930s to the death camps of Europe?

            All you can talk about is the St Louis and Kushner?

            Also, tell us Benny, why are you calling Trump an antisemite? His daughter converted to Judaism and his grandchildren are therefore Jewish. Are you saying that Trump hates his daughter and grandchildren?

            Wanna know what I think? I think that YOU are the antisemite. That is why you quote other idiots who badmouth his orthodox Jewish son in law whose only additional crime (according to you haters) is that he has married into the Trump family.

            You disagree, Benny? Then tell us exactly what has Kushner done to deserve such venom from you lot?! Tell us “all the bad things” that you think he has done????

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          • Ben

            ​Trump engaged in Holocaust denial in as public and powerful a way as is possible. Using the pulpit of the presidency of the United States. And his son in law is an Orthodox Jew who did nothing to stop his father in law from pointedly refusing to mention the Jews in his statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day or when subsequently asked about why not. As president of the United States. Much to the delight of the white supremacist anti-Semites who heard Bannon’s and Trump’s deliberate dog whistle loud and clear:

            White Supremacist Richard Spencer Hails Trump’s ‘de-Judaification’ of Holocaust

            So Stosh Cotler is no idiot. Nor am I. But you are a slanderer.

            (And had Obama done what Trump did, you would have savaged him. Hypocrisy.)

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          • AJew

            Aaaaaand Benny is still not commenting on the role of Palestinian Arabs in sending back thousands of Jewish refugees in the 1930s to the death camps of Europe?

            …. if I am a slanderer Benny, then I slander slanderers like you. Whatsa matta, does it feel uncomfortable? Then maybe you should stop slandering others. For instance, on this thread you slandered Kushner. And in general, you slander the Israeli people at every opportunity.

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