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WATCH: MK Tibi tears picture of Meir Kahane over Knesset podium

Two days ago, National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari was photographed in his chambers tearing up a copy of the New Testament. Yeterday, MK Ahmad Tibi responded.

I’m quite tired of MK Tibi’s gimmicks and theatrics and what seems to be a constant need to get a headline. I agree with Speaker Reuven Rivlin who claims it just lowers the Knesset’s “esteem” (what esteem exactly, I don’t know… but still).

Yet, I can’t shake the feeling that if I had a picture of a man who for me epitomizes so much of the evil that has cursed this world through generations (and still, I condemn his murder. Any murder) – I’d be very tempted to do exactly what Tibi did.


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    1. sh

      I think Tibi should have beat Ben-Ari and his bovver boys by not joining them. Throwing water over colleagues and ripping up bibles and photos in front of conveniently-placed cameras are embarrassments to the Israeli electorate and the worst role models possible for kids. Just shows you that intelligence and wisdom ain’t the same thing.

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    2. Aaron

      As I said in the other post, too many clowns, on the right and the left. But the thing is, Tibi is a very smart guy and a talented politician. Unlike the others, he can’t plead stupidity as an excuse. He should be above this kind of thing.

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    3. Ari

      Ben-Ari is a disgrace to Israel. He should have been dismissed from his position as MK after he insulted Christians not only in Israel, but all around the world too.

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    4. Ari

      Ben-Ari has been barred from visiting the U.S., his country of birth, due to his association with the extremist Kach movement, banned in Israel.

      Tibi is only saying out loud what everyone in Knesset thinks: ben Ari does not belong there.

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    5. Mia

      Thank you Ahamd Tibi! It reminded me of Chaim Herzog’s speech at the UN in 1975, when he tore the General Assembly’s resoution that equated zionism to racism. Ben Ari is as a disgrace to the Israeli parliamnet as that resolution was to the United Nations


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    6. Danny

      Ahmad Tibi is one of Israel’s finest parliamentarians, whose Hebrew is better than most of his Jewish colleagues, whose mannerisms are mostly refined (I’ve never heard him say or do anything offensive, which for Jewish MK’s is a daily occurrence) and who bravely stands up for his beliefs and values in the face of increasingly draconian laws and actions being created in the knesset. I wish we had more Tibis and less Ben Aris, Regevs and Danons.

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    7. CigarButNoNice

      @Danny “whose mannerisms are mostly refined (I’ve never heard him say or do anything offensive,”
      Tibi mostly refined, never done anything offensive? LOLOLOL. The one who recited the Kos Amok poem after the cup-pouring incident with Majadle, refined? ROTFL.

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