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WATCH: MK claims gays interfere with army’s ability to fight

After Yisrael Beiteinu MK Anastasia Michaeli’s rant a few days ago against homosexuals (which will apparently continue in a lengthy interview later this week in Maariv) it was MK Uri Ariel’s (National Union) turn to do some gay-bashing.

On June 18 he was interviewed on the Knesset channel and said that gays should not be drafted into the IDF.


There’s a lot of buzz on the social networks, saying that Ariel and Michaeli’s statements are just an attempt to divert attention from the coalition’s bigger problems and crimes (the Ulpana neighborhood, Finance Minister Steinitz giving billions to the corporations, the South Sudanese deportation and much, much more).

But first of all, Ariel isn’t part of the coalition.

And second, I think that’s giving this government way too much credit. They’re not that savvy.

The bottom line is, this Knesset is full of ignorant, dark, primitive voices.

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    1. sh

      “The bottom line is, this Knesset is full of ignorant, dark, primitive voices.”
      That’s for sure. Television is too. This interviewer’s a case in point. The guy was saying how the Torah works. All the enlightenment in the world won’t change the words of the Torah and this is a knitted kippa guy who chooses to interpret them literally with regard to military recruitment – not madly surprising seeing who he is. And the interviewer was pinkwashing for Israel instead of interviewing him on Ulpana or Steinitz’s latest plan for keeping tycoons sweet, deporting African migrants by the same door as they let more in or repeatedly driving Palestinian families from their homes (viz Palestinian Susya) or, ahem, the occupation.

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    2. I’m not sure – I didn’t see the whole interview. But, it’s pretty safe to say she didn’t ask him about the occupation (the what???) 😉

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    3. Sandy

      Maybe this horrid fellow is right, in a backwards sort of way:

      Many/most gays have experienced oppression on a personal level (I can only imagine including during their service in the army, whatever the IDF Spokesperson might say, the hypermasculine and violent culture of armies does not take kindly to anyone that strays from the, well, straight and narrow). Having experienced oppression might lead many gays to have more empathy for those whom our army oppresses as a part of its occupation (its what???), and perhaps they’ll be less excited to oppress.

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    4. Piotr Berman

      I do not know Hebrew, so I do not know specifics of the “rant”.

      There are some ways in which gays may interfere with the ability of IDF. For example, minister of the interior, Eli Yishai observed that soldiers of IDF, unlike IDF in the good old days, do not pay sufficient attention to Heavens. Again, I do not know the full quote, but I think that the full theory is that the support from the Heavens is improved when soldiers’ attention is properly directed. (Not being an expert, I have no idea how such conclusion can be tested.) If you follow Yishai theory, if gays can distract soldiers’ attention from Heavens, they would have a detrimental role. Especially if Israel would face Hezbollah or Iranian troops who enjoy comprehensive theological support.

      By the way, it seem that MK Uri Ariel seems that before People of Israel came to the region (from Ur or from Egypt slavery?) they did not have “this phenomenon” but upon arrival (a bad choice?) “they were exposed to this type of phenomena”. And all those Kana’anite TV channels took their toll. How he knows, I have no idea — by appearance he seems to belong to a yet earlier geological era, antediluvian. His shirt seems absolutely unique… marking of a reptilian during mating season?

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    5. Danny

      What a revolting creature this guy is. He looks like a combination of Quasimodo and Golum. It’s Jews like him that make understand anti-semites a little better.

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    6. Aaron the Fascist Troll

      Wow, what a stupid and rude woman that interviewer was. She keeps interrupting the guy and putting words in his mouth. She definitely wasn’t listening to what he was trying to say. I know it’s TV and all, but wow, she’s pretty dumb.
      Not that the interviewee was making much of a coherent argument either. He starts off with a pragmatic argument, then he switches to the Torah. Well, which is it?
      I’d be open to the pragmatic argument for not drafting gays if someone talked about real, existing problems that are being caused now by gays in the army – not about some theoretical reasons why it would disrupt combat ability. But the Torah argument seems totally bogus, unless you only want to draft observant Jews. Basically, it was just one stupid person interviewing another. And here I am commenting on it, so what does that make me.

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    7. Regular Reader

      comment deleted

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    8. guess you won’t be a regular on my channel. I know, I know. My loss.
      I can live with it.

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    9. Regular Reader

      comment deleted

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    10. Ami: “right wingers like you who are putting my people in danger” (from another thread, turned off)
      I understand. I wish I didn’t, sometimes. I really do.

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    11. Thank you, Greg.

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    12. Piotr Berman

      Aaron, as usually, cannot comprehend how another person may think.

      To a person like Uri Ariel, the most rational arguments are those that are supported by the Torah. And actually, I think that other arguments did not make much sense. On what basis does he evaluate battle effectiveness of units that have gay members? Are they less effective operating drones? Chopping trees? Demolishing villages? Destroying roads? Operating checkpoints? Flying bomber planes? Which tasks are performed less effectively? Then there is an argument that Hashem does not like them. But given the choice whose life to risk, perhaps the best should keep studying Torah, and the least virtuous could be sent to particularly risky duties like chopping trees behind the fence along the Lebanese border? Does Ariel recommend to do the reverse? Gays should study the Torah, and the pious ones should chop trees.

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