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WATCH: Israeli ban on family reunification, a 'temporary measure?'

The amendment to Israel’s Citizenship Law, enacted by the government in 2002 in the midst of the second intifada, prohibits Palestinians from the Occupied Territories and citizens of enemy states from entering into Israel for family reunification. Meanwhile the attacks of the Intifada have stopped and a decade had passed. Separated families, however, continue to pay the price.

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    1. The Trespasser

      Given that about 99% of these “families” are arranged marriages, there is hardly any good reason, humanitarian or legal, to change the status quo.

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      • Nathan Greenberg

        Don’t non-Jews have arranged marriages?

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        • The Trespasser

          What non-Jews?

          Arranged marriages is a primitive, barbaric tradition and should be eradicated.

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      • metta2uall

        Arranged doesn’t necessarily mean non-consensual or non-loving.

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        • The Trespasser

          >Arranged doesn’t necessarily mean non-consensual or non-loving.

          It is much more often non-consensual than consensual.

          Only on EXTREMELY rare occasions Arab women have a chance to decline a “good” proposal.

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      • Rosa

        very patronizing statement. What you’re saying is that we need to educate these people and explain what the right kind of marriage is. More importantly, you’re saying that we need to teach this lesson on the backs of the women who are part of these marriages. They are brought here through family agreements, and then are stuck without medical or social rights, and without being able to work. Why are we making their lives worse? why are Jewish and Arab men deciding their fate? Not allowing them their rights does not help them in any way

        Reply to Comment
        • The Trespasser

          A marriage which is set up by 3d persons, where groom and bride have not ever met until after the wedding, is a primitive, barbaric tradition, as I said earlier, and should be eradicated, as simple as that.

          Basically, prearranged marriages represent gross violation of very basic human rights.

          As of being stuck without medical or social rights:
          1 – I find it very hard to believe that an Israeli citizen could be stripped of Israeli residency while retaining citizenship. Chances are the the whole story is made up by greedy journalists.
          2 – Nothing prevents these women from leaving Israel to live with their beloved elsewhere. But the do not do so, which is an additional proof that these marriages are nothing but a part of ongoing warfare.

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    2. directrob

      Nice trick trespasser, but this is about the Israeli government blocking family reunion. The victims are guilty of nothing.

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      • The Trespasser

        So-called “victims” won’t leave Israel to live with their beloved, which proves that there is no love of any kind but rather some shady matrimony deals and these “families” are fake.

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        • directrob

          Of course there are also shady deals, but that does not make the majority shady. Fact is that that is not important here. The law forbids all to reunite and destroys lives.

          Israel is a mean land, with shady laws.

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          • The Trespasser

            >but that does not make the majority shady.

            You are saying, based on what? Maybe – maybe – one couple out of thousand had met before the wedding. That makes majority rather shady.

            >Fact is that that is not important here.

            Of course it is what important. Hostile population tries to import more hostile population.

            >The law forbids all to reunite and destroys lives.

            Bullshit. All of them can reunite happily in countries of their spouses.

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          • The Trespasser

            >Israel is a mean land, with shady laws.

            Yeah, it is mean. You see, fending off hordes of barbarians would make any nation mean – or gone.

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    3. directrob

      I rest my case.

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    4. Piotr Berman

      Do Jews practice arranged marriage? As recently as 100 years ago it was a norm, and some Jews strive to preserve all old norms, so I suspect that the answer is yes.

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      • JG

        How else should Trespisser ever find a woman?

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