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WATCH: Palestinian journalists protest attacks on Gaza media buildings

Members of the Palestinian Union of Journalists and their supporters gathered in Ramallah’s Al-Manara Square on Sunday to demonstrate against an Israeli attack on two media buildings in Gaza.  

Ramallah, West Bank – Dozens of Palestinians in the West Bank – territorially separated from the Gaza Strip – protested in the territory’s administrative center Ramallah on Sunday, accusing Israel of directly targeting journalists in an attempt to stifle the flow of information out of Gaza.

Media NGOs, including Reporters Without Borders, have condemned the strike, which wounded six Palestinian journalists and damaged the equipment of foreign media covering the nearly week-long escalation of violence. One journalist lost his leg in the attack.

Palestinian journalists protest against Israeli attack on Gaza media buildings, Ramallah, 18 Nov 2012 (photo: Roee Ruttenberg)

Palestinian journalists protest against Israeli attack on Gaza media buildings, Ramallah, 18 Nov 2012 (photo: Roee Ruttenberg)

The Committee to Protect Journalist‘s Deputy Director, Robert Mahoney, also condemned the strike:

Journalists are civilians and are protected under international law in military conflict. Israel knows this and should cease targeting facilities housing media organizations and journalists immediately.

Israel says it was targeting the antenna of al-Quds TV, which it considers the media propoganda wing of Hamas. Imad Efranji, al-Quds TV’s Gaza director, told Al Arabiya news that the attack was “a new crime against the media.”





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    1. rsgengland

      Hamas has been placing their communications antenae amongst the general equipment of the press .
      Just because Hamas feeds propoganda, does not mean its correct . Possibly time to look at the situation with a little more objectivity .
      They do say the first casualty of the war is THE TRUTH .
      Gullibility and Subjectivity is a very poor form of accumulating knowledge

      Reply to Comment
      • JG

        So I assume you are in Gaza-City and you are able to proof your story? No?

        Otherwise you are just another victim of IDF spokesman propaganda lies.
        But hey, those are the good guys, they sure won’t never lie to the hasbara brigade. Never ever.

        Reply to Comment
        • @JG, the first word in the article is “Ramallah” … it’s called a dateline, which means I’m IN Ramallah, not Gaza.
          And the journalists IN RAMALLAH standing around me … and the fact that the story is basically “journalists is Ramallah demonstrate against attack” also, ummm, suggests I’m in Ramallah.
          Did you actually ready or listen/watch any of this?

          Reply to Comment
      • @rs …. What the heck are you talking about? “Time to start looking at it with more objectivity” … big EXCLUDING the IDF’s position? Awesome … the world sure does need more one-side journalism … good call, thanks for sharing.

        Reply to Comment
        • rsgengland

          Talking about objectivity in the context I used is wrong .
          Though in the context of the International Media it is not .
          Very often they cherry pick facts to suit their particular agendas or knowingly omit facts to distort or remodel the truth .
          Must confess I do like the alternative thinking on +972 , even if I disagree with a some of it

          Reply to Comment
    2. Charles-Jerusalem

      They did not fire at media building, they fired at Hamas propaganda building.
      Sorry for being cynical, this is war.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Piotr Berman

      People who deny the Jewish state the right to destroy enemy communication antennas with whatever the number of journalists underneath objectively wish all Jews to be wiped out from the face of the Earth.

      Without means of self defence like flattening buildings from where hostile bytes can reach foreign countries and spew propaganda that benefits the terrorist Jewish state would be on the brink of extinction. It is not the first time that terrorist broadcasts had to be shut down by force.

      The threat comes usually from Ramallah. Last February IDF had to confiscate equipment of 3 TV stations there, 11-th such raid in the last 4 years. In the case of Wattan TV, IDF noticed that the signal, emitted for 16 years, could crash (by its evility) planes attempting to land or start at Ben Gurion airport.

      Luckily, necessary levels of vigilance got restored, and evil communication equipment is annihilated, by raids in Ramallah and by bombing in Gaza City.

      Reply to Comment