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WATCH: Marking 50 years of occupation — in the Knesset

Elected officials and representatives of civil society in Israel mark 50 years of Israel’s occupation, discussing what it would take to end the occupation — and more importantly, what perpetuates it.

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    1. i_like_ike52

      Just a point of clarification….Arabs of Israel, the Palestinian territories and the rest of the Middle East date the occupation as beginning in 1948, NOT 1967. This myth that the occupation began in 1967 is propagated by the Israeli Left in order to shift the blame for the (self-inflicted) plight of the Palestinians to the “settlers”, and away from themselves. This way they think they can congratulate themselves for being good “progressives” when in fact they are deluding themselves. Israeli Arab Knesset Member Zahalka pointed this out to Labor MK Shaffir . There was no response.

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      • Ben

        So what’s your point? Various people on their side think the occupation began in 1948. Various people on your side think the occupation began with the Romans or the 7th century Arab conquests or whatever, and think ‘Judea’ and ‘Samaria’ occupied by ‘fakestinians’ blah blah blah. For a fact the belligerent occupation of the West Bank began in 1967 and has continued for 50 years, in flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention specifying the minimum rights of protected persons under occupation. Again and again you say you think it comes down to what people on both sides deeply feel about it all. So that you can conjure the same fake “existential threat.” Andrew Levine argues that Israelis have a constant need to create fake “existential threats.”

        But what it really comes down to is two things: what Achiya Schatz and Hagai Elad say about human rights and how the occupation since 1967 is absolutely untenable from a human rights standpoint; and what practical decent compromise you can work out—not what arm-twisting, sadistic knuckling under to ethnic cleansing you think you can exact, but what minimally fair and decent compromise you can work out. You Israelis are not even close. You are not even in the ballpark.

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    2. Zvi

      You are nothing more a bunch of retrograde leftist doing the job of the Arab Imperialism(23 states without human rights or democracy from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic).
      You are either big hearted super naïve or totally full of hatred to your own country.

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