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WATCH: Palestinian women and children prevent arrest of minor in Nabi Saleh

An Israeli soldier attempts to detain a 12-year-old Palestinian boy during a demonstration in the West Bank village. His mother and sister make sure that doesn’t happen.

See update below.

The weekly demonstration in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh took a particularly violent turn on Friday after an Israeli soldier tried to detain 12-year-old Mohammed Tamimi, leading to a fierce scuffle with his mother, sister and aunt. Eventually the soldier was led away by another soldier.

The incident was captured on video by Bilal Tamimi, a local Palestinian journalist. The soldier can be seen running down a hill chasing Mohammed, who had his arm in a cast after breaking it during clashes in the village a few days earlier. He eventually catches up with Mohammed, puts him in a headlock and pins him against a rock. The soldier then sits on Mohammed, preventing him from moving.

An Israeli soldier holding Mohammed Tamimi, 12, in a headlock during a demonstration in Nabi Saleh, August 28, 2015. (Karam Saleem)

An Israeli soldier holding Mohammed Tamimi, 12, in a headlock during a demonstration in Nabi Saleh, August 28, 2015. (Karam Saleem)

Others can be heard yelling at the soldier that Mohammed is a child, and that his hand is broken. The soldier calls out for someone to come and help him, and turns to the activist standing next to him and mutters something about “leftists being trash.” He then drags Mohammed forward and pins him down again. At this point Mohammed’s 15-year-old sister, Ahed; his mother and his father, Nariman and Bassem; and his aunt Nawal arrive, along with other activists.

Mohammed’s family tries to pull the soldier off the boy, tugging at his arms and head. The soldier responds by flailing his arms wildly at them, trying to hit them, and putting his hand around Ahed’s throat. They continue trying to pull him away until another soldier arrives and leads him away. As he is walking off, the soldier throws a stun grenade into the middle of the crowd.

Ahed (left), Nawal (right) and Nariman Tamimi (behind the soldier) try to stop Mohammed, 12, from being arrested by an Israeli soldier at a demonstration in Nabi Saleh, August 28, 2015. (Karam Saleem)

Ahed (left), Nawal (right) and Nariman Tamimi (behind the soldier) try to stop Mohammed, 12, from being arrested by an Israeli soldier at a demonstration in Nabi Saleh, August 28, 2015. (Karam Saleem)

At the same time, two other soldiers were busy arresting a Palestinian and an Italian activist with the International Solidarity Movement, both of whom are currently still in detention.

“The soldiers came out of nowhere, and no one realized what was happening. They were masked and had no gear, only a rifle,” Karam Saleem, a photojournalist who witnessed the event, told +972.

Bassem Tamimi, Mohammed’s father, told +972 that Ahed and Nariman had to be taken to hospital after the demonstration in which they were assaulted by the soldier. Bassem’s other son, Salam, was also shot in the foot with a rubber bullet.

Family members Nariman and Ahed Tamimi reiterated that the village is struggling for humanity, justice, peace and dignity, and that they need their freedom.

In a statement, the IDF claimed that Mohammed had been throwing stones, a claim denied by an Israeli activist who was present. The statement also claims that the soldier did not realize he was dealing with a minor.

The day after the incident, Manal Tamimi, a prominent activist in the village, received a message online threatening that her home would be burnt down in a “price tag” attack (link contains graphic language).

Nabi Saleh has seen a sharp increase in violence in recent months over Israeli settlers’ annexation of the village well. Manal Tamimi was shot in the leg with live ammunition during a recent demonstration, and Nariman Tamimi was on crutches for a number of months after being shot in the leg with live ammunition last November.

Bilal Tamimi, the journalist who recorded yesterday’s events, was arrested last week along with two Israelis and eventually released without charge after a judge ruled the arrest should never have occurred.

A house in the village was recently demolished and IDF soldiers stationed at the village have also been caught on camera throwing stones at photojournalists and firing tear gas canisters directly at protesters–at the same spot where Mustafa Tamimi was killed four years ago when a gas canister struck him in the face.

UPDATE (Aug 30): On August 29th, the day after the incident, the IDF filed a complaint with the Israeli Police. Officials from the Samaria and Judea District police force told the Hebrew-language news website 0404 that “the attackers are well-known and will be arrested soon.”

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    1. Philip Encinio

      Jan’s conclusion makes as much sense as…who knows?

      Reply to Comment
    2. Ben

      Watch the video. Nothing better illustrates the mismatch between what Israel says to the outside world is going on in the occupied territories and what actually is going on. And nothing better illustrates the ultimate unsustainability of it. An armed soldier-thug beating up a twelve year old. But look at those uppity Palestinians! Momma and daddy and sister and Aunt Nawal standing up to the armed soldier-thug, and holding their own. They just refuse to respect the soldier’s “presence.” They make him look ridiculous and they reveal the fundamental absurdities. Oh dear. The natives are getting restless. And they aren’t sticking with the ‘total control’ program. What’s a poor colonialist to do?

      Reply to Comment
    3. Margot Dunne

      Tread carefully, IDF/Israel. You have fooled all the world some of the time, & have managed to fool the US & acolytes (e.g. Australia) all of the time. I understand that there are civil movements in the US composed of Jewish people who have had enough of your behaviour, & are agitating their government to remove unconditional support for Israeli actions which are contrary to justice. Tread carefully, lest you trash your dream.

      Reply to Comment
      • Gustav

        The only ones being fooled are naive westerners about the narrative of the image of the “plucky, brave little innocent Palestinian freedom fighters” who are “all Davids fighting the evil colonizing Goliaths”. The harsh reality is that those innocent little Palestinians are part of the 400 million Arab people supported by most of the Muslim world which have been waging a relentless 100 year war against the tiny and only Jewish nation, Israel. That war involved both conventional armies deployed by the Arabs and a ruthless terrorist campaign against Israeli civilians.

        Moreover the idea that the war has been fought because Israel occupies Palestine is a bare faced lie. How do we know? We know because the Palestinian Arabs and their cronies have been waging their war against us even before the occupation.

        Not all westerners who support the so called Palestinian cause are not naive. Some are just old fashioned Jew haters because classic traditional antiSemitism has not died a sudden death. It just morphed into hatred of Israel because it is their new battle front against the Jews. After all, hey, if Israel represents a haven for the Jewish people where we can defend ourselves, then naturally, any self respecting antiSemite wants to see Israel dead and burried.

        Reply to Comment
    4. Ben

      To understand the astonishingly self-righteous, ever-the-victim-yet-also-the-overlord mental world the majority of Israelis live in realize that the right wing Arutz Sheva has turned this incident around 180 degrees, describing it this way:

      “Shameful: IDF Soldier Abandoned to Arab Mob in Nabi Salah
      Calls for emergency Knesset meeting after soldier filmed being beaten by Arab women and children. Liberman: Gov’t shows weakness.
      Unbelievable footage has emerged showing an IDF soldier being beaten by Arab women and children….”

      Reply to Comment
    5. Pedro X

      Did you notice Shirley Temper in the video? She is a Palestinian child who has been seen at any number of Palestinian riots attacking IDF or trying to provoke them. She is a Pallywood star in her own right. Israellycool has an article on her.

      Here is another video of rock throwing and arrests at Nabi Salah on August 28, 2015 showing youths rioting and throwing rocks against Israeli troops.


      At the beginning of the video you will see a child with his arm in a sling motioning as if he was throwing a rock, even though his hand was empty. Shirley Temper is in a second group of people. This has the hallmarks of a planned confrontation with Shirley Temper starring in her latest Pallywood role.

      Reply to Comment
      • Ben

        You know this post of yours, Pedro X, is interesting on at least two levels:

        1. That you see that video as somehow supporting your case. I see hopelessly outmatched youths throwing rocks–at aggressively encroaching tear gas and god-knows-what-else-firing fully armed soldiers–as a protest action. I see the soldier in question going way out of his way to aggressively run down a small-fry 12-year-old to bully him. Easy pickings. Then getting a run for his money when the sister (Ahed Tammini is the 12-year-old Mohammed Tammini’s 15-year-old *sister*) and the elderly aunt understandably try to stop him from manhandling the terrified kid (translated, laughably, by Arutz Sheva into “an IDF soldier being beaten by women and children”).

        2. Your recidivist attempts to insinuate “it’s a fake.” This time it’s that the sister is not his sister but some devious fake. The ol’ “pallywood” canard. Prove it. No one else in reputable media support your insinuation. And is Aunt Nawal a fake too? Prove it. (And in this context, what on earth does a “fake” even mean? It’s absurd. The kid was not chased down and manhandled? His family did not try to rescue him? You would not do the same if it was your child? Your younger brother? Your nephew? Hello? And furthermore, why if this is a fake production does the IDF week after week provide the extras to make it? Hello?) Your strategy is: When caught red handed, claim it’s a fake. I’ve seen you do this over and over here. You did it with the utterly innocent deaf man who was blinded by the sponge bullet and left with one eye to communicate with the world. And you were proved FOS. You’re shameless.

        The poor Israelis, they have the misfortune to try to suppress a population in an age when just about everyone is walking around with a camera and video recorder sitting in his or her pocket. These video recorders might be better titled “bullshit preventers.”

        Reply to Comment
        • Gustav

          Yep Benny, everytime you’ll pretend that stone throwing is just some innocent pass time by harmless 12 year olds, I’ll post the following sample of actual events that happened…

          “On 5 June 2001, Yehuda Shoham, a 5-month-old baby, was killed when a rock hurled by stone-throwing Palestinians crashed through the window of the car he was riding in, crushing his skull.[173]”

          “On 23 September 2011, Asher (25) and Yonatan Palmer (1) were killed when the car Asher was driving was attacked by stone-throwing Palestinians, causing it to crash killing him along with his infant son.[174]”

          “On 14 March 2013,[175] the Biton’s family car was attacked, near neighboring village of Kif el-Hares, with stones which caused it to get out of control and collide with a truck. Adele Biton was critically injured along with her mother and 3 sisters who were moderately injured, and died two years later.[176]”

          The last time I posted this, he just said BS and changed the subject to something irrelevant and not true either. He said no IDF soldier lost his life from stone throwing… Presumably according to Benny that makes stone throwing ok because only babies, children and pregnant women lost their lives from the stone throwings of Palestinian Arabs.

          …and they call him Benny the self righteous…

          Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Sorry. This was a public protest against an occupying, brutalizing army. The stone throwing against that army, in the protest in question, was merely symbolic. Your examples are calculated distractions from that fact.

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            BEN:” Your examples are calculated distractions from that fact.”

            Translation: According to Benny and his ilk, Israeli Jewish grievances don’t matter. Only Palestinian Arabs grievances matter.

            Reply to Comment