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Watch: Jerusalem Day's racist march, escorted by police

Thousands of rightwing Israelis marched today in Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods, provoked local Palestinian residents and shouted racist remarks chants, among them “let your village burn,” “death to Mohammad” and “death to all leftists”. The event, part of the “Jerusalem Day” celebration, was organized and promoted by the municipality. Jerusalem’s police escorted the parade, and made no attempt to stop the racist calls.

you can see it all in this video:


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    1. Sylvia

      What I see are youths carrying on with the yearly Jerusalem Day celebrations, and a few of them in the procession RESPONDING to provocateurs positioned behind the camera – whose calls have been conveniently erased.
      From that to calling the flagdancing of 40000 youths a “racist march” is perhaps the ultimate in deception.

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      • william

        I cannot imagine the amount of energy that must be required to constantly support racist organizations. All the lying and hiding your true intentions must be exhausting.

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    2. Florian

      I have been there today. It was a nightmare. And it finally convinced me that foreign intervention is the only hope left.

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    3. Ben Israel

      Remember the march in Yafo by the Leftists a few months ago that was reported on here at “972”? Some Arabs started screaming “death to Jews” and “remember Khaibar” where Muhammed massacred the Jews. Was that a “racist march”?
      You can’t have a large group of people togther and control every single person there. Same with this demonstration.

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    4. Jerusalem is full of tired Jews,
      always goaded on again for holidays, for memorial days,
      like circus bears dancing on aching legs

      What does Jerusalem need? It doesn’t need a mayor,
      it needs a ringmaster, whip in hand.

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    5. Eng

      Could you provide a translation of what they’re saying? I don’t speak Hebrew.

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    6. ROBI

      It would be interesting to have an English transcription of the chants.
      Anyway, I’m wondering why a Jews’ demonstration was allowed to pass through and Arab neighborhood. It seems inappropriate to me.

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    7. Jeff

      I cry. Such arrogance. All I see in my mind is bullet holes. Get a grip. A minoiry, insipte of its spiritual guilt overlay, is not going anywhere beyond disaster. They who cannot be taught are doomed… and that refers to the settlers… your support is disappering… tch tch… shame and sorry business… idiots of arrogrance.

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    8. Ben Horin

      So this is what has come of the humanitarian and democratic state dreamed of by Pinsker and Herzl, Ahad Ha’am, Berdychewski, Buber, Feiwel, Ben Gurion, Weizmann…”Mohammad is dead.” “Death to Muslims.” “Burn every village.” “Butcher the Arabs.” Like drunk soccer hooligans. Like stam goyishe pogromchiks.
      And Ben Israel, I do believe that von Plehve said precisely the same words you say above after Kishiniew in 1903. “These are large groups of people. You can’t control every person.” What a cop out.
      “They’re Muslims, and Israel is for the Jewish people.” And she says this in front of her children yet.
      I’m heartbroken watching this.

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    9. richard Allen

      this comment has been removed for hate-talk

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    10. Anne O'Nimmus

      The Israeli Establishment fosters and encourages this mindset and these behaviors. They seem to be mostly young people who have been taught Israeli mythology instead of real historical fact, by State design.
      Robi, it is similar to Ulster Orangemen (Northern Ireland Protestant organisation) marching with their bands through Roman Catholic areas of towns and cities in the province and inciting violence.

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    11. max

      What’s the “message” behind this post?
      That some Israelis celebrate the re-unification of Jerusalem while chanting ugly slogans? It’s deplorable, but rather childish. Is the idea to compare these chants to those of Hamas? A short visit to Youtube will clearly prove that there’s no comparison possible to the virulent anti-Semitism heard there.
      That some Israelis think that the whole land belongs by decree to the Jewish people? Yes, we know there’s such a minority, incomparable to the Palestinians’ crushing majority who think it all belongs to them.

      The only reason I can see for this post is to vent and promote hate, and translating “Muhammad is dead” to “death to Muhammad” is symptomatic, as is the usage of “racism”.
      Of course I may be totally wrong, and the intention was to show how a non-violent demonstration should look like, where Arabs can be present, sure of their safety.

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    12. Daedalus

      My, oh my. Palestinian youths throw rocks and molotovs at civilians (which you see as a legitimate form of civil disobedience) while their Israeli counterparts sing bad-mannered soccer songs.

      That sure shows that Israelis are tEh eViL while Palestinians are An Heroes!!!!!!1

      Sorry for /b references.

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    13. yashua

      Max – you sound like you are employed by the israeli gvt, or maybe some anti-palestinian/anti-muslim group. you are trying to justify this clearly evil behavior by saying that hamas is evil too, so its ok. that’s not cool man, that’s evil and full of hate. you should also check a dictionary for “anti-semitism” because if you are saying that palestinians are anti-semitic, then you are saying they hate arabs. arabs are just as semitic as jews.
      hamas clearly has some anti-israeli/anti-jewish overtones, but no more than the anti-palestinian/anti-muslim overtones from the leaders of the israeli gvt. they both have terrible hate filled evil leaders. don’t try to make it seem like its ok that some israelis are doing evil stuff because hamas did it too.

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    14. Ben Israel

      Ben Horin-
      I see what you are saying. In other words, the hate-filled slogans of the Arabs in Yafo – “kill the Jews” and the such were really a prelude to an Arab pogrom against the Jews, even though the people here at “972” who attended the march pointed out that while they were “uncomfortable” with the antisemitic slogans, they still felt march was justifiable.

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    15. max

      Yashua, Thank you for your concern about my employment! Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to secure money from the hundreds of millions provided by Libya, Saudi Arabia, or even the EU 🙁 That said, it’s really my terrible nail polish that affects my logic 🙂
      It seems, however, that those moneys are meant to fabricate a narrative, not expose facts. The facts you can get here for free.
      “Muhammad is dead” is clear evil, while the Hamas has “some anti-israeli/anti-jewish overtones”. That’s a deep observation, proving that you indeed studied both sides. More to the point: I clearly wrote that a comparison is silly and non constructive and the childish chants on the clip are deplorable. But as you insist: they’re nowhere close to the virulent calls on Hamas TV to replicate the Hebron massacre of 1929.
      “you should also check a dictionary for “anti-semitism”” – by all means, check it. You’ll find out that the term, while being a misnomer, is categorically used to describe anti-Judaism. The reason for the misnomer may be interesting, but isn’t very relevant to our discussion.
      So what’s your grief? Frustrated that there was no violence during the celebration?

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    16. richard Allen

      Hate speak? I said they were hot…

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    17. Ben Horin

      Ben Israel, You seem to miss my point entirely (which I must confess I find hard to understand). I do not defend anyone spouting the kind of slogans we see in this video, be they Arabs in Yafo or Jews in Sheik Jarrah. I am not an Arab, and so I leave it to that community to worry about its own soul searching. I am worried about my community, because I see it running headlong into a very dark place.
      Call me old fashioned, but the world view I was brought up in and which I cling to is that we, as Jews, are supposed to act better than this. We don’t do this. We don’t act this way. We, davka, don’t act this way — act like, as I said before, pogromchiks — because we’ve been on the receiving end of exactly the kind of chauvinism and jingoism that these idiots (and I don’t care if there are 20 of them or 2000 chanting in the video, they are clearly enabled by everyone else there) are engaging in.
      There comes a time, Ben Israel, where we need to decide, not just as individuals but as members of a religion and nation thousands of years old, what kind of people we want to be. I think we have a historical precedent defined by humility, compassion, intellectual engagement, and fearlessness when engaging in nuance that make me proud to be a Jew. The choice that these people are making, and that YOU are clearly willing to overlook and abet, is not Jewish, and I don’t care how big their kippot are or how long their peyot — or yours for that matter.

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    18. Ben Israel

      Ben Horin-
      I do not subscribe to the view that Jews are somehow supposed to be “better” than anyone else. We are obligated to hold to the international standards of behavior accepted by the rest of the civilized world, but not more than that. Yes, religious Jews believe that there is a mandate from the Torah to live up to its laws but secular Jews don’t accept this value system as binding so they have to come up with their own, and today they are the majority of the population and they have controlled the government from the inception of the state.

      To clarify the point, if there were Jewish hotheads yelling inappropriate things at the Arabs, they can not be classified as “pogromchiks”. A pogrom is defined here in Wikipedia:


      We see that it is a outbreak of murderous violence by a mob. Hundreds of Jews were killed in pogroms in Russia. Yelling a bad word at an Arab is NOT a pogrom. Unfortunately, many Jews have developed a habit of referring to their Jewish political opponents as having the characteristics of the Jews worst enemies: “Nazi, fascist, pogromchik, ” etc.

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    19. yashua

      max – i guess you missed the part of my comment that said “they both have terrible hate filled evil leaders. don’t try to make it seem like its ok that some israelis are doing evil stuff because hamas did it too.” this indicates that i am acknowledging that both sides have evil leadership.
      you dictionary must be different than mine. m-w.com indicates that anti-semitism means anti semitic which means anti arab just as much as it means anti jewish. i agree it is not relevant to the conversation except that you used it strangely in your original post in a way that indicates you think hamas hates semitics when they only seem to hate jews. of course not all of hamas hates jews, just like not all israelis hate palestinians.
      my grief is that you are defending this sickening behavior. approving of evil from one group while condemning it from another fits the dictionary definition of hypocrite. that’s the merriam webster definition anyway.
      the video is israeli people trying to make palestinians mad by chanting what they would consider insults. is it so hard for you to say that is wrong for them to do?

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    20. Julian

      Do we really need another failed arab state…there are 20 of them and even with gazillions from oil they cant achieve nada

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    21. max

      Yashua, I guess you missed my negative reference to the slogans during the march 🙂
      Here’s what I found in m-w.com: anti-Semitism – “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group”; a comment there provides a correction based on ‘Webster’s Third New International Dictionary (Unabridged), re-printed in 2002’: “Anti-Semitism: (1) hostility toward Jews as a religious or racial minority group, often accompanied by social, political or economic discrimination (2) opposition to Zionism (3) sympathy for the opponents of Israel.”

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    22. Ilona

      Ben Israel: “We see that it [pogroms] is a outbreak of murderous violence by a mob. Hundreds of Jews were killed in pogroms in Russia. Yelling a bad word at an Arab is NOT a pogrom. ”

      Correction: it is not YET a pogrom, but that’s where it’s going. Just you wait another couple of years and you’ll see the first bona fide pogroms against Arabs in israel. As a reminder, the brown shirts also started with a few “bad words” yelled against the Jews – and the communists. They too started with a few 100, then it was 1000’s. Then it was 10,000. Then it became state sanctioned. Then it became “normalized”.

      These are not just “hooligans” or splinter KKK groups. These marchers are the product of mainstream israeli high schools, of the religious nationalist variety, mostly. One of the chants was “I hate Arabs” and the arab form of “slaughter the Arabs”. The KKK, in its heyday wanted much less than that. Even they did not call for killing all the blacks. Or the “leftists”. They “only” wanted segregation, But these young marchers already practice segregation. What they now want is to get rid of the Arabs altogether. The only question on their mind – and probably those who defend them and excuse them here – is how to get away with it. These “white shirts” were well escorted – by police there and by lame excuses here.

      Notice how most of them were wearing kippas and wrapped themselves in the star of david. These are symbols of Judaism. And this is what the majority of the religious schools teach. Why not take it for what it is instead of pretending it’s something else? These marchers drag all jewish people down – and they trample of Judaism as well, at least of the more civilized kind.

      All while the good people of Tel Aviv sit in their coffee shops and send each other tzek-tzek tweets. I’d like to remind you, Ben israel, that this is what many good germans did too, back in 1932. They too waxed dismissively about “young hooligans”., even if they had no tweeter.

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    23. Ben Israel

      The Arab-Israeli conflict has been going on for over 90 years. None of the pogroms you are warning about have happened yet and are not on the verge of doing so. It is the Arabs who engage in mob violence and terrorism coming in the wake of genocidal antisemitic propaganda which is spewed out by the official HAMAS and Palestinian Authority official media. I suggest you direct your comments at them.

      I know you Leftist/Progressives love comparing Jews to Nazis but all that does is show your lack of knowledge of history and your understanding of the current situation.
      No Jewish school of any ideology educates its students to go out and kill Arabs randomly.

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    24. max

      Ilona, in every single country in the world you’ll find people venting their anger in ugly ways.
      If you are a normative person, you already had some murderous thoughts crossing your mind, and you may have voiced them. You never meant to follow your thoughts and words with actions.
      That’s how humans behave in most societies.
      Yet in some, words are followed by actions, with no control. Lynching happened in this region, recently. Calls for a repeat of the Hebron massacre have been heard, recently.
      Your statement “Correction: it is not YET a pogrom, but that’s where it’s going” is not only patently wrong (it’s not a correction but a suggestion), it’s also baseless.
      In general, I have the strong impression that many on the so-called left lack factual arguments and resort to prophecy (as in The Masses will Revolt). Ideology should not replace reason.

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    25. mordechai ben yosef

      Why is no one here acknowledging the Israeli implemented or instigated pogroms against Palestinians? We all aware of Deir Yassin which was one of several massacres against unarmed civilians in the 48 era. What about Sabra and Shatila ? The many incursions into Palestinian camps with primarily civilian casualties. Hebron 94? Cast Lead? The continuous assaults in Jerusalem and the occupied territory by Settler thugs with government protection against Palestinian men, women, children, property and homes. What about the destruction of non-Jewish Israeli citizens’ homes and property in the Negev and Lod? Jewish Israeli instigated pogroms are a reality, and the chants were not “idle speech.” The chants are hate speech, and in most western countries would be a crime.

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    26. Saeed Hotary

      I agree with Mr Yosef. I cant wait for all these settlers to march back to Minsk and Kiev

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    27. Mordechai ben yosef


      I can’t tell if you are Palestinian or Arabic, or another one of the racist Israelis using an Arabic name to put ridiculous and provocative words into Palestinian mouths. To propose sending settlers back to Minsk and Kiev is the sane as telling Palestinians to leave and live in Jordan, Lebanon, etc where they have been abused, isolated, and attacked by local factions. Any viable solution will have to allow Jews and Palestinians to remain and return.

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