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WATCH: Israeli students stage soccer tournament for refugees

Israel is imprisoning thousands of African asylum seekers in a desert detention facility called ‘Holot.’ A group of students and youngsters from Be’er Sheva, in southern Israel, recently organized a soccer tournament with the asylum seekers in an attempt to make them feel less isolated.

Israeli authorities systematically deny the Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers any chance of getting refugee status, leaving them without any legal status in the country, and often detaining them without charge or trial. Read more on the situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel here.

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    1. carmen

      Bravo to these young israelis reaching out to the refugees in Holot – Kol H’Kavod to all!

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    2. Czar

      I bet there are soccer fields in Africa too!

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      • Ray

        And I’ll bet there are synagogues and kosher delis in Miami and Brooklyn.

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    3. Ben

      See how different it *could* be?

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