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WATCH: New video of settler attack in Anatot released

The settler attack on Israelis and Palestinians that I reported on Friday night, which went largely uncovered in mainstream Israeli media, is now being reported on by both Haaretz and Channel 2 news. Both outlets are showing a new video that the activists have publicized, which was not ready when I posted. You can view it here below.  We apologize that there are no English subtitles, but the video mostly speaks for itself.

UPDATE: Video has come out with English subtitles:

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    1. RichardNYC

      Why should we care about this when something of actual consequence could be happening at the highest levels of the Israeli government to remove Anatot or cede its land to the PA? What’s the play here? Convince everyone that the settlers are baddies? Everyone in the world already thinks that – I guess you were there so it matters to you personally but maybe what’s happening on the diplomatic front is more important.

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    2. Philos

      RichardNYC, this is news worthy. Your comment is rather baffling

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    3. RichardNYC

      I guess its newsworthy in a page 12 kind of way – there’s nothing on 972 about the Quartet but we’re dwelling on mass scuffles and interfaith chats in Maryland? This site just doesn’t deliver on substantive analysis of strategic issues. I don’t think there’s anything baffling about my desire to talk about whether Anatot should stay or go instead of whether we should sympathize with settlers or leftists in this situation, which will be forgotten very soon.

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    4. annie

      richard, what do you think about the part at 3:33 in the video where you can see the assault in slowmo.

      what do you think about having a man crash a rock right down on your hrard with all your might? do you think he should be arrested?

      what about the other assault captured on film in slow motion?

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    5. Philos

      RichardNYC your reply is even more baffling. The point is that 972 picked up this story two days ago when the Israeli mainstream press (24/7 except for holidays and Shabbat) didn’t pick it up. They’re continuing to run with their story. If you don’t like their coverage then go read another news source.
      Although we all know you’re dying to feed us some more hasbara about Palestinian rejectionism in the face of a Quartet Proposal that Netenyahu only accepted because Merkel gave him some verbal abuse on the phone followed by a public dressing down. So let’s stay on this story about settler violence (which the Shin Bet is very concerned about too not just us namby pamby Leftists) and answer some of Annie’s very pertinent questions please.

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    6. Hobbs77

      State sponsored violence by state sponsored colonists…with the assistance of US tax dollars..

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    7. Sirene

      Thank you for sharing Mairav! While evils exists (on both sides), good is STILL, alive and well…

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    8. RichardNYC

      –>No, I don’t care what happened in this video because, as far as the Israel/Palestine conflict is concerned, its not really important. There are bigger things to talk about. If you were trying to liberate gay Americans, would you devote your time to talking about an assault on a gay man that someone got a good video of while Congress debated a homophobic constitutional amendment? You and Mairav want to gasp at the horror of the evil settlers…ok. But so what?

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    9. RichardNYC

      “The point is that 972 picked up this story two days ago when the Israeli mainstream press (24/7 except for holidays and Shabbat) didn’t pick it up.”
      –>That’s because a few broken bones aren’t national news when a country is debating its vital security interests at the UN. You’re right, 972 is more about the little things. I’m just not seeing the value anymore. There’s something very high school about a tit-for-tat media war where nobody actually puts all the facts in one piece.

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    10. Sirene

      @Richard, I am sorry you “don’t care”, but as a Palestinian with family in the middle of the danger, I do care, and I appreciate those who do. The settlers issue is a major element of peace negotiations are breaking down. About 20 years ago, when the Oslo agreement was signed, we were dealing with 100,000 settments, now, we are dealing with 500,000. People need to see the facts on the ground. They need to know why planting these illegal stelltements in the Palestinian occupied terretories is only breeding more hostility and adding more fuel to the fire.

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    11. That’s great, Richard. Maybe it’s time you moved on to other sites.

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    12. RichardNYC

      Thank You! you have just contributed more substance to this discussion than 972 has. I am not kidding in the least. My reaction, as an American consumer of media, is that stories like this are counter-productive because what’s happening here isn’t that bad compared to violence elsewhere in the world. When I see this, I think “wow, is that really the worst that’s going on?” If broken hands is “the best you can do”, then you’re not vying for my attention very well. Better to make bigger arguments, write about bigger issues. Western audiences have a very high threshold for tolerating death in foreign countries – focusing on this incident is like a concession that the problem isn’t actually serious. You can find viral videos of organized soccer brawls that are 10X more violent – and no one cares – its not international news. I’m not saying the violence is ok; I’m just saying that this kind of coverage looks petty and lacks perspective. The point is: if you’re against the occupation, this isn’t the card you want to play. Thoughts?

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    13. RichardNYC

      You want me to leave 972, so only the bien-pensants remain? But you guys are the cutting edge of anti-Zionist rhetoric. Where else am I going to find Arab Jews and settler pogroms? Nowhere else, that’s where.

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    14. Lumin

      That’s really more to do with bias of the media and how it operates, than actually the things themselves. There’s a scale of severity in violence relating directly to worth of attention now? Lives are mere numbers, right? Seriously, when you “don’t care” but keep posting, you’re trolling. I encourage everybody to ignore Richardnyc’s comments.

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    15. Sirene

      @Richard, I see, I think I do get what you are trying to say. But, your view is the mainstream media view, if it is not bloody enough then it is not news worthy, as you stated. Why, because to them (news networks)it is all about the ratings, and the entertainment factor rather than the truth and the actual reporting. +972, plays a critical role, that you might be overlooking,which is that these kinds of “newslets”, if I may call them so, add context. The much needed context that is always missing from the random disconnected, and propagandized “news worthy” stories that the media does show.The average tax payers in the states, who fund these settlements, have no comprehension of the extent of the daily aggressions and assaults they are contributing to against the Palestinian people; or how much they are actually harming Israel’s chances of ever having true peace and security. These small and constant struggles are the core of the conflict. it is not about Jews against Muslims and vice versa, as the media and politicians paint the picture to be. It is about basic human rights of dignity, liberality and freedom.

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    16. RichardNYC

      –>When you accuse people of ‘trolling’ without bothering to understand them, you do great injustice to the venerable institution of trolling.

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    17. RichardNYC

      –>I agree that the ‘newslet’ format has great potential to dig deeper and think bigger. I’m just disappointed that 972 hasn’t lived up to its potential in this respect. Take Yossi G and Ami K, both of whom wrote ominous pieces about the imminent one-state solution a little while ago, without bothering to explain at all how their predictions might come to pass. That is, a lot of content here presents a kind of slogan-level view of the conflict (no UN recognize = one state) without risking an actual discussion about this kind of hypothesis. I feel the same way about Mairav posting a video like what’s above and simply assuming that it “mostly speaks for itself.” There is a total lack of context. Has there been any discussion about the history of Anatot? Whose land it was founded on? What legal pretext the settlers are using? Whether it might remain in existence post-occupation? Was the protest was about exerting private rights or Palestinian national rights? I was in a seminar the other day in which a black professor argued with me against the power of citizen-journalism because she believed that authorities always have the ability to frame video evidence (e.g. Rodney King). This is why you need more – you need something comprehensive. The nytimes recently had a nice set of multimedia pieces that mapped out the settlements and explained in relative detail, as far as msm is concern, why settlements were a problem. Compare that to an 8 minute video with scuffling in the dark. It feel like the independent journalists covering the conflict are so personally invested in the story they don’t have the perspective to separate what a video means to them and what it looks like to someone 10,000 miles away. When you say “The average tax payers in the states, who fund these settlements, have no comprehension of the extent of the daily aggressions and assaults they are contributing to against the Palestinian people”, I wonder: does Sirene really think that this video demonstrates this point, to an American audience? I don’t imagine I’d want my family living in this environment, as you have, but if I did I don’t think I’d pretend that what’s depicted here is going to shock anyone. If its what you have, ok, I guess its what you have. But you can make a more persuasive case without relying on the pathos of a settler/protester media circus.

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    18. Philos

      RichardNYC, I genuinely think you’re being disingenuous. You know that what is depicted in the video is indefensible, makes your “side” look really bad and largely vindicates the claims made that most settlers are actually violent, brutish and racist colonizers who are no better and no worse than Afrikaner extremists were. They’d have to be to live there in the first place. I will concede that a little more information on Anatot and whose land they stole would also be nice.

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    19. directrob

      “What legal pretext the settlers are using?”
      The reasons assigned to justify an act, which have only the appearance of truth, and which are without foundation; or which if true are not the true reasons for such act.”
      Richard you probably intended to write something else but you are absolutely right it is just “pretext” what the settlers (and the Israeli government) are using to justify their actions.

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    20. Dr.Bill

      As for US media showing or reporting on incidents of gay bashing at times when Congress was debating some anti-Gay legislation (such as the Defense of Marriage Act) or pro-Gay legislation(ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the military) and other issues, “smaller stories” of discrimination and violence against homosexuals were reported in adjoining stories to the main story,not only in the print media, such as the NYTimes and elsewhwere but in the MSM as well.
      Now as to that video, I find it shocking and should not be dismissed as it is anecdotal, and succinct in showing the attitudes of a very large segment of the settler population. Lea Tsemel once told me Israel’s chief import from the United States was Jewish nuts. Since I don’t speak very much Hebrew, I would have liked to have had a translation of what was being said, although I suppose it was nothing more than a bunch of cursing. This was raw video except for the slo-mo. One other thing I would like to know –
      There were reports that the settlers were having some European skinheads show up to provoke violence. Now that one fellow in it, who was shown several times – in the first section during the day wearing a Black tanktop, and then in the night video wearing what looked like a tank top, and racing bicycle shorts, seemed to be only there to start physical concentrations – he was nothing but a thug, and I’m just wondering if he was hired by some one as an instigator.
      Lastly, Richard: You seem to me to be nothing but an apologist for the Zionists and think that the only place things happen is from the top down, when most times when changes occur it is from the bottom up.
      I see you are in NYC, have you been following the anti-wall street demos? We were down there the other day, and I haven’t seen this sort of thing since the Vietnam war. The young generation is finally waking up , and it is these kind of protests, as they increase in strength, that the politicians WILL HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO, just as they did in the Vietnam Era. The people power of the Palestinians, as well as Israelis and Jews around the world who sincerely believe in human justice vs. colonialism, imperialism, and growing fascism who will counter these pernicious notions. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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    21. dr.Bill

      in the above message, I of course meant “confrontations” not “concentrations”

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    22. […] of settlers attacked Palestinian and Israeli peace activists on two occasions. The violence was well-documented by the activists. The first attack happened during the day, the latter at night, when the activists returned to the […]

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    23. Canada

      RichardNYC: I think I can underst, and your point. It doesn’t necessarily seem like you are condoning the violence, but are rather criticizing that the coverage of it doesn’t hold the type of context required to inform an American audience (which is the audience 972 is most likely aiming for).

      An analogy could be taken of a protest I was at recently. The protesters were marching through the city, chanting and holding signs in French (though the city was mostly english). The signs were not very clear, and it seemed that no one in the crowd really had any concern about actually communicating their message to the general public – who was obviously very interested at what this rowdy bunch of protesters were making a stink about.

      I agree, this video, to an outsider without much background, would seem benign. But the bigger picture here is that the mainstream press, especially in the States, see settlers through rose-coloured glasses. When videos like this are shown (and explained properly) they help to reframe the context – this is the daily reality all across the West Bank. Part of the friction between the two communities exists because of the continued violence and intimidation from settlers.

      Yes, the settlers too have justification for their attacks – palestinian militant attacks on them and the threat of being evicted from their homes (and from a place they have tied their identity to) when a peace deal is reached. But the power imbalance is against the Palestinians here, and this sort of violence is widespread and thus needs to be highlighted.

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    24. Richard, no-one has patience for histrionics. If you want to comment, do so. If you don’t, then don’t. But spare us the announcements that you intend to stop commenting or you no longer find this forum interesting. That’s just tedious and childish.

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    25. Richard, let me give you the context in one paragraph.

      This is an example of the deepening of extremism in Israel. This kind of violence has often occurred, but this is one of, if not the first, times that it’s occurring to this degree, with semi-police backing, against Jewish Israeli protesters.

      If all you’ve seen in 972 is this video, then yes, it’s not going to make much sense. But if you’ve read more articles here (and/or in another Israeli news site, and then tried to connect-the-dots) you’d get a reasonable idea of the bigger picture and how it fits in.

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    26. Kibbutznik

      ‘ If all you’ve seen in 972 is this video, then yes, it’s not going to make much sense. But if you’ve read more articles here (and/or in another Israeli news site, and then tried to connect-the-dots) you’d get a reasonable idea of the bigger picture and how it fits in. ‘

      Or he could watch this :


      this one is American RichardNYC , is that okay for you ?

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    27. RichardNYC

      If you think I’m engaging in histrionics you shouldn’t have responded to me.
      What kind of extremism are you talking about? These settlers don’t look like kippot srugot to me. I would be curious to understand better what motivates secular-looking people to behave this way. Are they even secular?
      I spent about 10 minutes online trying to figure out the history of Anatot and Palestinian land claims against it – I didn’t find anything. So no, I don’t think its that easy to get a bigger picture. Someone who wants to actually have an informed opinion about whose land this is cannot do so on 972 or anywhere else it seems – they cannot expect us to just take their word for it that the Palestinian protester ‘has the papers’. That’s a bad joke.

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    28. Deïr Yassin

      Richard from New York writes:
      “I spent about 10 minutes online trying to figure out the history of Anatot and Palestinian land claims against it – I didn’t find anything”

      Maybe you should try to google “international law” “occupied territories” or look at Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention which states: “The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territories it occupies”.
      Oh, I forgot, “God gave us this land”….

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    29. Richard, you are mistaken in your assumption that only religious settlers are extremists. Most of the Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu party members of Knesset are secular.

      Peace Now documents that more than half of Anatot is built on privately owned Palestinian land. I’m sure they’l be happy to provide you with more details if you contact them directly.

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    30. RichardNYC

      I cannot read Hebrew, but this document looks like it merely states a claim. My point is precisely that coverage is incomplete when the reader has to email Peace Now and then the Israeli government to form an opinion about whose land this is. For someone how has a basic knowledge of the history of the Miri/Mewat system and its progeny in British and Israeli law, there are big questions like (1) has the Palestinian guy sued and lost? (2) was his land previously registered under a different regime? I don’t pretend to know the answers. But if you and Mairav care about presenting a credible argument, you should be more comprehensive. You can make effete comments about my attitude, but I too care about disengagement, and its discouraging to see what is supposed to be a vanguard news outlet leaving holes for settlers to fill with their own arguments.

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    31. 2

      @RichardNYC – “What’s the play here? Convince everyone that the settlers are baddies? Everyone in the world already thinks that – I guess you were there so it matters to you personally but maybe what’s happening on the diplomatic front is more important.”
      Not everyone in the world thinks that, not in Israel, not in the USA, not in Canada, for starters. The absolute level of violence is irrelevant. The level of violence expected of any particular group and the reasons for the violence are relevant. Very few around the world think that the settlers are anywhere near as violent as some soccer fans. That their violence not only actually approaches that of some soccer fans but also occurs rather more regularly would be an eye-opener for lots of people. That’s not only not a page 12 story, but is might rate a NY Times front page feature. Some soccer fans’ violence is essentially entertainment for them. Settler violence is truly on life-and-death premises, faulty though they might be. It’s probably also entertainment for some of them, those with characters and temperaments like those of some soccer fans. Finally, the settlers’ violence is intended to influence diplomacy, isn’t it? As are the Palestinians’ and Israeli activists’ protests. You might think this through dispassionately. The earnest and well-intentioned attempts at accommodating RichardNYC’s first statements push a moderation on them not in accord with the seeming spirit of his first phrases.

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    32. Richard – the document is in Hebrew and English. You can read it.

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    33. The Israeli settlers must know that they’re stealing Palestinian land. What is wrong with these people? Israelis seem the most racist people on our planet.

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    34. Joe

      I think many of you are making assumptions about RichardNYC and not really addressing his main points. Maybe you know this person from other comments, but I’ll assume you are mostly assuming things about him. I’m coming from an anti-zionist one state perspective to the solution, just so no one accuses me of things and makes further assumptions. Basically, I see RichardNYC’s point as being pretty simple and not sure why all of you had the need to get defensive rather than provide a decent counter argument – I think I only saw one. Posting a video online about a street brawl and then giving it a title really doesn’t do much. The author of this blog post had the chance to provide historical and present-day context to this video. instead, the video was put up without commentary. I think that’s the simple matter of it. If this is meant to expose then it only does this for the people who are exposed to the details already, but it might not do much for people who are not aware. And RichardNYC argues that it could even backfire since a street brawl, where we don’t even get to see blood, may not really get people’s attention. Except the attention of people like myself, but this stuff already has my attention.

      Personally, I agree with him, even if we might not agree on our politics (since I don’t know where he’s coming from). Next time, this blog could do a better job by adding a paragraph or two alongside a video, especially when the video is shorter than many mainstream media sound and video bites.

      Having said this, I think this news item is important. But it loses importance when it isn’t explained.

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    35. RichardNYC

      The English language contents of that document doesn’t tell us anything of substance – I was pretty sure the Hebrew didn’t either but I did not want to assume. Palestinians have built plenty on land they do not privately own, so, leaving national rights off the table, its not reasonable to expect 0% skepticism about the Palestinian claim, especially since its desert, which was harder to cultivate and thus register in the olden days.
      Mine is a Zionist, 2state/3state perspective

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    36. joe

      thanks. I stand corrected.

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    37. Richard. The information you claim to seek is easily available if you are genuinely interested. Call or email Peace Now. Or you can spend all your time squatting on comment threads, engaging in pointless arguments.

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    38. RichardNYC

      “Very few around the world think that the settlers are anywhere near as violent as some soccer fans.”
      –>right, that’s the problem. focusing on their relatively tepid displays of violence won’t impress anyone, especially when the audience isn’t even convinced that the victims were in the right because we don’t know whose land it actually is.
      Ouch. The actual import of what I’m squatting on would probably frighten you.

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    39. RichardNYC

      Ok I think I’ve made some progress on this. In Peace Now’s 2006 report they define “private Palestinian land” (p. 8-9) to include “Cultivated land which is recognized by Israel as private land according to Ottoman law”; I.E., land that Palestinians would be eligible to register if it were 1908 but which neither the Ottomans themselves, nor the British, nor the Jordanians ever recognized as private. Whether the Anatot land in question belongs to this b*llshit category or was actually registered before 1968 I don’t know, but I just lost a lot of respect for Peace Now if they think they have the authority to apply Ottoman Law for the purpose of asserting that land is private. Doesn’t it bother any 2-staters here that everything Peace Now has written about this is now suspect? Does anyone else care about this credibility problem, or that fact that 972 is making the same mistake? Some correct me if I’ve read the report incorrectly.

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    40. Israel recognizes the land as privately owned. The ownership was established during Ottoman times and is confirmed in Ottoman records.

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    41. RichardNYC

      Please be more specific about what “Israel recognizes the land as privately owned” means. Peace Now used the same phraseology but what they really meant was that Israel would recognize the land as having the potential to be privately owned if it were 1908. I doubt this is what you mean to say. Do you mean that an Israeli court has ruled in favor of the Palestinian claimant?

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    42. Richard:

      1) Ottoman records of property ownership are recognized according to Israeli law;

      2) If a Palestinian proves ownership based on Ottoman-era records, then the court accepts that documentation.

      3) Even when the court confirms Palestinian ownership, the settlers over-ride the courts.

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    43. RichardNYC

      1) That’s not always the case.
      2) That’s not always the case.
      3) That’s not always the case.
      You didn’t answer my question: did an Israeli court, in this case, rule in favor of the Palestinian claimant?

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    44. So, Richard, basically you’re just being argumentative. Look up your own facts. I’m not paid to be your personal source of information.

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    45. RichardNYC

      That’s true, you’re not paid to be my personal source of information, but you are a contributor to this site, and this is a thread about a disputed piece of land – so it would make a lot of sense for you, or Mairav, or someone to clarify one of the most crucial issues related to this story: does the Palestinian man possess an entitlement under Israeli law? So, basically, I’m not being argumentative, I’m looking for answers from the people who believe themselves expert enough to start a news website, on a thread that’s about what I’m interested in. Don’t respond to me if you don’t care, but this is the 3rd time you’ve made a personal comment about me and I’ve not said anything personal about you. Either concede that you don’t know or tell me the answer.

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    46. Kibbutznik

      ‘ does the Palestinian man possess an entitlement under Israeli law? ‘

      under occupation law no Palestinian posseses entitlement to anything RichardNYC

      read @ http://www.kibush.co.il/show_file.asp?num=48885

      ‘For four years Yasin Abu Saleh el-Rifai and his wife Iman are fighting an almost
      doomed battle to save their land. The plot has belonged to his family, the el-
      Rifai family, for generations and it is his land, by inheritance. His
      grandfather`s tomb is situated there too. The impressive structure of the tomb
      still stands, but the settlers have desecrated it, removing the bones from the
      tomb and destroyed the any remains in order to eliminate the evidence.
      Unfortunately for him, and for many other residents of Anata, some of them
      members of his family, an Israeli settlement by the name of Anatot (aka Almon)
      was built on their land in 1982. This settlement has grown over the years and
      today its fenced-off area includes hundreds of acres of private, taboo-
      registered Palestinian land, which the Palestinian owners cannot access.

      A few words about this settlement: the settlers of Anatot are some of the worst
      people. It is a secular, extreme right-wing settlement of police officers and
      army officers, some of them retired. So the law is with them…and far away from
      the public eye they do what they want, a constant rampage. Sicilian Mafia in
      Israel of 2011. Netanyahu`s personal driver is also a resident of Anatot.’

      Reply to Comment
    47. RichardNYC

      Plenty of Palestinians have title to private property that is recognized by Israeli courts and sometime, though not often enough, protected by state power. Either you believe in the rule of law or you don’t. If this land belonged to his family for generations, then he had a century to register it. Did he? Was it recognized by an Israeli court? Is anyone ever going to answer this or does 972 stand behind vigilante justice w/r/t property disputes? Its starting to seem that way…

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