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WATCH: Palestinian UN envoy breaks down at Security Council

A vivid example of the high emotions felt by Palestinian leadership as the September showdown at the UN draws closer was evident on Tuesday, when during a Security Council meeting, Palestinian observer, Riyad H. Mansour, broke down as he was reading the last sentences in his prepared remarks:

Why should the Palestinian people be forced to languish yet another year — or even one more day — under foreign occupation? They should not and they must not. This is the time to end the Israeli occupation. This is the time for Palestine’s independence. This is the time for Palestine and Israel to live side by side in peace and security, and this is the time for a new Middle East. We believe that the international community is ready for that, and we trust that the appropriate actions will be undertaken soon to make this a reality.

Watch the debate here. The Palestinian representative starts reading his remarks around the 20th minute; start watching around the 38th minute for the text I quoted. It’s a very subtle moment, yet unmistakable. Around the 40th minute the remarks by the Israeli Ambassador to the UN begin. Full text of the meeting can be found here.

The United States has made it clear it would veto a Security Council bid to have Palestine accepted to the UN as a full member.

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    1. Can anyone please provide me with the full text!
      Thank you

      Reply to Comment
    2. I didn’t see the “breakdown” that you were referring to.

      The current confrontation, effort, is sadly hindered, primarily by the delay in Fatah and Hamas coming to form a coherent unity government, with any sense of permanence and independence from conditions.

      It makes the otherwise undeniable current effort for Palestinian statehood, sadly still a deniable one.

      There is a lot one could cry about.

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    3. John S.

      @Richard Witty. I totally understand why you didn’t see the “breakdown”. Check your glasses, some of the lenses that are bought in Israel are coated with a special Zionist filter that makes the wearer incapable of seeing any trace of Palestinian suffering. It is not your fault. It is also reported to affect the person’s logic after prolonged use.

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    4. Deïr Yassin

      Mr Witty didn’t see Riyad Mansour breaking down because he had to gaze at his own navel simultaneously. Which leads me to his “There is a lot one could cry about”.
      Indeed, such as Mr Witty spending his entire life on left-wing blogs proclaiming he’s a humanistic, liberal guy when all we read from him is based on ethnic supremacism and a huge amount of egocentrism as well.
      @ John S
      Witty surely didn’t buy his glasses in Israel. He has only been there twice – in the ’80’s which of course doesn’t prevent him from knowing the situation much better that most Israelis, particularly if they are REEL left-wings.
      His motto is “Live and let live” and “It’s Hamas’ fault”, and that’s why he always drops out on articles about Cast Lead, the Mavi Marmara and settler violence.

      We all know there will be no Palestinian state in september. Uncle Sam has decided. It’s time for all Palestinian leaders to change their strategy, joining the demand for integration and equal rights. One man, one vote, from the river to the sea.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Harvey

      The US along with all other western democracies will give this crock of horse manure a wide berth in September and throw it on the scrap heap of previous Palestinian attempts to declare independent statehood. No one, least of all Israel, is buying into Palestinian snake oil which would have us believe that pulling out of the west bank will lead to an irrevocable peace accord . Israels withdrawal from the west bank would result in Hamas filling the vacuum within weeks if not days . At least Hamas are utterly transparent in their oath that israel exists and will continue to exist until Islam obliterates it . Unlike the PA who will just see which way the wind blows before embarking on the next stage . If an Israeli pull out was all it would take to end the conflict , then the question remains why did the Palestinians not see fit to declare such a state between 1948 and 1967 when there was no occupation and no settlements. Purely rhetorical as it’s patently clear that then as now the real deal is Palestine from the river to the sea . Unfortunately Palestine took 10 steps back in 67 and now has to first return to the original starting block
      Years ago in my idealistic fresh faced youth I too figured on two states for two people but that was years ago .
      Don’t take Israelis for fools . Or at least if you must try to conceal your ultimate goals a little better

      Reply to Comment
    6. Calling me names does not point out where he broke down.

      I saw him pause, drink a cup of water.

      Identifying that Hamas has not yet in fact joined the Palestinian Authority is an observation.

      Discussion of the political significance of that is relevant.

      The very very vast majority of descriptions of Palestinian suffering that you present Deir Yassin (under what other names I don’t know), aren’t of Palestinian suffering but of Palestinian anger.

      That expression fails to convey the Palestinian experience, but “succeeds” at threatening.

      There is the possibility of putting heads together.

      I liked most of what the Mr. Mansour said. And, I more than fully support his goal of a viable sovereign healthy Palestine in a good neighbor relationship with a healthy Israel.

      I’m not convinced that you want that Deir Yassin.

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    7. Hostage

      Raya, the UN runs its document system on the basis of symbols. Security Council minutes or process verbals are S/PVs, General Assembly minutes are A/PVs. Just add the session number.

      They don’t have static links, but you can usually employ the method used by the daily UN Journal to access them dynamically, e.g.


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    8. Deïr Yassin

      Of course Mr Witty didn’t see Riyad Mansour break down. It didn’t happen during the first ten seconds, and Mr Witty has himself admitted in one of his 10.000 comments on Mondoweiss (he even got an article on that occasion) that he rarely reads anything else than the headlines. Why should he ? HE knows what’s best for everyone in the area ? That we join him in gazing at his navel…..

      Reply to Comment
    9. sh

      Translation for Mr. Witty:
      He was overcome, okay? He had a lump in his throat and had to take a gulp of water to enable to utter the last few words of his speech. If you expected a caricature of a man removing his spectacles and mopping his eyes or bald pate with large, black and white cotton handkerchief, you’ll be disappointed.

      Reply to Comment
    10. Harvey

      I have also silently observed you on mondoweiss . Unfortunately you fall between both camps. For ever seeking approval from those who care not a jot for your attempts to engage and provide a balanced narrative . You post on mondoweiss . Have you registered the fact that there is no dialogue to be had there . It is an incessant diatribe of hate for israel to one purpose and that is the dismantlement of the state and its replacement by a single Palestinian state . There is no negotiation . Many of the below the line comments are full on antisemitic alluding to blood libels and shadowy Jewish world domination . Yet you continue to post there . You provide the ultimate coconut shy .

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    11. Christine Boisvert

      The Israeli repesentative speech is contrary to logic, as we are listening to his accounts about Palestinian violence and unwillingnes to negociate, the IDF is attacking Palestinian homes in Occupied territories in the middle of the nigth whill they are asleep, fiering and gasing them. It is absurd. As for Jerusalem it dates from the stone-age, and was already there in 5.000 old Kanaa, before Abraham emmigrated from Ur. It was called Irusalem a City of worship to a Great God, Kanaa was populated by Semitic tribes. The 5.000 year old Desert of Shem -(Son of Sem )-(Semites),
      in Syria since the Bible, is still today on the map as Desert of Sham, Arabic name of 5.000 old City (Damascus in English).
      Salem; the second part of the ancient City’s name means, Peace, in Semitic language as Salam-Shalom.

      Reply to Comment
    12. Bluto

      There is coordinated Israeli psychological warfare on the Palestinians – the military terror they use is only part of a more insidious psychological abuse of an entire population.

      Israel is on the record in it’s efforts to do all it can to humiliate, create despondency and helplessness, and otherwise psychologically batter the Palestinians into eventually signing away everything they had just to make the torture stop.

      This psychological warfare is essentialy the torture of the entire Palestinian population – and includes the use of quislings to sell Palestine out before the population can recover sufficiently to fight for it’s just rights

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