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WATCH: Jordan Valley settlements drying up Palestinian water supply

How can it be that settlements have a constant supply of fresh, clean water, while adjacent Palestinian villages suffer from severe droughts? In the Jordan Valley, settlement agriculture remains prosperous, while critically undercutting water and land resources belonging to the Palestinian villages.

Many of these villages exist on just 40% of the World Health Organization’s recommended minimum for water consumption, while in some Bedouin communities, that number falls to 20%. And yet, Israeli settlements continue to farm water-intensive species and use advanced technology to draw water that would otherwise go to Palestinian villages.

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    1. Ron Koppen

      Ton van der Scheer
      So what? Who really helped the Palestinian people? Who really blew up every treaty? Is Israel to be blamed for that? Is Israel to be blamed they didn’t have serious donators except those who use Palestinian suffering for their own political goal?

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