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WATCH: Nabi Samuel - a village in a cage

Residents of the village of Nabi Samuel live in a place where they do not have authorization to be. Relatives and friends cannot visit because of checkpoints and walls, residents must to spend hours at checkpoints to go to work, they need permission from the courts to plant a tree, not to mention building rights.

The village of Nabi Samuel was occupied by Israel in 1967. Four years later residents were deported to an area nearby and their homes destroyed. The village area was declared a national park and last year the Civil Administration began to promote a plan to establish an archaeological site around the mosque and cemetery. This is their story.

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    1. Rehmat

      The story of residence of village of Nabi Samuel is not worse than the stories of over 400 Palestinian villages along with over 600 mosques destroyed by the Jewish terrorist groups in the early days of state of Israel.

      How many Israelis know that Israel’s capital Tel Aviv is built over stolen Arab land?

      Tel Aviv, the so-called “Born out of Sand” city with no Arab living around – though established on a sandy region near the shore – was part of a complex ecosystem that included citrus orchards and farms, Jafa and its famous port, mills, Bedouin encampments, and SIX Palestinian villages. the remnants of one village, Summel, are still visible along Ibn Girol Street.


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      • The Trespasser

        >How many Israelis know that Israel’s capital Tel Aviv is built over stolen Arab land?

        1) Israel’s capital is Jerusalem.

        2) Arabs have about as much rights for any land outside Arab peninsula as they had for Andalus – which is none.

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        • Rehmat

          How many foreign countries have their embassies in West Jerusalem?

          Al-Andalus was “Jewish Golden Age”, according to Jewish Orientalist Dr. Bernard Lewis. But for a paranoid Zionist Jew, any historica truth about Muslim-Jewish relation is antisemitism.

          Jacob Bender, an American Jewish film-maker tells the story of Al-Andalus. Watch video below.


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          • Ginger Eis

            Rehmat, surely you mean Bahleztinian (not Palestinian) villages, no? And by Jerusalem you mean “Al Quds”, no? Seriously, how come your people are known by a name they themselves CAN’T even pronounce? Doesn’t that tell you that you are FOREIGN to the land? Anyways, now you know that war is a messy business. Before you fantasize about annihilating the “Jooz” and pompously go to war to achieve that goal, you need to think twice, heavily. Your people are always the ones to start wars. Your people are always the ones to lose the wars they started. Your people are always the ones to cry like babies and beg for world sympathy after they have lost the wars they started. Ain’t that pathetic?

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          • The Trespasser

            It does not quite matter where the embassies are. Sufficient is the fact that the Parliament is located in Jerusalem and all heads of states are visiting her and not Tel Aviv.

            Your claim that Al-Andalus was Jew’s Golden Age is not relevant to the fact that Arabs had no rights for that land and, eventually, were kicked out.

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          • There are several countries where the official capital and de facto seat of government are – for various reasons – separated:Israel is but one example.

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          • The Trespasser

            “Official capital” is not the same as “internationally recognized capital”

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        • Felix Reichert

          “2) Arabs have about as much rights for any land outside Arab peninsula as they had for Andalus – which is none.”

          So that means that basically ALL Americans, by which I mean everyone but the indiginous population, should get the fuck out ofthe two American continents, and move back to Europe.

          Right? RIGHT?

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          • The Trespasser

            Would anyone scrutinize Native Americans for taking back their continent? Not me, mister, that I can tell ya.

            Thinking of that, Native Americans aren’t exactly native, since their ancestors came from Asia mere 40000-50000 years ago.

            So, what period of time should pass so that newly immigrated population becomes native and who is in position to judge that?

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          • Ginger Eis

            Felix, the Land Of Israel has always been the Ancestral Home Land Of The Jewish People. Jerusalem has always been the Center and Capital of NO OTHER People than The Jewish People! The destruction of Jerusalem and expulsion of the Jews by the Romans does NOT change this basic truth. Just as England will always be the ancestral home of the English regardless the duration of their exile from England, Israel remained and will always be the ancestral home of the Jewish People regardless of the duration of their exile. Even during said exile, Jews maintained their presence in the Land Of Israel until the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. Jews are an “indigenous population”! The comparison you make re ‘native Americans’ is fallacious, for it is based on false premise and fails on that ground.

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    2. The Trespasser

      >Residents of the village of Nabi Samuel live in a place where they do not have authorization to be.

      Since no-one had authorised them to occupy vicinity of the tomb of a prominent Jewish prophet, so technically this claim is correct.

      >Relatives and friends cannot visit because of checkpoints and walls…

      Well, until their friends and relatives had developed a lovely habit of blowing themselves up in places crowded with Israelis, there was no wall and hardly any checkpoints.

      >residents must to spend hours at checkpoints to go to work


      1) There is no checkpoint between the village and mainland Israel
      2) Long queues at checkpoints occur only when Palestinian workers are crossing, which happens at morning hours when Palestinians come to work in Israel and afternoon hours when they are returning to their homes. Since the village is located at the Israeli side of the border, villagers travelling to their work and back will always be moving against the main traffic.

      >they need permission from the courts to plant a tree, not to mention building rights.

      And rightly so, since the state must safeguard its historical sites.

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    3. Ginger Eis

      It is no longer a secret that SocialTV is funded by FOREIGN governments to promote its anti-Zionist agenda. The problem with SocialTV though is that its employees are mediocre, while its programs as well as the quality thereof are very crude and inferior and, amount to raw propaganda and vitriol. All SocialTV videos are heavily edited out of its original context and presented in a different context to suite a manufactured reality. Most of the demonstrations in their video clips are staged and choreographed for propaganda purposes. During said demonstrations the handful of foreign protesters present outnumber the local ones, while the Arab photo “journalists” usually outnumber both foreign- and local protesters together. But, somehow the SocialTV-brainiacs have convinced themselves that they (beyond successfully throwing red-anti-Zionist-meat to scavengers like Danny, Jonny, Sunny, Nanny, Manny, Philos and Rehmat) are convincing anyone. Very impressive, guys. Indeed, the enemies of Israel are extremely smart! Watch out Israel.

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    4. Rehmat

      Nope, I have never been good with “ginger bread”. Zionist can call Palestinian natives by any name – but they’re son of the soil – while the great majority of Zionist Jews from Europe are not even Semite or Israelites.

      Do you think, professor Eran Elhaik (Johns Hopkins University) is Jewish? Well, he says he is Jewish, Zionist and Israeli, but don’t believe that Ashkenazis are Semites.


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      • The Trespasser

        “We conclude that the genome of European Jews is a tapestry of ancient populations including Judaized Khazars, Greco–Roman Jews, Mesopotamian Jews, and Judeans and that their population structure was formed in the Caucasus and the banks of the Volga with roots stretching to Canaan and the banks of the Jordan.”

        Reply to Comment
          • The Trespasser

            >If you really believe that, shouldn’t you and others like you be following Helen Thomas’ advice?

            Nah. There is no historical precedence to a situation when people who created a state, despite all efforts of their adversaries, gave it up – their only state, not a colony – on their own accord.

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    5. Isn’t it great! Not only does Nabi Samuel no longer exist, but talk about it no longer existing no longer exists, because somebody said Tel Aviv was the capital of Israel, after which we learn that “your people” can’t pronounce “Jerusalem” correctly which is proof that they don’t live there, and that Social TV is another foreign puppet out to destroy Israel or at least Zionism through bad production values and mediocre presenters, and let’s just not talk about their infernal unending reediting!

      Boy, I’m so glad I hang out at 972!

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      • Ginger Eis

        Greg, ever heard of the saying: “thy speech bewrayeth thee”? I guess yes, no? I am also sure that you know or must have heard that ‘Generally Sheared Observation/Experience’ is a scientific evidence, no? Now, let us apply these principles to the present case. The people known as Palestinians (a) call themselves “Bahlestinians” and (b) pronounce the word Palestine as “Bahlestine”, while having NO indigenous- or other foreign name(s) by which they identify themselves AND the land they claim. This is UNIQUE, STRANGE and raises serious questions. How come Palestinians (1) can’t pronounce their OWN ethnic name, (2) can’t pronounce the name of the land they claim and from which their ethnic name is derived and (3) have no other indigenous name for (3a) the land they claim and (3b) themselves as an ethnic group separate from other Arabs? The ONLY answer is: the people known as Palestinians are foreign-migrants (from different regions) to “Palestine” (and as such have no indigenous ethnic name for themselves and can neither pronounce their currently ASSUMED ethnic name nor that of the land from which that name was derived, because both the land and its name are foreign to them and their mother-tongue). Indeed, “thy speech bewrayeth thee”. Don’t agree? Not rioting, pls. Let’s hear your arguments.

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        • Haifawi

          I apologize to Greg in advance.

          as for you, Gingie. oh, you mean ‘Falastin.’ Nobody says ‘Balestine,’ unless they are speaking ENGLISH.
          Should we go back to calling the big spring/waterfalls in the Golan the ‘Panias?’

          Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            Indeed, Haifi, the “Palestinians” have a habit of saying ONE THING in English when they speak with Westerners and ANOTHER THING in Arabic when communicate with their people. To Westerners they claim to be Palestinians. Amongst themselves they acknowledge they are no such thing. Even the word “Falastin” is FOREING to the Arabs, the Arabic language and the Arabic culture. “Falastin” is derived from the word “Philistine” (Greek) and later “Palestina” (latin in 135 AD), while ALL scholars AND historians agree that the Philistines are (a) non-Semitic and (b) FOREIGN to the Middle East.

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        • Glenn

          Actually, the Arabs and Israelis refer to palestinians as “phalestineians” not with a “b” sound.

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      • Ginger Eis

        Greg and Haifi, for further reading google Azmi Bishara (PhD): there is no such thing as Palestinian People or Palestinian nation.

        Haifi, I posed FIVE (i.e. 5) QUESTIONS which you have not answered, yet. Pls. answer those questions and in context.

        See also:


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    6. Ginger Eis

      Re SocialTV
      Greg, things I wrote about SocialTV are well documented. When “human right” activists engage in fabrications and distortions for inter alia financial gains (SocialTV-execs draw HUGE salaries from said FOREIGN FUNDS), they are nothing but fraudsters and charlatans. That’s a legitimate debate topic re SocialTV and the gist of my post. Frankly I don’t give a damn that you go bonkers whenever light is shined on leftist orgs. and I see NO wrong in using the phrase: “your people” within the context it was used (take your false righteousness to someone else!). Debate the CONTENT of my post and I will correct myself if shown to be wrong. But you MUST stop cherry-picking words here and there from different posters to create YOUR own FALSE “REALITY” you can then zoom-in on and attack. That’s dishonest. No one said that “Palestinians” “can’t pronounce Jerusalem correctly is proof that they don’t live there”, nor can any healthy mind interpret what was actually said the way you did! Why distort and lie, Greg?

      Reply to Comment
      • “nor can any healthy mind interpret what was actually said the way you did! Why distort and lie, Greg?”

        Because I am an unhealthy mind being paid out of petty cash from the HUGE Social TV exec salaries from FOREIGN FUNDS.

        If you want to remove (present) residency claim based on how people pronounce words, go for it. I couldn’t believe what I was reading so made a joke.

        Whatever this post was about is long gone. You’ve managed to talk people out of the room.

        Thanks for the laugh, though. I haven’t had such a good one in awhile.

        I’m going to go distort truth somewhere now with my unhealthy mind.

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