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WATCH: Palestinian village suffers from ongoing water shortage

Because Israel restricts Palestinian access to natural water sources in the West Bank, Palestinians are forced to depend on water allocation by Mekorot, the national water company. But in many West Bank villages, the daily water allocation supplied to residents is much lower than the minimal supply required by the global health monitoring organization.

WATCH this video report by Israel Social TV on A-Dik, a small village near the settlement of Ariel, where residents find themselves in an ongoing water crisis. 

This video was produced by Israel Social TV, an independent media NGO working to promote social change, human rights, social justice and equality, and to mobilize its viewers towards activism. 

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    1. Richard SM

      Planning permission is denied and existing electricity and water supplies are being demolished. Two quick examples from Maan News:
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      1 May 2012 — Israeli army vehicles and bulldozers demolished two stables, measuring 750 square meters and 400 square meters, as well as a poultry barn and two sheds, locals told Ma’an.Earlier Tuesday, Israeli authorities demolished a house poles near Qalqiliya, locals told Ma’an.The building, which was still under construction, lies at the entrance of Izbat At-Tabib village and belongs to Zidan Yaser Tabib. Forces also removed 13 electricity poles used by neighboring Nabi Elyas village to power a water well, residents said.
      2 May 2012 — Israeli authorities demolished a water well in a village east of Hebron on Wednesday, locals said. Officials accompanied by soldiers tore down the well belonging to Saeed Jaber in Baqaa village, residents said.

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    2. delia ruhe

      Well, at least the Israelis are selling the water back to them. Not so the land.

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    3. Rafael

      In retaliation, Turkey and Iran should cut water supply to Jewish neighborhoods in their countries. There’s no reason Jews should be treated better in those Muslim countries than Palestinians in Israel. We’ll see then if the Israel apoligists in the press will keep on downplaying the hardship of the occupation on Palestinians.

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    4. Piotr Berman

      Rafael, you are bonkers.

      Turkey and Iran are relatively normal countries. Jews there are simply citizens, and they are not segregated into “Jewish neighborhood”, not identified with actions that happened in another state; with few exceptions, so I refer to the countries as relatively normal.

      Israel and its occupation are not normal by any standards. No reason for other countries to imitate.

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