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WATCH: Israeli Jews attack Palestinian on public bus

The following video shows an incident that took place on a municipal bus in the greater Tel Aviv area (near Bnei Brak, for those who know the territory). This was a couple of days ago, shortly after the bodies of three Jewish boys who were abducted in mid-June were discovered in the West Bank.

The video shows a Palestinian man (wearing a baseball cap), presumably a citizen of Israel. Three men in military uniform (they are not combat soldiers, but probably employees of the ministry of defense— i.e., bureaucrats) form a human barrier between the Palestinian man and a group of Jewish-Israeli men. The man in the white shirt is shouting, “Filthy Arabs!”;  “Filthy Arab murderers of children!”; “I’ll take your heads off!”; “Fuck your mothers!”; “This is our country and not yours!” The Palestinian man is outraged – he shouts and indicates that he wants to respond physically, but the men in uniform who have created the physical barrier tell him to be quiet, sit down and wait for the police to arrive.

In the background, some of the passengers are muttering things like, “Shut up, you donkey!” and “Idiot!” at the Jewish man, while others try to push the uniformed men aside in order to attack the Palestinian. In the end, the bald man in the striped shirt succeeds in pushing aside the uniformed men who are trying to create a physical barrier around the Palestinian man. He reaches across and slaps the Palestinian man. It’s very easy to imagine how this scene could have devolved into something much, much worse.

The Facebook comments in response to the video are diverse. Some express horrors and shame, while others jeer, say they’re sick of the bleeding hearts (who, naturally, should go live in Gaza) and that those Arabs deserve what’s coming to them.

Also today, Palestinian-Israeli author Sayed Kashua, who has written both critically acclaimed Hebrew novels and is the creator for the hit television show “Arab Labor,” who lives in West Jerusalem and sends his children to a mixed Arab-Jewish school, writes in his weekly column for Haaretz that he no longer believes Jews and Arabs will ever be able to live in peace. He says that he is leaving Jerusalem, and that he might not return to the country following his planned year-long sabbatical in Chicago.

Two days ago, Ayman Siksek, a Palestinian-Israeli literary critic and author of the successful Hebrew novel “To Jaffa,” wrote a Facebook status in which he describes grimly the terrifying atmosphere of incitement in the country as a whole, and in Jerusalem specifically. A week after Siksek’s mother was attacked at a local grocery store in Jaffa, a friend in Jerusalem told him to cancel his planned visit to the city, because it was too dangerous. “The city is sick,” she wrote him.

Mobs of hyper-nationalist Jews are roaming the streets of downtown West Jerusalem, past people sitting at outdoor cafes, shouting “death to Arabs!” with impunity. The police are not enforcing the anti-incitement laws against Jews. But in East Jerusalem, the police are shooting Palestinian demonstrators, who are out protesting the abduction and murder of 16 year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir, with foam-tipped rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas. They are beating them, often very badly,and arresting them. People are barricading themselves in their homes, afraid to leave.

This is a terrible, frightening time. Perhaps a point of no return.

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    1. Danny

      I left Israel 5 years ago because I thought the country is irreparably damaged by out of control nationalist zeal that is bringing to power people like Netanyahu, Lieberman, Bennett and his gang of Jewish brownshirts and other Jewish nationalists who could have easily found comfortable ideological homes with the very worst fascists 20th-century Europe had to offer.

      Now I see that my intuitions were all correct, to the very last one of them. The Israeli public is too brainwashed and, frankly, brain-damaged by zionist indoctrination to be relied upon to right this ship of fools we’re all on. Too many in Israel have gone through the Israeli education system and have soaked up all the nationalist quasi-religious poison it produces, to the point where they literally can’t tell fact from fiction. I’ve personally spoken to many a mild-mannered Israeli who, upon delving into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict let it be known that their idea for a solution to the conflict is nothing short of wholesale ethnic cleansing (sometimes even worse than that). These are educated, reasonable-looking people, not your ignorant rabble like the man on the bus.

      There is no light at the end of tunnel. There is only eventual destruction of the zionist dream because it is not a dream but a nightmare. But until that happens, I feel for people like Lisa who continue to bravely sound a message of hope in an exceedingly hopeless land.

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      • Tai

        I left 13 years ago and your words are absolutely definitive of the situation and crystal clear, well done for articulating so concisely!

        Reply to Comment
      • Kolumn9

        Any Israeli that went through the second intifada knows full well that the “brainwashing” was what happened in the runup to the Oslo Accords when “The New Middle East” and “Peace” were just around the corner. The Palestinians were going to be our friendly neighbors living in peace and respect with Israel. Then they started blowing up buses and restaurants and celebrating when they managed to murder Israeli civilians. They still do. Even people that grew up and live in Israel with us like Tibi and Zoabi believe that it is legitimate to kidnap Israeli teenagers because of the “occupation” and presumably are perfectly content with their murders, also because of the “occupation”.

        Recognizing these facts is not brainwashing. It is accepting reality. The truth of the matter is that tomorrow I might get on a bus and an Arab might blow up my bus. When he does so, he will be considered a hero. His mother will be proud and the person that sent him, were he to be arrested, would be granted a salary by the Palestinian Authority and welcomed as a hero upon his release. My aunt’s house might get hit by a rocket tomorrow fired randomly from Gaza. That too will be celebrated by most Palestinians and considered “legitimate resistance” by many of our Arab citizens. What coexistence is possible when Jewish civilians are treated as animals to be slaughtered on the altar of Palestine?

        The Arabs have taught us some harsh and painful lessons about what we can expect from them. Their attempts to repeatedly murder our civilians have been our educational system. Some think it is possible to separate from the Arabs unilaterally. Others think that only expelling the Arabs would be a solution. The most delusional are the ones that are still convinced that the Arabs are interested in any peace with Israel. Fortunately they are leaving and good luck to them wherever they go. There is really no room for delusional people like that. All they can expect is terrible disappointment because they are too weak and incapable of accepting reality. And yes, I know it is a bleak reality, but that is what there is.

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    2. Yes, I too in the past few weeks have felt such anger toward Israel that I have almost said, “Who cares…I give up on them”. But I am reminded of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and the plea made to save the city, if only for ten righteous people.
      We must continue our support for the peace process for the sake of the good people who fight for human rights and peace every day…like Lisa and the other contributors to this magazine. I urge everyone who reads this to support their work with a donation.

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    3. Philos

      In my research pursuits I have read critical papers on the genocides in Yugoslavia and Rwanda by academics from those places as well as ‘outsiders.’ It is a shame these important works are not widely reproduced because they expose the simplistic mendacity of mainstream narratives on these conflicts. The media, especially the propagandist scumbags (seriously, look up Andy Coulson) in New York and London, construct and perpetuate these damaging discourses of ‘ancient hatreds’ and ‘old grudges boiling to the surface’ to naturalise and normalize what is insane and unnormal. In Yugoslavia, following the death of Tito, various political actors sought to capitalise on the uncertainty and the prospect of the end of socialism. Throghout the 80s posters and radio broadcasts demonised Bosians, Croatians and Serbs, and extolled their own ethnic identity – connected to a political leader. The most famous is of course Slobadan Milosovich. There was 9 to 10 years of unrelenting incitement before the war broke out. The same process occurred in Rwanda where political actors associated ethnic markers to tribal distinctions that had been imposed by Belgium colonial authorities decades earlier. Street posters, newspaper articles and radio broadcasts; just like in Yugoslavia.

      However, these two case-studies bear on the better known cases of Czechoslovakia and Poland. In the case of CZ after the Nazis annexed the country in 1938 they began a relentless propaganda campaign in Czech and Slovakian languages against Jews and Gypsies. Posters, newspaper articles and radio broadcasts. The point I am making is that people are not born with ‘ancient hatreds’ or wake up in the morning and decide one day to murder their neighbour. The poison seeps into their consciousness from what they read and hear.

      Like Danny, I have been telling my friends and family in Israel that the country was going to reach a tipping point. That the incitement against Arabs will lead to genocide. That it’s older than Liberman (remember ‘Gandi’ Zeevi?) and goes back to the founding of the state. This is Israel’s 1932 moment. We are at the brink. Netanyahu is not a moderate. He’s an extremist.

      And a word to the Liberal Zionists in the diaspora. Your continual apologias and denials of the reality in Israel enables these travesties. Your moral cowardice and selfish desire to validate your insecure identities is leading to the destruction of the very thing you claim to love. Stop pretending there isn’t a profound racism problem in contemporary Zionism and Israeli political discourses.

      Reply to Comment
      • Great comparative presentation. Hope you can provide more of it, as this kind of distance is very important.

        Reply to Comment
        • Oren Aviv

          The little arabic I know after living in Israel. The text says “one state”. I kind of agree, one state two peoples. The other part, where it says, fatah and hamas, they are no worse than likud and yisrael beituna. All those parties characters are the same, they only change the name of countrys name.

          Reply to Comment
    4. GilGamesh

      wow, I condemn the behavior of the extremists but point out that Lisa’s link contradicts her claim and I’m censored. hmmmm

      Reply to Comment
    5. Samuel

      I echo the comments of Michael’s FB comment.

      “Michael Baltzer
      Stop. Stop it. Stop all of it. Everyone just stop. It’s going nowhere and it will not end so just stop. These behaviors on all sides amongst people everywhere, not just in the Mideast, are disgusting. Find your peace within. Live your family, love your wife, love your husband, love your children…. Love – yourself. Live yourself enough to not hate others. Please. Please. Just stop”

      Just stop the anti Arab incitement and stop the anti Israel incitement too.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Richard

      Yesterday, a black Muslim man on the subway holding a large cane verbally abused me for being white and ordered me to obey him. Guess what I did – I put my headphones on and ignored him. There’s a lot of ethnic hatred all over the world, and when one side murders three kids, scuffles on buses can happen. The only difference here is that the idiots involved are judged by millions of people to be evil incarnate because they are Jooooish. If you look at the big picture, that’s the real news story.

      Reply to Comment
      • Y-Man

        Cool story bro.

        Reply to Comment
        • Richard


          Reply to Comment
    7. Y-Man

      Bar? Ginger? Tzutzik? Any of the regular trolls willing to attempt to spin this into something positive for Israel/negative for Arabs? Maybe you guys can trot out that old chestnut, “It would be so much worse in Arab countries!” I’m waiting!

      Reply to Comment
      • Samuel

        You are one of the inciters around here, Y-Man. Cut it out. Just cut it out!

        Reply to Comment
      • Bar

        A troll? How am I a troll?

        Anyway, I did write a comment but it has some links in it so it was probably stopped automatically before being published.

        Regardless, this behavior on the bus is despicable and certainly nothing I would condone. I’d be one of the people standing in the way ensuring the young man is safe.

        Reply to Comment
    8. Ginger Eis

      What occurred in the video is nothing compared to what goes on in the United States or Europe where for example the members of a Turkish family were burnt alive in a racist attack, while they slept at night along with their children (and may G-d grant them eternal peace), several hundreds of African migrants have met violent deaths in racist attacks, Black children die in back of police cars with gunshot wound to their head while handcuffed in the back (!), etc. Nor is it remotely similar to the racist treatment of non-Arabs/non-Muslims in Muslim-Arab countries (such as Saudi-Arabia, Dubai, Sudan, etc. where slavery, etc. are still practiced). What occurred in the video is abominable and must be condemned, but there is nothing unique about it and pretending otherwise is just plain silly and idiotic. Let’s not forget that the current madness started with the murderous Muslim-Arab racism, i.e. the racist kidnapping and the racist murder of three innocent Jewish boys by Muslim-Arabs. None of the hypocrites here dared raise his/her ugly head to condemn said murders. That’s in- and of itself astonishing. In fact, all of you either supported or rationalized the murders or kept mum. That says something about the kind of people you folks are and the kind of creatures attracted by +972mag!

      (Ms. Goldman, if you don’t like my post just remove it. I couldn’t care less, ok?).

      Reply to Comment
      • Felix Reichert

        As is very often the case, you are again very, very wrong. Let me explain why:

        Yes, there is a lot of racism, towards non-Europeans in general, and against Muslims in particular, in Europe. I’d even say that Islamophobia is gaining more and more ground.

        There is a very important distinction to make though: In Europe, Islamophobes and racists still feel like a supressed minority, and act accordingly. And hopefully it will stay like this.

        You very seldomly have racist mobs roaming the streets, enacting violence against foreigners and/or muslims. And you never have more than one incident in close proximity and short intervals of time.

        Not even in England or Spain after the terrorist bombings in 2004 and 2005.

        So yes, there is racist violence in Europe. Maybe even more than in Israel. But if you consider that Europe has a population of about 400 million, when Israel only has 8 million (13-14 million if you also count Gaza & the Westbank).
        So that wouldn’t really be a big suprise, would it?

        And regarding your claim that “None of the hypocrites here dared raise his/her ugly head to condemn said murders.”, you are of course wrong again, as you already knew. Of course you still tried to spin your hasbarist lies, but then I wouldn’t expect any less from you. So let’s see how true or false you claim is. From the facebook comments to this (http://972mag.com/three-kidnapped-israeli-teens-found-dead-in-the-west-bank/92719/) article, and of course only taken from the mouths of “Israel critics”:

        “A horrible end”
        “this is horrible. unjustifiable”
        “Nothing justifies the murder of the Israeli settler teens.”
        “NOTHING justifies the death of ANY HUMAN BEING”
        “One atrocity does not justify another.”


        And let’s not forget that comdemnation of something everybody finds horrible anyway is a pretty boring way to lead an internet (or any other) discussion.

        Reply to Comment
        • Ginger Eis

          1. More than 300 African migrants/asylum seekers (and I am not even counting other minorities yet) have met violent deaths across Europe incl. YOUR WON country in vicious racist attacks. The number of deaths among said group in Israel: ZERO!
          2. This is what I said: “None of the hypocrites here dared raise his/her ugly head to condemn said murders. That’s in- and of itself astonishing. In fact, all of you either supported or rationalized the murders or kept mum”. I stand by that and will urgently urge you to always post my complete statement, lest you reinforce the belief that you are a crook (because you have in the past provided fabricated quotes!). We have been through this before and I can’t understand why you can’t correct yourself.
          3. I investigated your link and found out that you falsified ALL of your quotes (I guess once a crook always a crook. You can’t change, like most repeat offenders!). The complete posts/comments of the individuals you claim to quote are vastly different from what you claim they are saying. Their complete message/posts prove my point! You knew that and decided to manipulate their posts in an effort to prove me wrong. How desperate and pathetic.
          4. I have searched all the posts/comments since the kidnapping and murder of the Jewish boys and I have NOT seen a single post from YOU condemning the kidnappings and/or the murder. You yourself prove me right.

          Reply to Comment
          • Felix Reichert

            Again with the hasbarist bullshit. Exactly NO ONE of the people I quoted justified OR trivialized anything. Sure, they rationilzed things. Like you should do in EVERY serious discussion.

            But who am I telling this? Who am I kidding but myself?

            Reply to Comment
          • Felix Reichert

            Nice try in derailing the discussion again, Ginger, by the way.

            Tell me: how many arabs have met violent deaths by the hands of Israeli racists? Baruch Goldstein, that’s at least 29 people alone, about 20% of all the people (not only Africans) killed in (reported) racist violence in all of Germany (184) since 1990. And now you tell me: how many people live in Germany, and how many in Israel and the occupied territories.

            I’ll do the math for you:
            * Baruch Goldstein alone accounts for around 2 racist murders in every 1 million people in Israel & Palestine.
            * In Germany we had around 2 racist murders per 1 million people since 1990 (until today).

            But I’m guessing that apart from Goldstein no Israeli has ever commited any racist murder, right? At least not since 1990, right?

            Then of coutrse, you would be entirely correct, because Israel (& Palestine) only has about 2 racist murders in 1 million people since 1990, while Germany has around 2.1 or 2.2. A VAST and HUGE difference.


            Reply to Comment
          • Felix Reichert

            And let me ask you another question Ginger. Did we Germans in recent times, or did any other European country, have senior ministers call for the forcible removal of citizenship of a part of the native population, followed by deportation?

            Reply to Comment
          • Samuel

            How many terrorist acts did say the Turks commit in Germany, Mr Reiche?

            Now compare the number of terrorist acts that Palestinians committed against Israelis since 2000 alone:


            Question to you, Mr Reiche, how would the German people react to that much terrorism, given that even without provocations, your percentage of racist attacks equals ours per population per million?

            Reply to Comment
        • GilGamesh

          “A horrible end” followed by a justification.

          “this is horrible. unjustifiable”
          followed by a justification.

          “Nothing justifies the murder of the Israeli settler teens.”
          Followed by a justification “. Such desperate vengeance attacks are characteristic of an oppressed people” (you just can’t make this stuff up).

          “NOTHING justifies the death of ANY HUMAN BEING”
          followed by “HOWEVER, I feel hard to bring out even a little sympathy for those boys,”

          “One atrocity does not justify another.” The only comment you posted Felix that did not attempt to make excuses for the murders, which made their condemnations hollow.

          “And let’s not forget that comdemnation of something everybody finds horrible anyway is a pretty boring way to lead an internet (or any other) discussion.”
          Are you serious? So you’re saying there would have been more condemnations but the anti-Israeli crowd didn’t want to risk boring people with condemnations. Talk about excuses. That really takes the cake.

          Reply to Comment
    9. Given that the faces of at least three of the men who assault the Palestinian are clearly visible on the film, I assume they have been arrested and will be charged by police. It would be good to have an update on what action – or not – has been taken.

      Reply to Comment
      • Ginger Eis

        Mr. Jonathan Cook, would you kindly post/link “the film” in which “the faces of at least three of the men who assault the Palestinian are clearly visible”? Surely we need the public/everyone to see “the film” so that we can help identify the murderers and expose how incompetent the Israeli police is, no?

        Reply to Comment
    10. Might the incitement of mass anti-Arab mystery have hidden political aims? Perhaps at some point the Israeli government will say that it has to remove Palestinians from various mixed areas or further restrict Palestinians’ rights of movement “for their own protection”?

      Reply to Comment
      • Marcos

        Take a look at mr. shenfelds writings. He blames Jewish behavior for anti semitism.

        Reply to Comment
    11. CigarButNoNice

      I’ll be waiting, but not holding my breath, for the article where ArabColonistMag condemns Arab attacks on Jews in Israel as racism rather than “expressions of being fed up with the colonial jackboot on their necks.”

      Reply to Comment
    12. Rab

      It appears that Lisa Goldman was too afraid to publish an opinion that demonstrated her article’s limited viewpoint.

      You do realize, Lisa, that even if you want to hide facts like the demonstration in Umm al Fahm after the Israeli teens were kidnapped or Hanan Zoabi’s claims that the IDF are terrorists but the kidnappers of the Israeli teens aren’t, you can’t. Facts are facts.

      Reply to Comment
    13. concerned

      Knowing the danger to human life and while there is still time to prevent increases in violations of international law, why is there not a deployment of UN peacekeeping troops? They can be invoked by Jordan as protector. And, placed inside areas where Palestinians currently live, if Israelis refuse to allow them into the areas they currently are living in. Why has this not been done already? What are the consequences for violating international law?

      Reply to Comment
    14. Marcel Pfister

      Stop supporting Arab war criminals and terrorists. Everywhere.

      Reply to Comment
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