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WATCH: Palestinian activist responds to attacks on Breaking the Silence

“The Israeli occupation used to target Palestinian human rights defenders — now they’ve moved inside Israel,” Hebron-based activist with Youth Against Settlements, Issa Amro, tells +972 Magazine and Activestills.

Read more on the campaign against Breaking the Silence and human rights organizations in Israel.

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    1. AnitaEva

      Looking in from UK I see oppression of a people, I’m not interested in discussing a persons faith, in a democratic country ALL the people can speak freely about any issue they like, unless Ofcourse it is terrorist propaganda for it to be that they must pose a significant threat and have made threats of substantial violence to the country they live in. A photograph is in itself ART and ART is a gift that must be shared with the world, like it or not!

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    2. Proud Miza Jew

      I would rather be a Palestinian Jew than a Jew ordered to be Israeli and suffer this indignity, indoctrination and sheer inhumanity by Zionists and their messianic offshoots.

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