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WATCH: No to ‘settlements’ in Jaffa

A developer wants to evict 12 Palestinian families in order to build a Jewish-only luxury housing project in Jaffa’s Ajami neighborhood. Can we call it a settlement, or is it just gentrification?

Gentrification leaves one Jaffa family caged in their own home
Arabs and Jews come together to oppose gentrification in Jaffa
WATCH: Violent eviction of Palestinian family from Jaffa home

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    1. Jason Kidd

      The Nakba – the story of the Palestinian refugees is the greatest success
      story in the history of modern times – a success that is a complete fraud.
      There is no other group of “refugees” in the world that has gotten such
      broad global coverage. Not a week goes by without a conference, another
      conference, about the wretched state of the Palestinians. There is not a
      campus in the West that does not devote countless events, conferences and
      publications, each year or each month to the issue of the Palestinian
      refugees. They have become the ultimate victims. A million calamities and
      injustices and expulsions and population exchanges and acts of genocide and
      slaughter and wars have befallen the world since the Arabs, among them the
      Palestinians, declared a war of annihilation on Israel – but the Nakba of
      the Palestinians takes up most of the space. A visitor from another planet
      would think that it was the greatest injustice suffered by the entire
      universe since the Second World War. So it is best to shatter this lie. It
      is best to present the real facts. It is best to expose the fraud.

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    2. Ben

      In some places, Arabs are the new Jews. It’s socially acceptable in these places in these times to rant against Arabs and Muslims. It’s not considered polite, it’s considered coarse, something one does not do in polite, educated company, in public, but marginalized, pressed, resentful people from the disadvantaged social classes do it in public, as well as just plainly stupid people, and those with power and privilege wink at it and exploit it and calculate that it won’t get out of hand, that they’ll ride the bull and contain it. Exactly as happened when that American in Donald Trump’s audience yesterday told Trump that Muslims were a “problem in this country” and that the president of the United States was not an American. And Donald Trump let it pass entirely unchallenged. Not only that, but a man who claims to be fit to be POTUS repeats birther blather and when asked if a Muslim could be president said “Some people have said it already happened.” An absolutely classic demagogue. A cartoon narcissist. A sneaky insinuator exploiting nativist resentment. And that was after having let a lot of the crudest anti-Mexican bigotry pass from his own lips. This is how it used to be with Jews. And alongside them, Italians, Irish, Germans, Catholics, Poles, Chinese, etc. Now it’s the Arabs’ and Hispanics’ turn. The worlds these people come from are in crisis. But the crisis in Ireland that led thousands of Irish to flood America’s shores was the occasion for a huge amount of nativist anti-Irish and anti-Catholic bigotry. Trump is just the latest crude, sneaky exploiter of nativist bigotry. A truly loathsome fellow. Who, if it profited him to do to Jews what he’s doing to Arabs and Mexicans now, would not hesitate and would not bat an eyelash. Just picture Donald Trump born in Germany and coming of age in 1935. You *know* whose side he would be on and who he would be scapegoating. No doubt in my mind.

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      • Jason Kidd

        You have got to be kidding. Arabs//Muslims are the most protected, coddled group of people in the U.S. Look at any college campus where every microagression that this group cries about is addresses, often at the expense of Jewish or Isrseli students.
        Look at everyone lining up to coddle the DB who made a “clock”.

        Ben is about as intelligent as Corky from Life Goes On

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