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WATCH: Let's hear it for the bris-boy in the bris-mobile!

I used to mock all those “theme-bar mitzvahs” that Jews across the pond used to do. Over the years, the trend spilled over here, too.

But according to an Israeli online magazine called Saloona, there’s a new trend going on Israel. A disconcerting one, I may add. For the sake of my brethren in the Goldena Medina, I pray it stays on this side of the pond. (Video has no sound)

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    1. Jeremy

      We can’t have children that young driving around in Smartcars.

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    2. sh

      Is this before or after? Poor mite.

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    3. Karen


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    4. fran

      You’ve got to be kidding; but you can’t make this up either.

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    5. yuyu

      i would call it child abuse

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