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WATCH: Israeli gun laws seek to curb deadly domestic violence

In 2008 Israeli security guards were banned from carrying their weapons when they are not working. The prohibition is sweeping but a clause allows the employer to give authorize guards to carry firearms after working hours. In doing so, are they risking the lives of thousands as a results of the weapons finding their way into homes?

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    1. The Trespasser

      Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

      Reply to Comment
      • Charles-Jerusalem

        People have killed people with everything they found through history from stones to AK47 and atomic bombs.
        Security guards are not trained policemen.
        They should be forbidden to carry firearms after duty. Stop !

        Reply to Comment
        • The Trespasser

          >Security guards are not trained policemen.

          Nonsense. Security guards undergo exactly the same military training as police officers.

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