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WATCH: Palestinian youth abducted by police in E. Jerusalem

While Israelis are busy pitching tents across the country, in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, life under occupation goes on as usual, far away from the media’s eyes. In the shocking footage below, taken with a surveillance camera last Friday, July 22, Palestinian teens playing soccer in the street are suddenly abducted by Israeli soldiers in an undercover vehicle and hauled away.  Whether guilty of stone throwing or not, this is not the way to go about conducting justice in a country’s capital.

As Sloveninan philosopher Slavoj Zizek has expressed many times, when there are no big headlines in the news about confrontations between Israelis and Palestinians, one should assume the mundane atrocities of daily occupation are taking place, in what is a very asymmetrical conflict.

It is not surprising that the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement and other anti-occupation figures have therefore demanded that several Israeli musicians scheduled to perform in the City of David in a concert sponsored by the Ministry of Culture refuse to do so. The City of David is a self-described “archaeological park” located in the heart of Silwan and operated by Elad, an organization with an agenda of moving Jews into this densely-populated Palestinian neighborhood.

Video h/t Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement

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    1. Louis

      This clip appeared on channel 10 news last night. It was introduced as a view into how ‘Mistaravim’ operate in East Jerusalem… not a word about the kids snatched or the extent to which kids face abuse etc. after arrest and at interrogation.

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    2. Alicia

      This is extremely ridiculous….. they are like robocops, showing off all the time… do you think that they really believe their acting?
      And where are the kids now? Somebody know about them? I think that they see too much rambo movies together with brain washing (intense).
      If they were no kids, i would start laughing. What a waste of money, resources, and people in this police.

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    3. Brad

      Perhaps they were criminals.

      Sometimes police arrest criminals, you know.

      Teenagers of all ages commit crimes sometimes. Yes, even Arab kids.

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      • Brad – Given that the teens were unarmed, underage and not committing a criminal act, the proper procedure would be to arrest them at home and inform their parents both of the charge and the location of the police station where the kids were to be processed. Masked undercover agents do not arrest Jewish teens playing soccer in West Jerusalem.

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    4. Danny

      Brave, very brave. Arrest unsuspecting and unarmed teenagers like thieves in the night. From my own personal experience as a former reserve soldier, the border police are probably the least professional element in Israel’s security apparatus, often needing fictitious and staged raids and arrests such as these to justify their existence. Notice how all the soldiers are dressed with heavy defensive equipment in order to show the chief of police just how serious was the threat they faced from those sinister teenage footballers and their lethal drop kicks 🙂 If it wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious.

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    5. Holden

      There seems to be a consistent pattern here at 972 mag of only telling 1/2 of a story or less.
      It looks to me like the police knew exactly who they were looking for. And it’s quite possible that the kids were arrested for throwing stones, and if that is indeed what they did, then I’m glad the mishtara picked them up. And if you’re arresting known stone throwers, then it makes sense to wear a helmet and other protective clothing.

      Throwing stones is a violent assault that can be potentially deadly, and we’ve already know that this part of Jerusalem has had a big problem with kids throwing stones at pedestrians and motorists.

      One more question….why was there a camera pre-placed in such a perfect position to cover this action?

      I’m pleased to see the police doing something to control hooliganism.

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    6. weinstein henry

      Another WATCH video footage. This one depicting “the mundane atrocities of daily occupation”. “Atrocities”, no less. I WATCH. And I wonder how we should call now the videos depicting the crackdown in Syria: ultra-atrocities, perhaps. And I think: another WATCH video footage posted without checking anything about the footage & without investigation. Just WATCH AND BELIEVE.
      So these images are “shocking”, and yes at first view they are; but does they speak for themselves? I mean: actually what happened, who was at the corner of the street, and actually who was arrested and why? And by the way, what the photo of Joseph Dana has to do with this footage?
      Even if you are 100% right, speaking of “Palestinian youth abducted by police in E. Jerusalem” & “abducted by Israeli soldiers in an undercover vehicle” (WATCH “Israeli soldiers in an undercover vehicle”!), you don’t give us the Full Picture and very few factual informations.
      I don’t mean to be harsh (my english is poor, apologize), and my comment covers other WATCH videos posted here and there by the Activistsphere. But if you really want to denounce “the mundane atrocities of daily occupation”, you have to produce more reliable source than to post this kind of video footage, with just a few words like on a postcard.
      And if it was impossible for you to investigate properly about this footage, to get any response from the police & army, you should have taken the time to explain it to grown-up people like me who live abroad.
      Some of us have a brain, and even are educated. For instance, I learnt only recently with the Housing protests’ coverage that police unions are forbade in Israel: here I learnt something about the present Israeli democracy.
      Post-scriptum: this comment was written before to read Lisa and Danny’s comments, which are more convincing and factual than the article itself.

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    7. Sirene Mekky

      Weinstein, I believe it because I lived it. your logical questions are valid in a place where logic and justice apply and matter. When it comes to the Palestinians being arrested, there is no why to ask, no logic to follow or justice to seek. These kids will be locked up for a minimum of 6 months using something called “administrative imprisonment”; my Dad has been through it, and so did my uncles, they were kidnapped from our house at 3AM while asleep. It is an occupation, what do expect?

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    8. No hay derecho.No hay dignidad.No hay respeto.No hay tolerancia.
      Ni democracia,ni libertad,ni paz.
      Solo un pueblo que al ser victima enloqueció y hoy es un pueblo genocida.

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    9. Jan

      How much damage can stones do to a heavily armored vehicle. Not much. In fact nothing. There was no sign of these kids throwing stones. They were playing soccer. Guess tht the Israelis have made it a crime for Palestinian kids to play soccer. I guess that playing soccer is a good reason to haul them off to prison and likely torture them.

      Not long ago I saw a video in which an Israeli soldier admitted that the IDF often goes into Palestinian areas to deliberatly make a provocation.
      And if they get stones thrown at them they deseve it. Too bad the Palestinians don’t have large quantities of tear gas to throw at these IDF thugs in the sme way as the IDF trhows tear gas at Palestinians.

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    10. I

      the actual title of the video says “Silwan – Ras Al Amoud”

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    11. Geronimo

      I don’t understand what the camera is doing here….!!! It’s like it was prepared !!!

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