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WATCH: John Hagee at Glenn Beck event: “I am Israeli!"

Glenn Beck kicked off his “Restoring Courage” week in Israel last night with a pep rally at the ancient ampitheatre in Caesarea. On Wednesday Beck will hold the main event, inside the Old City of Jerusalem.

Last time I was at Caesarea was for an Ehud Banai concert, my idol. And before that for an off-Broadway production of “A Chorus Line”.

All three shows sent shivers down my spine, yet for very different reasons.

Having Glenn Beck, John Hagee, thousands of pumped, middle-aged and above evangelicals, a few hundred settlers and an Israeli choir singing Holocaust hymns – all on your home turf – can frighten even the bravest of souls.

It was a fairly solemn event. There were the preachers, the Glenn Beck WaterWorks (“I cry so much!) and the Amens. But things only really started to pick up when they brought out Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, from the settlement of Efrat – who in my humble opinion is a wasted talent. This guy should be running a mega-church in the bible belt. Efrat is way too small for him.

But it was Pastor John Hagee who brought the Roman pillars down, with his fiery speech invoking the memory of JFK and making every one in the crowd scream “I am an Israeli!”. Here’s an excerpt of that unforgettable moment:

And here is an excerpt of Rabbi Riskin’s speech, with a teary-eyed Beck introducing him:

And here is Jon Voight, who came all the way to Caesarea to talk about Israelis who know the bible so well and dig things up all the time. Which is true. I’m going downstairs after I post this to do some digging myself.

And here’s Haggee’s speech in full, if he happens to be your cup of tea.

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    1. I take it the snipe at Rabbi Riskin was because you couldn’t find anything specific in his speech to criticize.

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    2. Taoist

      What a timely coincidence for disgraced FReeper wingnut Glenn Beck, right before his “Ani Yisraeli” show with so-called “christian” fundies, he got delivered a sample (and a rationale) of why he needs to be there to prop up Israeli “morale”: a terrorist attack.

      Wonder what his ratings were in his new channel, GBTV, also launched for the occasion. Not that he will use Israelis to sell his horse manure… 🙂


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    3. @Adde – what snipe? I said he was good. Or are you commenting because you couldn’t find anything specific in the post to criticize?

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    4. Pat

      I think Beck and Hagee have found their calling.

      Stay in Israel. They need you more.

      America will find a way to get by without these two upstanding Americans. It’s who we are 🙂

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    5. Mitchell Cohen

      Ami, I guess you got into the event after all….Your emails were worth it in the end….:-) Thanks for the coverage….

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    6. Tanya

      Just wanna say one word.

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    7. al-Masih ad-Dajjal

      This comment has been edited
      So, leftists who preach multiculturalism day and night have a problem with a Christian event in Israel? Wow, just wow. The level of cognitive dissonance here is truly astonishing.

      Me, I’m NOT welcoming Beck, Hagee and other so called friends who are idolators for all intents and purposes. The nation of Israel dwells alone.

      But I’m just an old fashioned Jewish traditionalist. What’s your excuse?

      Reply to Comment
    8. Avital

      I guess this is the second plague of the new age of sorts (the first are the weird sectists of Beth El. Those who bless us by bringing us air filtration systems in exchange for a seat on board the big space ship that’s picking up the chosen people on Judgement Day….).

      Eli, Eli…

      Reply to Comment
    9. Ex Israeli

      Not even zombies.

      Reply to Comment
    10. David

      Damn. Seeing all these Christian fundamentalists in Caesaria is almost as creepy as the AIPAC lobbyists in the halls of Congress.

      Reply to Comment
    11. Ami – Why were you so uncomfortable at last night’s event? (Full disclosure: I gave the opening benediction.) It was mostly hundreds of Christians expressing their love for, and support of, the State of Israel and the Jewish people. For centuries, we have been very good at recognizing our enemies. These people are our friends. If you have any evidence which suggests otherwise, please do share it with us. Thanks.

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    12. It’s as though I can feel the bombs dropping on Gaza each and every time Hagee says “I am an Israeli.” It’d be an interesting philosophical exercise to study each endorsement for Israeli crimes of Hagee’s.

      Reply to Comment
    13. Matt – What would you recommend Israel’s response be to thousands of rockets purposely being fired from Gaza into Israeli population centers? Just because 99% of them land in “open areas” (thank God) does not mean they did not happen. Even if Israel is 100% wrong in being in Judea/Samaria, how should she respond to the Gaza rockets?

      Reply to Comment
    14. Taoist


      […]These people are our friends.[…]


      And a heartfelt thank you from America if you keep them with you, in fact, you can keep them in your house. They are both a….dorable. And not even Fox Moooos want them….:-)


      Matt – What would you recommend Israel’s response be to thousands of rockets purposely being fired from Gaza into Israeli population centers?


      And what your and eye for eye “God” would suggest?


      Reply to Comment
    15. Louis

      I was waiting for the part where the good Pastor, man of the cloth, preacher of the Gospel, lover of men (sic) etc. etc. who is ‘an Israeli’ apologizes for the ongoing persecution of Jews and the clear Good Christian anti-semitism that led to it, including the Holocaust… But no apology, no explanations no nothing but for more and more rightist fire and brimstone… chilling

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    16. Kevin

      I’ll tell why it made me squirm. It’s not merely Christians expressing their love for Israel, it’s rightwing cranks expressing their uncritical support for anything Israel does, no matter how criminal or brutal or oppressive. The organization that Hagee runs, for instance, provides financial support to the settlements in the Occupied Territories. For Christians to so unthinkingly give their support to such barbaric behavior is an abomination, not to mention their worship of Israel is idolatrous. Makes me wonder: when was the last time these people read the prophets?

      Reply to Comment
    17. @ Louis – At the July Christians United for Israel conference (Pastor Hagee’s group) in Washington, that was a major theme of the speeches. They often asked for forgiveness for the evil committed in the name of their faith throughout the centuries. Thanks for bringing that up.

      Come check out CUFI’s March Jerusalem Summit, if you’ll be here. Otherwise, there’s always the July conference in Washington. I’d love to meet you there.

      Reply to Comment
    18. aristeides

      Any Jews who think that people like Hagee are their friends deserve him. This is the guy who said that Hitler was fulfilling God’s will in the Holocaust.

      The intention of these guys is to pack all the world’s Jews in Jerusalem like fissionables into the core of an atomic bomb, to create a critical mass that will bring on the End Times and destroy the world, at which point all the Jews, not being Saved, go up in smoke.

      Reply to Comment
    19. @ Kevin – I daresay they have read the Prophets more recently than you have.

      1) But as long as you mention it, which parts of the Prophets do you feel are being violated by Israel in the Disputed Territories? And are the Palestinians doing any Prophets-violating of their own?

      2) You lament these Christian Zionists “expressing their uncritical support for anything Israel does…” Would you say that groups like J Street and +972 magazine are at least as much the exact opposite, nearly entirely focusing on Israel’s warts, and ignoring her positive aspects?


      Reply to Comment
    20. aristeides

      PS – let Beck and Hagee say “Ani Yisraeli” to Eli Yishai.

      Reply to Comment
    21. @ Aristeides – That was an unfortunate remark Pastor Hagee made, as he should have anticipated the backlash it would undoubtedly receive. But many rabbis have said the exact same thing, even going so far as to say that Reform Jews caused the Holocaust as a result of their assimilation. The Jewish concept of Jewish sin resulting in divine punishment goes back at least to the destruction of the Second Temple. But Pastor Hagee should not have been one to mention this.

      Regarding the End Times, I have personally heard Pastor Hagee say that there is NOTHING Christians can do to bring about the End Times. God will decide that in His own good time. Thoughts on this?


      Reply to Comment
    22. […] הפוסט פורסם באנגלית באתר 972+ var addthis_config = { ui_language: "en" } 0 תגובות למאמר […]

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    23. Taoist


      @ Aristeides – That was an unfortunate remark Pastor Hagee made,


      Hagee has been acquitted now, and he is going to heaven, no question about it, once Jesus comes on a second-landing, right after the Palestinians have been wiped out to make way for Jesus’ rapture-ready airport (the size of the West Bank and Gaza.)

      If this Rabbi is a strong supporter of Hagee, then we assume he share the same values, i.e.

      1) Hagee is anti-catholic (aren’t Catholics
      Christians too?)

      2) Hagee is homophobic (aren’t GL&B human beings too?)

      3) Hagee is bigoted, stated Hurricane Katrina was “God’s punishment,” and who were the ones more affected by it? African-Americans. (are African-Americans untermensch hated by Hagee’s “god”?)

      4) Hagee is anti-Jews, stated Hitler was a “hunter” sent by “god,” and the holocaust happpened “Because God allowed it to happen.” What a concept. (were Jews so sub-human they needed to be exterminated by Hagee’s “god”?)

      So, what do we have here?

      A “rabbi” supporting a bigoted, homophobic, anti-catholic, anti-Jew (I don’t use the term anti-semitic, since the Arabs are semitic people too), who is widely despised in America, and was a major reason for the defeat of John McCain, who actively sought Hagee’s support for the election against Obama.

      American-Jews were so disgusted with this bigoted proto-fascist, they massively voted for Obama (78%).

      With friends like that, who needs enemies?

      Good day.


      Reply to Comment
    24. call it like it is

      in the second video i see a couple white guys from the u.s. introducing another white guy from the u.s. to fire up a bunch of white people from the u.s., and somehow this has something to do with the middle east.

      Reply to Comment
    25. call it like it is

      @Rabbi Aryeh Leifert
      “What would you recommend Israel’s response be to thousands of rockets purposely being fired from Gaza into Israeli population centers?”

      Let the people of Gaza out of their cage. Have the courage to live with brown people . . . (other than the Jewish ones that live in your peripheral cities and serve in your army and police forces.)

      Reply to Comment
    26. Philos

      I wonder how many “Jesus Christ” passports the US embassy will have to issue after this trip when these people get to the Holy City and go ga-ga. I’m not kidding. A US consular official told me in all seriousness that they have to issue two or three a year because the Israeli authorities handover Americans that came down with a bad case of the “Jerusalem Syndrome” and won’t reveal their real identities.

      Reply to Comment
    27. James

      @call it like it is
      “Let the people of Gaza out of their cage”
      That only works if the Gazan population want to live with Israelis. They don’t. I’ll quote Benny Morris here – “The people the Palestinian society sends to carry out the terrorist attacks, and in some way the Palestinian society itself represent a serial killer. At the moment, that society is in the state of being a serial killer. It is a very sick society. It should be treated the way we treat individuals who are serial killers. It’s not so important to discover why he became a serial killer. What’s important is to imprison the murderer.”

      Reply to Comment
    28. call it like it is


      “That only works if the Gazan population want to live with Israelis. They don’t.”

      That’s laughable. How is it you’ve come to this conclusion James? How many Gazans have you spoken to? How much time have you spent with them? Neither you nor Benny Morris is a credible voice on the mindset of people in Gaza.

      Reply to Comment
    29. Ben Israel

      Rabbi Leifert-
      If you read Left/”progressive” writing for any amount of time, including the Ha’aretz newspaper, especially journalist Tom Segev, you will note that non-Jews who are strongly pro-Israel are generally portrayed as being mentally unbalanced. Apparently some Jews feel that if they were non-Jews, they would be antisemites, so they can’t understand non-Jews who are not like that.

      Reply to Comment
    30. Danny

      Incredible bed fellows – fundamentalist christian zealots hand-in-hand with fundamentalist Jewish zealots. I guess the saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” holds a powerful truth. I wonder how Riskin would feel if he knew what Hagee was really thinking about Jews (you’ll pay when Jesus comes back, my Jewish friends, oh how you’ll pay!). But why spoil a great party with trifles such as these? Right now, the common Muslim enemy is knocking at the door and must by repelled at all costs. We’ll leave the rapture for later.

      Reply to Comment
    31. Danny

      Just out of curiosity, by your estimates, how many of the crowd were Israeli vs. non-Israeli? I imagine Beck managed to bring with him at least a few hundred nuts from the U.S. How many of the nuts were from Israel?

      Reply to Comment
    32. @Danny – I’d say a few thousand Christians on tour, and a few hundred bused in from the territories.
      @Ben Israel & Rabbi Leifert – how does it feel to have your head stuck in the sand? Do you really chose to ignore anti-semitic remarks made by Hagee? Is it better just to ignore the fact that people like him want you to burn in hell for eternity during the rapture? There’s more – but I’d be happy with answers to just those two.
      Jeez Ben, how the tables turn. Here I am defending Jews – and YOU defending anti-semites who wish for your death.

      Reply to Comment
    33. Ben Israel

      Hagee, if indeed he is an antisemite, is certainly not more of an antisemite than Arafat was or the person in another thread who called me Shylock. You know very well what Muslim and particularly Palestinian propaganda says about Jews. You simply chose to ignore it for political reasons.
      What do I care if he thinks we are going to “burn in hell”, if that is indeed the case? All that matters is that his religion teaches him to respect Jews in this world. The Christians of America have generally been hospitable to Jews, certainly more than in Europe, and CERTAINLY more than in the Muslim Middle East.

      Reply to Comment
    34. @Ben Israel – “if indeed”???? Jeez, I guess you do prefer your head in the sand.
      So, you support Hagee because he’s not “as bad” an anti-semite as others? He’s a “nice” anti-semite? Interesting logic, Ben.
      And yes, I do know what Palestinian propaganda says. Doesn’t mean I have the right to occupy them for 45 years.
      Pathetic is an understatement.

      Reply to Comment
    35. Danny

      @Ami – the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Hagee loves Jews because they will conquer the Middle East and bring Jesus down from the heavens, and settlers love Hagee because he gives them money and political support. It’s a no-brainer. It is truly a marriage made in heaven.

      Reply to Comment
    36. aristeides

      Rabbi – while dominionist Christians admit they can’t force God’s hand, they have a list of necessary conditions that they believe need to be in place before the rapturous event takes place, and this includes the ingathering of the Jews.

      These people don’t respect Jews. They don’t even respect other kinds of Christians. It doesn’t bother them when Israelis conduct pogroms against Arab Christians or Jews for Jesus. They have a very specific agenda, and the only Jews who fall for this are suckers.

      If Israelis would stop seeing the rest of the world as enemies, they wouldn’t need the support of these “enemies of their enemies,” who will end up being their real enemies.

      Reply to Comment
    37. Tamar

      Ami, great post. Please, spare us in the Bible Belt. We already have plenty of fundies in all faith communities, and they are preaching in all sizes of houses of worship — from mega to shtiebel. Another Riskin we don’t need.

      Reply to Comment
    38. Taoist


      Reply to Comment
    39. Taoist

      The Christians of America have generally been hospitable to Jews, certainly more than in Europe, and CERTAINLY more than in the Muslim Middle East.


      Well, yet another lie from the Hasbara factory.


      Jerry Falwell

      One of the most prominent nut-heads in televangelism, when asked who will the Antichrist be, he answered, “The only thing we know is he must be male and Jewish.”



      Pat Robertson

      A buddy-buddy of deceased nut-head Jerry Falwell, Robertson is still alive and kicking…Jews. A declare Jew-hater,he also believes the Antichrist is Jewish and living in Israel.

      “The Antichrist is probably a Jew alive in Israel today.”

      Robertson also said Ariel Sharon’s illness and Yitzhak Rabin murder were “god” punishment for giving away Israel’s land.


      (1 of 2)

      Reply to Comment
    40. Taoist

      (2 of 2)

      Billy Graham

      Like many of their peers, Graham was a hypocrite, who outwardly supported Israel and the Jews, but privately spoke and acted against them. In a private conversation with Nixon, who was a remarkable Jew hater, Graham told him Jews were in control of the media in the US, and they should stop that in the next election (Watergate derailed Nixon’s re-election.)

      He couldn’t have found a friendlier ear, since Nixon was a notorious Jew hater (“The Jews are irreligious, atheistic, immoral bunch of bastards.”)


      Regardless of how many more examples we place before B.I., he eats lies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and regurgitate them in this venue.

      Israelis like B.I. don’t realize they are being used by the second-coming crowd, who see Israel as Jesus’ landing-pad for their rapturous departure (B.I., you just joined the nuts club), in which Jews (and Israelis) have no business at all. The rapture is for those who believe in Jesus as the only “god,” an anathema for Jewish cosmology.

      Except for the “Jews for Jesus.” And the nut-heads.

      Have a good rapture. 🙂


      Reply to Comment
    41. James

      Does it really matter if they’re “using Jews”. History is full of strange alliances. US Christians get to fulfill prophecy, Israelis get support from millions of Americans + funds. It’s a win-win.

      Reply to Comment
    42. Deïr Yassin

      @ Taoist
      You forgot John Hagee himself describing Anti-Christ as, at least partly, Jewish:
      “Sleeping with the Devil”

      Reply to Comment
    43. Taoist

      @ DEÏR YASSIN,

      I didn’t forget, but that was a good addition.

      As I posted, we could line up all the Jew-hatemongers, hypocrite, “christian” preachers, from Tel-Aviv to the Deep South, and our little friend will still be going like the bunny rabbit.

      Can’t crack that skull. 🙂


      Reply to Comment
    44. Mitchell Cohen

      “The Christians of America have generally been hospitable to Jews, certainly more than in Europe, and CERTAINLY more than in the Muslim Middle East.


      Well, yet another lie from the Hasbara factory.” [End of Taoist]

      Well I guess my great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, and myself (who grew up in America) are all lying when we said that America was pretty darn good to us. I guess the history of how Jews were treated in Europe versus how they have been treated in America is also a “hasbara lie”. So, you want to compare what a few Evangelical Christians in America said about some “anti-Christ” to systematic pogroms against Jews in Europe. Pleeeeeeze, spare me the “hasbara” baloney.

      Reply to Comment
    45. James

      “Well, yet another lie from the Hasbara factory”
      Lol. There IS a reason why millions of European Jews packed up and moved to Christian America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There is also a reason why there are virtually no Jews living in Arab countries any more. I fear for the future of Israeli Jews if a bi-national state comes into being. I predict many (hundreds of thousands) will leave for America, Canada, Ausralia.

      Reply to Comment
    46. Taoist

      Well I guess my great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, and myself (who grew up in America) are all lying when we said that America was pretty darn good to us.


      It depends on where they lived, and where you grew up, and your comment is out of context. The subject here is so-called TV “christian” evangelists Jew-hate-mongers, not whether your family suffered racism or not, back to the Neolithic period, in America or anywhere else.

      Historically, Jews in America have suffered discrimination and bigotry, by the cuckoos your buddy-buddy B.I. embraces as “friend of Israel,” and by many others. Of course, if you compare that to Hitler’s Europe, America comes out riding a white horse. But don’t bury your head and stop recognizing reality, in order to support Hasbara propaganda.

      The idea was to demonstrate to him (and others), they are being used and abused by these charlatans. However, there is a limit to reason with anyone, and you (and him) are a clear example of that.


      Reply to Comment
    47. Mitchell Cohen

      “The subject here is so-called TV “christian” evangelists Jew-hate-mongers, not whether your family suffered racism or not, back to the Neolithic period, in America or anywhere else.” [End of Taoist]
      Actually, I wasn’t going to comment on this thread at all. I am neutral regarding Glenn Beck (I don’t know enough about the man and have many other pressing issues on my mind right now). However, once you replied to Christian America being generally hospitable to Jews with your usual “more hasbara”, I was compelled to respond. I suppose my family’s experience, including mine (and including five years of University in the “Bible belt”) and that of many other Jewish families in America (many of whom who escaped from Europe) has no bearing on the situation. Sure kiddo….

      Reply to Comment
    48. Taoist


      If you notice the subject of the article, it is about Glenn Beck & Charlatans, Inc., not about your family or Jews in America. It would have been better, as you said, not to post anything, since you’re digressing.

      Going back to the subject at hand, Haaretz seems to be repeating what I had already posted here yesterday (they are late)…



      With friends like Glenn Beck…

      Glenn Beck has used his media platforms to promote secular anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists and evangelical end-times prophets. What these two groups have in common is an obsession with Jews and the belief that Jews control and manipulate the lives and destiny of non-Jews.



      Reply to Comment
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