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WATCH: Masked settlers throw stones at Israeli activists

Incident comes one week after six-year-old girl was wounded by stone-throwing in the exact same location.

Settlers from the illegal outpost Havat Maon in the southern West Bank hurled rocks at a group of Israeli activists on Saturday, just one week after a six-year old Palestinian girl was attacked and wounded in her head in the exact same place.

Three settlers, who appear to be quite young, used slingshots to hurl stones at the group of activists. No one was hurt in the incident.

In the video, you can hear Guy, a documentarian of the occupation and veteran activist from Ta’ayush, a Jewish-Palestinian activist group that hold weekly nonviolent activists in the occupied West Bank, calling the police to come quickly. They arrived within 10 minutes, he told +972, but didn’t make a genuine effort to find the assailants.

“This is especially troubling because of how often it has been occurring, over and over. The girl who was hurt here just last week — her father was stabbed here exactly four years ago. There have been dozens of violent incidents like this, all from Havat Maon,” says Guy. This time, he added, the police appear to be taking a more active role in investigating the incident, likely due to media coverage.

The Mount Hebron Regional Council told Israeli news site Walla! that they do not know the identity of the settlers and are against violence, but added that “Ta’ayush anarchists come every week with Palestinians to the area to stir provocations,” that they are “funded by foreign governments” and “intentionally edit videos to make the residents [settlers] look bad in the foreign press.”

Ta’ayush activists has been documenting violence from the Havat Maon outpost for over a decade.

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    1. Pedro X

      Maybe 972mag should show the dog which Arabs burnt to death and the house burnt to the ground when Arab activists invaded two farms in Havat Gilad a couple of years ago. It might have mentioned the clashes over pasture land when Arab threw rocks.

      Jewish farmers in the community of Kfar Adumim, near Jerusalem, lost 220 olive trees this weekend.

      972mag only mentions one side of the story. It fails to mention Palestinian violence on Israelis in Judea and Samaria. For instance, on March 17 near Jerusalem an Egged Bus was the object of a stoning attack by Arabs. A young Israeli child was injured and required medical attention. These attacks against Israelis happen continually.

      A Jewish man was driving to a local store to buy something when he passed Bethlehem near the Hussan Junction in the Gush Etzion area. His car was targeted with a firebomb. The driver suffered first and second degrees burns to his body. The Hussan Junction in the Gush Etzion has been subject to continuing Arab attacks with rocks and firebombs against Israeli cars and buses.

      A few months back an eleven year old female Israeli child returning from an enriched math class in Jerusalem had the car in which she was riding fire bombed. She suffered third degree burns over her body. Adele Briton recently died from complications from a stoning attack. Does 972mag publish any pictures of these injured Israelis?

      The above article suggest that Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Judea and Samaria is nearly a daily occurrence. Yet it fails to mention the magnitude of Palestinian attacks on Israeli citizens in Judea and Samaria. United Hatzallah in 2013 released statistics on the number of Arab attacks on Israeli citizens living in Judea and Samaria. For the first six months of 2013 there were 5635 attacks, that is an average of 31 attacks per day or more than one attack every hour for the first 182 days of the year. 611 of those attacks were fire bombs thrown at Israeli citizens.

      So, why does not 972mag tell the whole story about Arab and Israeli violence against each other in Judea and Samaria? I think that it has something to do with the bias and incitement of hatred which 972mag exhibits on a daily basis against Jewish Israelis.

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      • Bruce Gould

        It must be said: Palestinian violence is the violence of the dispossessed, Israeli violence is the violence of the dispossessor. The Israelis depopulate entire areas, they treat the Palestinians like stones to be moved around the landscape however they wish – that doesn’t excuse anything, it doesn’t justify anything. “Israeli Court Orders Demolition of Palestinian Village in West Bank”:


        “An Israeli court has issued an order to demolish Susya and relocate its residents under the claim that the village was built illegally on a land that is under Israeli control, activist Rateb al-Jabour told the Anadolu Agency.”

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    2. Weiss

      So will the IDF be raiding the homes of these settlers without any warrant, to arrest & interrogate their children in the middle of the night as they do to the Palestinians on a regular basis?

      I still have yet to hear even ONE of these Right-Wing Fascist Brown-Shirts condemn the brutal attack on the 6 year old Palestinian girl…

      Reply to Comment
      • Pedro X


        “So will the IDF be raiding the homes of these settlers without any warrant”

        A word to the weiss, here are some examples:

        Arutzsheva.com 2012

        “A Jewish man from the Hevron hills is in jail for attempting to defend his community, his attorney argues.

        Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir is representing the man, who was arrested after a confrontation with far-left activists near the community of Maon, where he lives. The far-left group was attempting to enter the community when the clash occurred.

        Ben-Gvir dismissed charges that his client had attacked the leftist group, arguing, “If the young man had attacked them, we know from past experience that there would be footage of some sort of attack.”

        The man’s remand was extended by two days on Sunday.”

        jpost 2013:

        “officers crawled to his [Boaz Albert’s] house in the dark of night to avoid detection until the last possible moment, the DIP said. Even so, the ministry said, stones were thrown at the officers outside Albert’s home. Once the officer entered the home, Albert initially resisted arrest by running into different parts of his caravan home, until he was cornered, the ministry said.

        Border police used the Taser gun to subdue Albert so they could move him out of the house and leave the area quickly to avoid additional attacks by Albert’s supporters, the ministry said.”

        Haaretz reported that Albert was repeatedly shocked by tazer guns while not resisting. His brother was also tazered.

        Arutzsheva 2015:

        “The Israel Security Agency (ISA, or Shin Bet), arrested a 17-year-old Jewish youth in a nighttime raid on Od Yosef Chai yeshiva in Yitzhar, Samaria.”

        Arutzheva April 11, 2014:

        “Police responded with “riot dispersal means,” injuring two settlers, Samri said. Eight people were arrested.

        Security forces early Thursday morning arrested five residents of the Yitzhar settlement on suspicion of involvement in Tuesday’s attack.

        Two of the suspects were teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18,”

        Arutzsheva: 2012

        The youth was taken to the Nationalistic Crimes Section in the Central Unit of the Judea and Samaria District Police.

        “Hevron-area police arrested a right-wing activist, Sunday, on suspicion of throwing rocks at leftist and Palestinian Authority agitators who went to the southern Hevron hills Jewish community of Havat Maon on Shabbat. He faces a hearing on Monday for extension of his remand.

        Earlier on Sunday, the detention of another Havat Maon resident was extended until Tuesday, following his arrest following complaints of the leftists and Arabs that they were attacked when they went to Havat Maon. The Havat Maon resident was seen wearing a mask and carrying a club. While some among the leftists and Arabs were detained for questioning, none were arrested.”

        “A scuffle that occurred between Jews, Arabs, and left-wing Israeli activists earlier in the day resulted in the arrest of eleven residents of Maon Farm in the Hevron Hills district.

        The persons in custody report that Arab shepherds, encouraged by left-wing Israelis, provoked an “incident” that resulted in a police and IDF response. Weapons used by the residents of the area to defend the community were also confiscated by police.”

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        • Weiss

          Crocodile Tears…And yet still absolutely ZERO condemnation of the brutal attack on the 6 year old Palestinian girl.

          Meanwhile NONE of the examples you cited had any CONVICTIONS for these crimes, or surely in your infinite wisdom, you would have posted it?

          In fact, the examples you cited only reinforce the fact that the settlers and other Jewish extremists who lead these attacks, are an OUT OF CONTROL bunch of SAVAGES…

          And yet ANOTHER reason why I am Ashamed to be Jewish…

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          • Pedro X

            A word to the wiess, look and you shall see that there are convictions:

            Haaretz reported that two members of the Havat Gilad community were arrested and in 2014 convicted of torching a Palestinian vehicle and spray painting a star of David on the Wall of a Palestinian home. They each received 30 months.

            JTA reports that in February 2015 Binyamin Richter was sentenced to 3 years of jail for setting on fire Palestinian vehicles. He was also ordered to pay compensation for the damage.

            In 2012 Zvi Struk and another man were sentenced on appeal to 30 months for beating up a Palestinian and tying him up by road.

            Shlomo Dvir-Zeliger and Ofer Gamliel received 15-year sentences, Morag twelve years and Shahar Dvir-Zeliger eight years for their parts in trying unsuccessfully to bomb a Palestinian school.

            In the 1980s the bombing of the University in Hebron, led to three Israelis being convicted for life for the deaths of three Palestinians.

            In 2012 the Israeli Supreme court upheld three month sentences for Israelis who had beat up a Palestinian man who had set fire to Jewish fields in Judea and Samaria.

            Meanwhile Palestinians give out lifetime salaries to their terrorists and name schools, squares and sports tournaments after them.

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          • Pedro X

            It looks like my words to the Weiss got cut for listing the convictions which Weiss says do not exist. Convictions have been handed out including life sentences for murder of Palestinians by Jews.

            Reply to Comment
          • Weiss

            And still ZERO condemnation of the brutal attack on the 6 year old Palestinian girl…

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    3. Jello

      So, just to get this straight… Throwing stone at Jews is bad when done by Jewish children but not when done by Arab children?

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      • Bryan

        Recourse to violence is always morally objectionable, but moral philosophers will tell you there is a big difference between illegal settlers inflicting violence on legitimate residents and legitimate residents inflicting violence on illegal settlers. The one has no “casus belli”, the other has. The one is shamefully protected by “the forces of law and order”, the other is intolerably oppressed by “the forces of law and order”. I do understand though why your government is so intent on exporting its trash to the occupied territories; can you imagine how unbearable life would be in Tel Aviv if the uncontrollably violent and fanatical hill-top youths were marauding in and vandalizing that city?

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        • Pedro X

          So that is what Jews are, Trash, according to Bryan. Jews of the eastern part of Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria are just trash according to Bryan. They are trash that have been dumped by the Israeli government and need to be taken out lest they shatter the peace of Tel Aviv. That is why Bryan can accept the murder of innocent Jews like the Fogel children, the Palmer infant, the infant ran over in her baby carriage on a train platform and three Jewish youth who were kidnapped and killed last June. According to Bryan they were all just trash which his moral philosophers tell him the Palestinians have a right to kill and inflict violence against. Of course one might ask the names of Bryan’s philosophers, Heidegger?

          Reply to Comment
          • Bryan

            No, Bryan most certainly did not say that Jews were trash – Israelis are a minority of Jews, settlers are a minority of Israelis, the trashy “hill-top” youth (messianic, deluded and out of parental control, and handled with kid-gloves by the forces of “law and order”) are a small minority of settlers. All groups have their good and bad and being Jewish does not magically innoculate one from being a psychopath (like the late-lamented hero of the hill-top youth Dr Baruch Goldstein) or being a rogue (like Bernard Madoff) or a criminal (like Meyer Lansky) or a paedophile (like several leading American citizens currently in the news). Are you now going to accuse of antisemitism such figures as Rabbi Menachem Fruman of Tekoa, (“Targeting Palestinians and their property is a shocking thing… It’s an act of hurting humanity… This builds a wall of fire between Jews and Arabs.”) or Hanan Porat of the Yesha Council (“The ‘price tag’ response is immoral… It’s unheard of that one needs to burn the vineyards and fields of Arabs. It’s immoral… and it gives legitimacy to those who are interested in undermining the outpost issue. It’s a very grave matter.” or even Dani Dayan of the Yesha Council who accused the trash using violence to advance their cause as being “morally bankrupt”. You may be a fanatic Pedro, but by such willful distortion of my comments you give the impression that you are condoning violence and law-breaking. I’m sure you did not mean to.

            Reply to Comment
    4. Brian

      Pedro X,

      1. You had better document better your sources and contexts because you’re frankly not believable without that.

      2. The number, frequency, and severe quality and context (as pointed out above by Bruce and Weiss, above) of the violence perpetrate by the invading settlers, soldiers and the Israeli state on the indigenous Arab inhabitants of Palestine, vastly outweighs retaliatory violence by those inhabitants. Vastly.

      3. The settlers are being confronted by +972 or its readers not for being Jewish as you imply, but for what they are doing. Not who they are but what they are doing. They are perpetrators not victims. Despite being Jewish and seeming to think that they can do no wrong because they are always victims.

      4. If invading outsiders came to my city and started stealing land and destroying people’s trees and dwellings and setting upon them and in general making life miserable for my city’s inhabitants, and did this backed by a brutal army, and they then complained of violence in retaliation against them, I would be astounded at their narcissism to say the least.

      5. Go read Arutz Sheva and Settler Life Illustrated and not +972 if you want juicy tales of the poor innocent warm settlers bring attacked, those poor little lambs. Does Arutz Sheva publish tales of settlers being assh*les despite all the rich journalistic opportunity to to so? No it does not. Stop importuning +972 to publish tales of settler virtue. Your chutzpah is boundless.

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      • Pedro X

        “2. The number, frequency, and severe quality and context (as pointed out above by Bruce and Weiss, above) of the violence perpetrate by the invading settlers, soldiers and the Israeli state on the indigenous Arab inhabitants of Palestine, vastly outweighs retaliatory violence by those inhabitants. Vastly. ”

        The medical relief organization Hatzallah which kept records of attacks by Palestinians in Judea and Samaria reported there were 5635 terror incidents in Judea and Samaria against Jews in just the first six months of 2013. See


        OCHA (UN) reported less than 400 attacks against Arabs by members of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria for the entire year.

        So the attacks are vastly greater by Arabs against Jewish inhabitants than Jewish inhabitants against Arabs.

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