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WATCH: Play depicting Rachel Corrie causes controversy in Jerusalem

My Name is Rachel Corrie, a play based on the diaries and emails of Rachel Corrie, is now showing in Jerusalem. The play tells the story of Corrie, a young American woman who traveled to the Gaza Strip during the Second Intifada, who was crushed to death by a bulldozer as she was trying to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home. Although the play has received much praise, it has also caused a storm at the Khan Theater in Jerusalem. Jerusalem’s Municipality even threatened to cut the Khan’s budget should the play go on as planned, angering many actors.

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    1. Ranoldus

      Some want to see Rachel Corrie as a hero, well, I don’t know about that, but her story is interesting. Why did she go to Israel? What were the things she found over there? How are the palestinians treated by the israelians and vice versa? Some say it only shows one side of the story, but art should not be restricted to rules. Art is there to provoke thinking and to move people. In the USA many people were moved by this play. I’d advise to go see it.

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      • The Trespasser

        Art or propaganda?

        Makers of this play did failed to notice that Corrie was killed while protecting houses which were used by Hamas militants.

        By international laws of war, if ANY building – house, hospital, school – is used to conduct hostilities, it is a legitimate target.

        She did not like the fact that houses are demolished?

        Maybe she should have told Hamas leaders that they should not set up snipe nests in these houses?

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      • Patricia

        Rachel Corrie did not go to Israel; she went to occupied Palestine. That is precisely why she, along with many many in our world go and become involved- because the native indigenous Semitic Palestinians have been brutally occupied for decades. And yes, you are right, people need to see it…but they also need to go see for themselves the horror for Palestinians living under the most brutal occupation army in the world. israel has already lost the PR war- too many people know about it’s war crimes; it can kick and scream all it wants about this play, but it has secured it’s own demise by it’s terrible crimes against the indigenous people it dispossessed.

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    2. charles-jerusalem

      The same article about the same subject is published again, again and again.
      The result is that inevitably, people get tired.
      They know the subject, they have been commenting on it.
      Now is the time to find an other subject.
      Look at the number of comments: only 2, 3 with mine.

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